Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Veggie Bacon Fettucini & Cheddar Roll

Merry Christmas! 
'Tis the season to be jolly, enjoy food and drinks with family 

This morning I woke up to an empty dinning table. There were no food in sight, except a few Rambutan. Mom had not cook anything, neither for breakfast, nor lunch. So, I took the advantage of the situation and made myself a Pancake for breakfast. "How about if I cook some pasta," offered Mom. I immediately nodded! At first, I was going to laze around while Mom cooks, but then and idea came up. The idea of using whatever ingredient in sight to make Mozzarella Sticks, like the one you can buy in Pizza Hut. Unfortunately, we only have a couple loafs of bread and some Cheddar Cheese at home, but desperate times call for desperate measures!

Cheddar Roll

- 2 loafs of bread (I used Sari Roti's product)
- Cheddar Cheese
- Unsalted Butter

Cooking Utensils:
- Knife
- Oven Toaster 
- Cheese Grater

Hot to Make:
- Cut the bread crust away, leaving you with the soft and chewy white part of the loaf.

- Slice the bread loaf into four parts.

- Shred the Cheddar Cheese and put them on top of the bread.

- Roll the bread to envelope the Cheddar Cheese and pinch the edge with your fingers to seal it.

Before toasting

- Apply some Unsalted Butter on top of the bread.

- Put them in the Oven Toaster for 5 minutes.

After toasting

When you get a tray of crunchy and chewy Cheddar Roll as the outcome, it means that you succeed!

While I was toasting some Cheddar Rolls, Mom was busy making a pan of creamy white sauce to glaze the Fettucini with. She put Carrots and Bacons bits into the pan and start doing her magic. In less than half an hour, a bowl of Fettucini, along with a pan of aromatic white sauce was served!

Veggie Bacon Fettucini

- Fettucini
- Water (to cook the Fettucini)
- 1 stick of Carrot
- 1 strip of Bacon (or 10 strips, I don't care, because Bacon is awesome)
- 2 tbs of Cooking Oil
- 2 cloves of Garlic
- A pinch of Salt
- A pinch of Pepper
- 1 cup of Fresh Milk
- 2 sticks of Celery 
- 1 cup of Flour

How to Make:
- Dice the Carrot, slice the Bacon, and cut the Garlic Cloves into small bits.

- Put them in a pan, along with the Cooking Oil, and cook them well. 

Cook them well, but not until the Carrot is mushy

- Cut some Celery and put them in as well.

Cut the Celery into small bits

- Pour some Milk into the mixture and stir well.

- Season the white sauce with some Salt and Pepper.

- Pour some Flour into the white substance and stir well. Later on, you will end up with a nice thick white sauce.

- Cook the Fettucini accordingly. 
If you like them a bit chewy and slightly stiff, then cook them until medium well. If you like them soft and mushy, then cook them until well done.

Boil a handful of Fettucini

Let them cook nicely

And there you have it, a plate of Veggie Bacon Fettucini and some Cheddar Rolls! Both dishes are pretty simple to make and goes well in this Christmas atmosphere. It's a shame it doesn't snow here in Indonesia, because what would beat the cold weather other than a plate of warm Fettucini and a glass of milk? 

Lunch is serve!

The Cheddar Roll went well with the white sauce

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Koi Restaurant & Gallery

Last night, my parents and I had dinner at this restaurant in Kemang named Koi Restaurant & Gallery. We had dinner with my Dad's friends, along with their family. The food there was great, both in presentation and taste! I heard the waitress mentioned something about the owner of the restaurant is French and the chef is Belgian. "No wonder," I said to myself. With delicious European food, comes a spine-chilling price. The price of the food varies from Rp60.000,00 to Rp150.000,00.

For starter, I had me some Grilled Brie and Smoked Beef Salad. It was Tante Poppy's appetizer, but she decided to share it with us. The lettuce was crisp and juicy, while the smoked beef and the grilled brie melted together into an epic foodart. This salad was nice, but it would be nicer if it were sandwiched between a pair of freshly toasted Seven Grain Bread.

Grilled Brie and Smoked Beef Salad

I ordered myself a glass of Strawberry Banana Smoothie, instead of the usual fat-burning low-calories Lemon Mint. Why? This is because I came to the restaurant to eat, not to jog a mile on a Treadmill. 

The Strawberry Banana Smoothie was not as milky and heavy as I thought it would be, which is a bit of a letdown. Smoothies should be heavy, thick, milky, fattening, and nauseating, but Koi's smoothie was rather icy and watery. I'm guessing that they used one ripe banana, five strawberries, two shots of fresh milk, and a bucketful of ice. Even though my cold beverage was not as milky as I hoped it would be, it was still refreshing. The strawberry dominate the flavor, while the crushed ice dominate the texture of the drink.

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

I have been having the urge to have cheese sandwich these past few days and the closest thing to cheese sandwich in the restaurant's menu was a Classic Burger. It comes with your selection of cheese, such as gruyere, emmenthal, cheddar, or blue cheese, with an extra Rp5.000,00 to the price tag. I settled down for the famous Switzerland-originated cheese, the emmenthal. Emmenthal, ladies and gentleman, is the famous cheese in the cartoon series Tom & Jerry that has holes on it. 

My Classic Burger came with some french fries and crisp greens. The burger bun was chewy and brick-like on the outside. Its' outer part reminds me of the famously stiff French bread. The amount of the melted emmenthal in my Classic Burger was surprisingly ungenerous. A thick and nicely grilled beef patty was sandwiched neatly between the stiff buns. But there were also some greens and a couple slices of tomato, which I had to put aside, because what's the point of putting veggies in a burger? 

The meat patty was juicy, although not that well-done, because I noticed the inner pink color as I took a bite. The juicy meat blended well with the stiff buns, giving me the idea that my Classic Burger tasted better than Burger King's burger. I enjoyed every bite of it!

Classic Burger with Emmenthal Cheese

Homemade Belgian Fries

The word "Red Fruit Pavlova" caught my attention. I have never tried a Pavlova before, I merely see the dessert on Tv, so I decided to give it a try. 

Having Pavlova for dessert was the best idea I had for the day! A few minutes after I placed my order, a waitress came to our table and serve me the breathtaking dessert. It was big, nicely decorated, beyon tempting, and simply irresistible. The crunchy meringue was topped with a generous amount of whipped cream, Vanilla Ice Cream and Strawberry Sorbet, sliced strawberries, and strawberry sauce. 

I took a spoon and scoop the meringue, along with the decorations. I thought Pavlova would share the same texture with Macaroons, but I stand corrected. They might look alike, but Macaroons are softer and chewier, while Pavlova is crunchy and stiff. The meringue was crunchy and super sweet, but the Vanilla ice cream helped neutralizing the flavor. The dessert was beyond sweet, I adore it!

Red Fruit Pavlova

Can you resist such dessert?

Mom had a plate of Grilled Veal Tongue, which I ended up almost finishing, because she had a few drinks that made her felt full. Those soft and chewy tongue was delicious! It came with a generous amount of crisp greens and roasted potatoes with bacon bits. The sauce underneath the tongues was savory and sweet, and had a hint of curry as well.

The sight of Mom's dinner

Grilled Veal Tongue

Those were what I had for dinner at Koi Restaurant & Gallery. There were almost a dozen of us and there were other dishes that was ordered as well, such as Lasagna and Fried Calamary. All of them were delicious, we finished everything and stayed at the restaurant for hours merely to chat and catch up on things.

Fried Calamari

Beef Lasagna

Fish & Chips

Cheese Quesadilla 

Seafood Fried Rice

Dory Fish Meurniere

Grilled Beef Tenderloin

Three Kinds Melted Chocolate Cake

To have dinner at Koi Restaurant & Gallery is a must try, especially when you're dinning with your friends and family. True, the food here are a high-priced, but I see nothing wrong in enjoying yourselves once in a while!

Koi Restaurant & Gallery
Jalan Kemang Raya 72, Kemang

Phone: (021) 719 5667

Monday, December 24, 2012

Puncak Pass Resort

Last Saturday, my parents and I drove all the way from Bekasi to Cisarua to attend my Dad's flight school reunion. We were the first one to arrive at Puncak Pass Resort, the place where the reunion was held, followed by Dad's friend named Denny - along with his family. We decided to settle at the resort's restaurant for some tea and coffee.

"You can have anything you want," said Dad. Although I had a slice of Grilled Cheese Sandwich and a bowl of Chicken Porridge during our trip, I couldn't help but to have the urge to munch something.. blame it on the mountain's low temperature. 

I choose me a cup of Poentjak Tea and a plate of Ice Brownies as my third breakfast set. Poentjak Tea here is made out of freshly harvested tea leaf from the tea plantation in Puncak (or Poentjak). I'm no tea expert, so bare with me. Poentjak Tea tasted different than the Jasmine Tea that I use to drink. It was slightly bitter and, somehow, tasted refreshing. 

A glass of hot Poentjak Tea

I also had me a plate of Ice Brownie. Freshly baked chocolate brownie with nuts inside, topped with ice cold Vanilla ice cream, fluffy whipped cream, red cherry, and sweet chocolate. The texture of the brownie was not as I expected it would be, which is fudge-like and slightly melted. The cake was airy and dry in a good way, and crunchy on the outside. The flavor of the chocolate brownie was nicely balanced, not too sweet, nor too bitter. The combination of the hot chocolate brownie and the sweet Vanilla ice cream was of the hook! Who says having ice cream for breakfast is bad for our health?

A plate of Ice Brownie with cherry on top

This is what I had for breakfast. You jealous?

Puncak Pass Resort
Jalan Raya Puncak, PO BOX 18
Cianjur 43253, Indonesia

Phone: (0263) 512503 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Snickers Cruncher Chocolate Bar

Did I say I love Snickers? Well, I changed my mind. I officially declare that my most favorite chocolate bar for the time being is. . . SNICKERS CRUNCHER! If you think Snickers is awesome, Snickers Cruncher is PLAIN EPIC.

Share the same physical appearance with a regular Snickers Chocolate Bar, Snickers Cruncher has a lighter and crunchier filling. It is filled with sweet caramel, rice crispy, and savory peanuts. Snickers Cruncher doesn't contain nougats, which makes it way lighter than the regular Snickers. I could eat a couple bars per day, or maybe three, or four. 

Other than the fact that this chocolate bars lacks of nougats, I also notice how sugary and sweet it is. I have a cavity you see, and the moment it touches the sweet and gooey milk chocolate, it immediately made me squirm in pain. Chocolates are not supposed to hurt us when it makes contact with cavities, sugar is. This made Snickers Cruncher an even more sinful treat. 

Shadad Al Jazera Sweets and Pastries

There's this petite bakery, a few blocks away from my house, at Doha. It's name is Shadad Al Jazera and I have been buying a particular Cheese Buns there whenever I get the chance. Just your regular Cheese Buns, round in shape and tearable, each mini buns fits your palm perfectly. They are golden in color, decorated with sesame seeds on top, and served with a small cup of honey. The medium-sized buns costs 20 Riyal, while the bigger one costs 35 Riyal. We can always finish the bigger bun in a day. 

An estate of Cheese Buns

The thing about these Cheese Buns is that the bread is very fluffy, sweet, and chewy. When you bite into the bun, your teeth will then bump into a generous amount of cottage cheese. Let the savory cheese and the sweet bread blend together, the next thing you know, you would probably on your feet with your wallet in your pocket, running to the store to buy some more before it runs out. 

Unfortunately, this bread is only at its' finest state for a day. If you store it in the fridge for a couple of days after you buy them, the bread will be dry and airy, but they are still eatable and not expire just yet. 
The bakers always make them everyday, but they run out fast. Those buns are usually placed at the cashier. Just ask one of the worker for some Cheese Buns and they will reply with, "Big or small?". Don't hesitate to decide on having the big one. Trust me. 

Look at those plump buns

Shadad Al Jazera Sweets and Pastries
Airport Road Doha, Ad Dawhah
Doha, Qatar

Phone: +974 4464 5424

Chocolate Fever

Sea Salt Ice Cream

"It's salty, but sweet, too," said Roxas, tasting his first Sea Salt Ice Cream. Roxas here is a character from Kingdom Hearts, an action role-playing game published by Square Etnix and Disney Interactive Studios. Roxas, and his buddy Axel, usually buy ice cream, preferably Sea Salt Ice Cream, then climb  a clock tower to indulge their cold treats. Why clock tower? I have no idea. Why Sea Salt Ice Cream? Apparently, the sweet and salty ice cream is Tetsuya Nomura's, the writer of Kingdom Hearts, favorite ice cream. 

Roxas, with his first Sea Salt Ice Cream
Picture taken from Tumblr.com

"Axel and Roxas just promises each other to always go for ice cream after missions," said Dila, a best friend of mine who is into Kingdom Hearts. Even though 14-year-old me doesn't really occupy oneself in this particular Square Etnix's game, she couldn't help but to wonder what Sea Salt Ice Cream tastes like.

Axel and Roxas, indulging on Sea Salt Ice Cream
Picture taken from Tumblr.com

Last year, my curiosity finally came to an end! My parents and I were on a vacation in Japan, and one day, we decided to pay a visit to Tokyo DisneySea. We were at Port Discovery when I found the precious dessert. It was raining at that moment - the temperature was quite low, making the raindrops froze and left painful scratches when they touched my cheeks - and there I was, handing a ¥ 500 to an ice cream seller and got my hand on the famous Sea Salt Ice Cream. I was beyond excited.

The pink and heart-shaped ice cream container, with drawing of Minnie Mouse on it

As I opened the ice cream container, I was welcomed by a cup of white ice cream. "What is this, Vanilla Ice Cream," I thought to myself, "nah, it couldn't be. The cup clearly said 'Sea Salt Ice Cream'." A wee plastic spoon was given to me by the ice cream seller so that I can eat the ice cream. I scoop a bit of the so-called salty and sweet treats and I went full Roxas. "It's salty, but sweet! IT'S SALTY, BUT SWEET! MY LIFE IS PERFECT!". 

My theory was that the ice cream is actually Vanilla ice cream that was sprinkled with sea salt, which made it tasted sweet and salty at the same time. It was very creamy and milky, and rather light for an ice cream. Yes, it was very expensive for a cup of ice cream, but in the end, I finally managed to get myself some Sea Salt Ice Cream and I got myself a lovely container that I used on the following day to store some bacons that I got from a hotel's breakfast buffet. It worth every Yen. 

It's salty, but sweet!

Port Discovery, Tokyo DisneySea
Urayasu, Chiba - Japan

Sunday, December 16, 2012


Woke up at half passed five in the morning, I immediately went to the kitchen to get me my glass of hot tea that Mom made. The bathroom was occupied, so I waited at the living room, sipping on the hot beverage and browsing through some my Dad's roommate's Japanese comics. I didn't grab anything to munch because I know, if I did, I wouldn't be able to stop. Dad came out of the bathroom, letting me use it to get myself clean. In a few minutes, my Mom and I were going to go back to our hometown, while Dad would navigate an aircraft to Dhaka, Bangladesh. "Ket," my Dad called out, "Doha - Jakarta flights have great selection of airplane meal". Man, you can't imagine how ready my stomach is for breakfast.

Flash forward as I hopped into the aircraft, I immediately grabbed the menu and read it thoroughly. As I opened the first page of the fancy-looking menu, I was welcomed with four gentlemen in their chef uniform. There were Chef Vineet Bhatia, Chef Ramzi Choueiri, Chef Tom Aikens, and Chef Nobu Matsuhisa. These chefs are famous and highly skilled, they were even awarded with Michelin Stars. Combine Michelin Starred Chefs with Five-star Airline and what would you get? Incredible dinning experience, of course!


Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice & Laban

Mom had a glass of Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice, while I had me a glass of Laban. In Qatar Airways, when they said "Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice", it is freshly squeezed Orange Juice. It's zesty and thirst-quenching, not to mention there are pulps in it. What more awesome that fresh orange juice to start the day?

Laban is Arabic for Yogurt. The Laban that I had during my flight from Doha to Jakarta was more watery than the usual yogurt that you can find in the supermarket. It didn't have any flavor, although I could taste a hint of sour in it, and it was pretty light. I would settle for another round if they were serving Strawberry Flavored Laban. 

Breakfast Bakery Basket: Croissant, Blueberry Muffin, Arabic Bread, Brown and White Toasts

Blueberry Muffin was the first of the warm bakery products that I devoured from the Breakfast Bakery Basket. It was delicious! The muffin was vanilla, but there was a hint of banana also. There were not as many blueberries as I thought they would be, which is good because I'm not a big fan of baked blueberry. The muffin was delicious and stomach-stuffing.

One of the stewardess, who happen to be an Indonesian named Gadis, offered me some jams to eat the bread with. There were Strawberry Jam, Blueberry Jam, Honey, and Marmalade Jam. I choose the Marmalade Jam because it's the only fruity spread that I fancy.

Later on, I proceed in munching the Brown and White Toasts with some butter spread. They were delicious and plain savory. The Breakfast Bakery Basket was served warm and soft. Simply delightful.

Roasted Bell Pepper Frittatas, with Zucchini Potato Rösti, Grilled Chicken Patty, Cherry Tomatoes, and Herbed Cream Sauce 

Roasted Bell Pepper Frittatas was one of the main course available on board. Mom ordered a plate and, soon, a stewardess named Nur served it on her table. The presentation was very appealing, the food were nicely organized and the dinning utensil was spotless. The dish came with a slice of grilled chicken, potato, and crisps leaves. Mom's breakfast looked savory and palatable, I was an inch close to change my meal like hers. 

Gravlax and Lemon Scented Prawn, with Crisps Leaves, Caviar, Gruyére, and Dill Cream Cheese

The thing about Qatar Airways' airplane meal is that they come in components, or courses, like at those fancy restaurants that you see on Tv. Gravlax and Lemon Scented Prawn was the next thing that I had, which was the appetizer. It consisted of seafood, crisps leaves, and cheese. One of them was lemon scented prawn, with caviar on top, on a bed of dry bread. In between the prawn and the bread was Dill Cream Cheese that tasted creamy and sour. The Lemon Scented Prawn was sweet, but not that sweet, and it reeked of lemon. 

The only thing that I know about Caviar is that it costs an arm and a leg. I have no idea what kind of fish produce such roes other than the sturgeons. Compared to Salmon roes, Caviar is way smaller and they are black in color. Salmon roe is very fragile and easy to burst, pinch it with your tongue and the liquid inside would leaked immediately, but not Caviar. I'm no expert of fish roes, but I would say that Caviar was very enjoyable and light, and the liquid inside it was not fishy, nor sickening. 

"I have no idea what Gravlax is," is the only thing that popped out in my mind as I read the menu. I decided to give it a try though, but still, I had no idea what I ate. The fish was topped with a pair of plump Salmon roe, which I ate first because I'm not a big fan of the fishy liquid inside it. Then I proceed to unwrap the fish-based petals and dig in. It was very delicious, not fishy at all, very light and soft, and savory. I enjoyed every single bite of it!

Nobu Fruit Plate (Chef Nobu's Artwork) 

Nobu Fruit Plate was what Mom had next. It consisted of Melon, Mango, Kiwi, Rambutan, Tamarillo (or what we Indonesians refer as Terong Belanda), Green Grapes, Pitaya, Blueberries, Strawberries, Blackberries, and Raspberries. They looked beyond juicy and sweet, I couldn't help but to salivate. 

Banana Crêpe with Chocolate Sauce, with Strawberry and Creme Frâiche

A plate of crepe is my main course. The crepes were thin, yet it has some density in it, and cooked along with some ripe bananas. They were served with a scoop of sour cream, fresh and juicy strawberries, mint leaves, and chocolate sauce. I immediately drizzled them banana crepes with some sweet chocolates and started munching. They were the definition of breakfast! As soon as I finished my fried batter, I dipped the strawberries onto the chocolate syrup and indulged myself. 

Grilled Teriyaki Salmon

The menu said that main dishes were to be accompanied with Corn Fritters, Grilled Teriyaki Salmon, or Chicken Seekh Kebab. I see nothing wrong in having crepes with fish, so I asked the stewardess for some Grilled Teriyaki Salmon. Gadis, the stewardess, came with a small plate with a couple grilled salmon on it. "Since you had a sweet main course, I took the advantage of serving the savory salmon on a separated plate," she said thoughtfully. 

The Grilled Teriyaki Salmon is my favorite dish during breakfast. They were perfectly grilled and bathe in Teriyaki sauce. The flavor was perfectly balanced, not too sweet, nor too savory. What I love the most is the crispy skin attached on the fish, as they were very delightful and deliciously addicting. 

Café Latte

I ended my breakfast with a glass of Cafê Latte. The coffee was foamy and it tasted bitter, yet left an acidic aftertaste. Brown sugar was served instead of creamer or white sugar. I dipped on cube of brown sugar, but the coffee was still too bitter for me, so I dipped another. I enjoyed the coffee with some in-flights entertainment. 

Hours after hours passed. It was a nine hours flight and I kept myself busy by watching movies or continuously going to the lavatory. The sun set and the sky got dark. Soon, it was time for dinner and I could feel my stomach is empty once more.

Main Meal

King Crab Taco (Chef Nobu's Artwork)

A small portion of King Crab and Taco shells for appetizer. Both food combined tasted like salty dumplings. I'm not a big fan of the Taco shells because they were fragile and airy, when they were supposed to be crunchy and savory. Them King Crab was nice, but not like how I expected it would tasted like, which is sweet and soft. 

Lemon with Mint 

Lemon with mint is the second cold beverage that I always order during flight, after mineral water. This particular drink is sour, yet sweet and very refreshing. It comes with a leaf, or two, of mint, and the leaf itself is eatable and minty in flavor. 

Cauliflower Soup, with Créme Frâiche and Spiced Cheese Straws (Chef Tom's Artwork)

Mom had a bowl of creamy Cauliflower Soup and Spiced Cheese Straws. This dish right here is one of Chef Tom's masterpiece and it tasted nice. I tasted a spoonful of the soup, it was creamy and tasted like how cauliflower tasted like. The Spiced Cheese Straws, on the other hand, was puffy and crispy. I dipped the pastry into the soup and indulged. 

Bakery Basket: Laugen, Onion, Sourdough, and wholemeal roll

What caught my attention was the Laugen Roll. Laugen Roll, you see, is like Pretzel without sprinkles of sea salt on it. It share the same texture and flavor with Pretzel, which is hard as a rock and savory. I only had the Laugen Roll from the Bakery Basket because the other dinner rolls were not as attractive as the Bavarian-origin bread. Butter and salt were the perfect companion for the brown-skinned roll. 

Gong Pao Tofu, with Steamed Rice, Stir Fried Sugar Snap Peas, and Shiitake Mushroom with Celeriac Salad

Mom had a plate of Gong Pao tofu for dinner, a traditional dish from China. The dish came with sliced Shiitake Mushroom and stir fried peas, and a small bowl of creamy and juicy salad. It seemed that Mom was a bit hungry that night because she managed to finish the whole dish. She didn't even left any rice on the plate!

An individual selection of Butterfly Prawns, Sliced Tuna, and Oak Smoked Salmon, with Toasted Brioche, Apple Turnip Salad with Lemon and Horseradish Cream

I had me some more seafood for appetizer. Ms. Gadis, the stewardess that kept spoiling me during the flight, came with the bright colored dish. On my plate was a small bowl decorated with Apple Turnip Salad that was topped with Butterfly Prawns, Sliced Tuna, and Oak Smoked Salmon. As a person who loves Sashimi, or fresh raw fish, I enjoyed my appetizer very much. 

I loved both Oak Smoked Salmon and Sliced Tuna! Those fish were creamy and soft, and they didn't smell foul. The Butterfly Prawns were also delicious, but they were not as sweet as I thought it would be. The Apple Turnip Salad underneath the seafood was juicy and very refreshing, and surprisingly tasted good when you eat it with the crunchy Brioche. 

Pistachio and Mango Ice Cream, with summer berries

Surprisingly, after those Gong Pao Tofu and Cauliflower Soup, Mom still had some room left in her stomach and decided to have a dessert. She had some ice cream and summer berries. The presentation was simple, yet beautiful. My Mom is a not a heavy eater, and I was amazed by the fact that she finished three dishes in a row. 

Seared fillet of Cod and Ginger Butternut Purée, with lemon, pine nut, and sage butter (Chef Tom's Artwork)

Fish is what I had next for dinner. The main course came with bowl of mixed boiled nuts, such as Red Beans, Chick Peas, and Chinese Long Beans. The Cod was well-cooked and nicely spiced, the broth came out from the fish as I press the soft white meat with a knife. As delicious the fish was, eaten with sliced potatoes and Purée, I couldn't help but to think that it would probably tasted more delicious with some warm rice. 

Macana (Chef Nobu's Artwork)

The word "Macana" was written on the menu, with no explanation on what it was or what it consisted of. It is said that this dessert is one of Chef Nobu's masterpiece. As a curious gastronomer that I am, I decided to abandon ice cream and fresh fruits to go with this peculiar dish. 

As Ms. Gadis marched towards my seat, I could feel an excitement building up in me. The more closer she got, the more my view of the dessert became unclouded. On her hand was a tray with a crystal clear glass on it. The glass was filled with numerous objects with different colors. "Is that a Macana," I thought to myself. "Here's your Macana, Ms. Kinan," said the Indonesian steward. Dilated pupils and dropped jaw were what decorated my face. I glanced at my Mom and she glanced back at me with "Wow" written on her forehead. It turned out that she had been observing the dessert as well. 

At the top of the glass was a thin black object, which I assume was sugar glazed sesame seed. It was nailed on chunk of snow flakes. Underneath it was a round thin crispy chocolate, and on its' sides was fresh Raspberries and diced sponge cake. At the bottom of the glass was white creamy substance mixed with thick orange liquid. I certainly had no idea on what kind of dessert it is, nor how to eat it. 

I didn't know how to eat it, so I savor each component first before I indulge the rest of it. It turned out that the snow flakes was lemon sorbet, the sponge cake was soaked in ginger water, that the white substance at the bottom of the glass was white chocolate mouse, and the orange liquid was mango cream.  

I browsed the web for macana and found a website for Chef Nobu's restaurant in London. It is said that Macana consisted of: White Chocolate Mouse, Pistachio Charged Sponge, Mango Cream, and Kalamanzi Sorbet and that the dessert costs £ 10.50 or around Rp170.000,00. That is one expensive dish I had as complimentary.

Cheese Plate: Mature Cheddar, Fourme d'Ambert, and Brie le Maubert, with Prune Cake and Dried Apricots

My dinner soon would come to an end. The only meal that I haven't order was the Cheese Plate, that consisted of three kinds of cheese, fruit products, and crackers. 

Mature Cheddar: This cheese had a rather stiff and brick-like texture compared to the other two. It had a very strong and sharp sour flavor, yet still milky and savory.

Fourme d'Ambert: Share a similar physical appearance with the infamous Blue Cheese, Fourme d'Ambert tasted delicious and enjoyable. I was expecting a painful and excruciating un-delightful flavor, but it turned out fine and quite delicious. 

Brie le Maubert: The creamiest cheese among the three. The cheese was tasty and went well with some crackers. 

I didn't quite like the Prune Cake because it tasted sour and odd. The dried Apricots were sweet and delightful though.

Kopke, Colheita - 1974
Douro Valley, Portugal 

What's the point of Cheese-tasting without some wine? I browsed the wine menu and decided to have a wee bit of Kopke. To me, all wine tasted like cherry-flavored cough syrup, but this particular wine that I drank didn't taste as sharp and cherry-like as the wine that I usually have during mass. I managed to finish the drink and landed safely at Jakarta. I'm pretty sure that I have a good tolerance to alcohol, yet Kopke made me tipsy. 

Incredible, right, the love child of Michelin Starred Chefs and Five-start Airline? Dad didn't lie when he told me that there would be great airplane meal on Doha - Jakarta flights, because I had a fantastic time during my nine hour flight to Jakarta.