Thursday, March 29, 2012

Martabak Bandung

Martabak is one of the most common food that you can find in Indonesia, other than Gorengan. Martabak is actually a pancake batter, cooked in a particular frying pan, that you can mostly find just besides some sidewalks. There are Martabak Manis, or sweet Martabak literary translated, and Martabak Telur, or a Martabak which was made from a deep fried dough filled with eggs, vegetables, and meat. I love both kinds of Martabak, but the sweet one is my favorite. As a walking tooth myself, I managed to get myself some sweet Martabak a few days ago. 

Martabak Manis, or sweet Martabak, is a cooked pancake batter which is decorated with shredded cheese, crumbled nuts, chocolate sprinkles, and some canned milk. It has a very sweet taste, which came from the sugar which was mixed with the dough, the chocolate sprinkles, and the milk. But, it also has this salty margarin-like flavor, which originated from the margarine that the seller glazed over just after the Martabak was perfectly cooked. The combination of the flavor is just perfect, not to mention if you get yourself a bite of the crust. The crust of the Martabak is my favorite part of the food. Its crunchiness is, somehow, amusing. 

If you managed to stumbled upon any Martabak seller across the street, you should definitely buy some, if you have never tried a bite that is. But then again, if you considered yourself a monthly consumer of Martabak, why not buy yourself a box? We need to eat something so that we could survive through the day, right?

The sight of the Martabak maker beating the dough, so that
it can be cooked on the pre-heated pan

Nuts and chocolate sprinkles as toppings on your
sweet and savory Martabak

A well-cooked Martabak, coated with margarine just so that
it will taste both sweet and a bit salty

Shredded cheese as the first toppings, which is going to be
followed by other toppings on top

A spread of chocolate sprinkles for those who loves chocolate

Some nuts to complete the topping combination

Last, but not least, add a little bit of canned milk so that all
of the toppings will stick together with the Martabak 

Finally, cut the Martabak into a rather palm-sized parts
so that it will be easy for you to consume it

Enjoy your plate of Martabak while it is still hot

A Reward to Myself

Got myself a nice chocolate muffin as a reward 
for being rather productive at school

Have it Your Way

Last Sunday, my Mom and I had the chance to enjoy the weekend. When the mass was over, we rushed to Blok M Square to grab some lunch. Since I had a sore throat on that day, I told my Mom that I was in the mood for some Tamarin Soup. Mom agreed that we were going to have Indonesian cuisine for lunch. But then, the moment we arrived at the city walk, we saw a humongous sign of the famous fast food restaurant. Yes, it was the almighty Burger King, a place where we can dine like kings in our very own castle, a place where we can have everything according to our likes and dislikes, a place where we can have the burgers our way (extra bacon, no vegetables, less onion rings, and stuff like that), and a place where we can get a free wifi. Last Sunday, my Mom and I had lunch like kings!

A tray of delicious burgers and french fries is served! 

When the rich people were too busy choosing the right spoon to finish a bowl
of cream soup, my Mom and I were pretty occupied with burgers and fries

Mom, being a mushroom and cheese enthusiast ordered a Double Swiss Mushroom, along with some mineral water and some freshly fried french fries. As I bacon lover, I got myself a Double BBQ Bacon with french fries and, also, a bottle of mineral water. When I usually eat at Burger King, which is probably once every six months, I go with the single instead of the double. But, somehow, the urge to indulge on such monstrous burger was unbearable. I magically forgot that my throat was hurting. 

Just look at how that swiss cheese melts in between the meat and the bun!

Mom took a bite and the combination of the swiss cheese and the beef
literary explodes in her mouth into fragments of savory substance

My Mom is not the kind of person who would pig out during breakfast, lunch, or dinner, but this time was an exception. She literary devour the Double Swiss Mushroom that she ordered, along with the french fries, and the bottle of mineral water. It's rare to see such imagery, as my Mom doesn't usually order double burgers at any other junk food restaurant, and she couldn't barely finish a stack of french fries claiming that she was full. Mom surprised me by finishing all of the food that was on her tray.

Double BBQ Bacon burger of Burger King is my all-time favorite burger

Spotted a small piece of bacon peeking through the bun as if
it were calling my name, "Eat me, Kinan! Eat me!" 

After lunch, we went to the cinema which was located at the building's seventh floor. We bought two tickets to watch the Woman in Black, who was awesomely and handsomely played by Daniel Radcliffe, and two tickets to watch the Hunger Games. To be honest, Hunger Games was the best movies that I watched on that day. Not that the Woman in Black sucked, but I can't make friends with horror movies. Slasher movies, on the other hand, is one of my favorite movie genre. I am a fan of both Saw and Hostel, just so you know, and other gore and dark themed movies, such as the Human Centipede and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. To those of you who fancy horror movies, Woman in Black is a must watch, not to mention Potter is role playing as a father who works at a Law Firm in the movie. Hunger Games, on the other hand, was beyond awesome! I have not read the book, as I just found out that the movie was based on the book on that day. I cried, giggled, overwhelmed, and amazed by the movie. Yes, it was THAT awesome. I'm planning on re-watching Hunger Games tomorrow with some of my classmates after school.

This week was hectic as usual, and stressful, but I managed to survive. It's Thursday, and tomorrow's Friday, so that means I am going to be reunited with the weekend once again. I hope that you had a great day. Thank you for visiting Milky Way Cafe. Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Keep Calm and Indulge Food

Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Visit to Gudang Rottie

Me and my best bud, Sally, got the chance to pay a visit to Gudang Rottie. This particular bakery & restaurant, which located adjacent to the entrance of Villa Jatibening Tol, had its grand opening not too long ago. This dining place has a rather appealing western style environment, which is very unique and lovely. It has been a long time since I've been wanting to visit this restaurant. At first, I was just attracted to the inner part of the restaurant, but then, the urge to have a bite of the restaurant's buns and cakes is just unbearable. The catchy furniture and miscellaneous decorations add an extra point to the restaurant. The various choice of menu, starting from steaks, hamburgers, cakes, buns, and beverages, will probably make one cannot decide about what he will indulge in less than ten minutes. 

When we arrived at the restaurant, the waitress and waitresses, along with the manager greeted us politely and gave us the menu. I immediately ordered myself a cup of Iced Chocolate Volcano, just like one of my school mate, Cindy, told me. "They have a wonderful glass of ice chocolate. You should try one when you got the chance," she said. Sally got herself a nice glass of Thai Ice Tea, which was orange in color and decorated with swirly pattern of milk. 

I took a sip of my so-called Iced Chocolate Volcano and it tasted beyond delicious! I could tell that they use Milo, a brand of powdered chocolate milk that we have at the local supermarket, as the basic ingredients. It was sweet, chocolaty, creamy, cold, and simply delightful. They also gave a generous amount of Milo on top of the milk, which tasted awesome if you eat it with a spoon by dipping the powdered milk chocolate to the chocolate drink first. Trust me when I say that this drink tasted as lovely as how it appears.

The mountain-like Milo on top of the drink is what they
called the "volcano", as it formed a peak-like shape

What could be more delightful than a generous amount
of Milo, on top of an iced chocolate milk?

A minute passed and the sight of a baker, coming down from the second floor, carrying a big pan of brownies caught my attention. I immediately call a waitress and order a piece of the fresh-from-the-oven dessert. I got my brownies in a beautiful white plate, simply decorated with a folded tissue and a fork. Couldn't hold the urge of having a taste of the freshly baked brownies, I took a bite. It tasted superb! The chocolate chunk on top of the brownies immediately crumbled as it enters my mouth. The texture of the brownies was rather soft. Not melty, but soft. This particular dessert is very much recommended for those of you who have not visit Gudang Rottie and willing to stop by. 

In my personal opinion, now that I have tried dining in Gudang Rottie, I shall give this wonderful restaurant an A for its delicious brownies and an A+ for its creamy Iced Chocolate Volcano. These two are worth to give a shot. Other than the fact that the both of them taste delicious, they are not that pricey compared to other fancy bakery that you can find at your nearby mall or shopping place. The brownies only costed Rp10.000,00 each and the iced chocolate costed Rp18.000,00. Come on down to Gudang Rottie, a place where you can have a great food adventure!

Fudge Brownies, fresh from the oven, that goes swell if they
served it with a spoonful of vanilla ice cream and strawberries

Friday, March 23, 2012

During One of Those Windy Nights

What could be better than a cup of hot cocoa with marshmallow, or a nice cup of warm lemon tea, during a cold and windy night? Any warm or hot food and beverages are always welcome to be companions for those who are in need. I, personally, am a type of person who would mindlessly indulge a cone of cookies 'n cream flavored ice cream during winter season (Not that Indonesia has winter season, I meant in those countries that has snow roaming around the city on January). I cannot state that it is not cold, nor freezing, when I eat an ice cream when the temperature is at around 4 degrees or lower, but I find it amusing to do such thing, not to mention I'm a big fan of ice cream. You can say that I have no problems with eating cold treats during a chilly day.

It is now the rainy season in Indonesia. Jatibening, Bekasi, has been a victim of a brutal heavy rain and tornado-like wind, pouring and blowing through the day. Sometimes it occurs during the day, sometimes during the night, and sometimes both. As a person who can stand cold, I somehow cannot manage to go to school without a sweater during this kind of season. The temperature here is not surprisingly low, but the wind that blows and the chilly atmosphere are the things that I cannot simply bare. This is the kind of breeze that would make you fall ill in just a matter of time. To prevent diseases to occur, I took the liberty to stop by at the nearby food stall near my house to grab myself a hot bowl of porridge on Tuesday night.

What is more awesome than to indulge porridge, with shredded chicken, cheese sticks, kerupuk, and cakwe as toppings, during a windy and chilly night? I am thankful that I still have the time to enjoy such things. I still remember the taste of the porridge, that goes swell with the sweet soy sauce, that made a perfect combination with the cheese sticks. The moment the spoon, which was filled with porridge and other food stuf, goes into your mouth, you will get this warm and fuzzy feelings running through your vein. This kind of activity is delightful, not to mention if you eat it when your stomach is empty. Porridge will always be one of my favorite food to indulge, other than sweets and meat. 

A bowl of porridge, fresh from the pan, ready to be
eaten along with its delicious toppings

Unagi Kabayaki

Unagi, or freshwater eel, is my number one favorite sushi toppings. I just love the sweet sensation of the unagi when it enters your mouth. The meat, on the other hand, is rather soft and sometimes a bit chewy, different from how a fish would taste like. On my past post about this particular restaurant named Sushi Box, I mentioned a bit about my favorite menu of the restaurant, which is Tokyo Roll - rolled rice with nori, tempura flakes, carrots, kyuri, unagi, and some red and black tobiko. This particular dish contains some sweet-soy-sauce-dipped roasted unagi which, in my most humble opinion, is the best sushi I have ever had. Now that you know how I love unagi, you can probably imagine how I would mindlessly gulped down any food that contains sweet-flavored unagi.

Today, my Mom and I decided to pick Dad up at Sheraton Bandara Hotel, Jakarta. The moment when we arrived, the hotel was packed with Qatar Airways crews as they just arrived at the hotel after an hour long of a post flight briefing and luggage collecting. My Dad was busy handling the crew, making sure that every flight crews has a suite and checking whether everything is alright or not. My Mom and I were busy giggling at my Dad as he did not notice about our existence in the hotel. But then Dad decided to gave my mom a call. Mom lied by saying that we were still on the road, stuck in a traffic jam, but then Dad saw us and we were immediately reunited. "So, what do you wanna do now," asked Dad. "I want to eat delicious food," I replied in a rather hyper state. Dad agreed. We put our belongings in the suite, rest for about 20 minutes, then headed to the pool to have an early dinner. 

What else can you expect from a fancy hotel other than some free stuff that you can and some dish that would cost both of your legs and arms? As I glanced through the menu, I couldn't help but to be overwhelmed by the sight of how much the food costed. Rp56.000,00 for a plate of chocolate cake, which size is unknown for I didn't order any. I would probably lost my weekly allowance if I decided to buy myself a plate of cake at Sheraton Bandara Hotel's restaurant. In 10 minutes, I made a choice of what I would eat for dinner, which is a plate of Japanese dish named Unagi Kabayaki.


Unagi Kabayaki is a plate of rice, topped with a roasted unagi which was coated with sweet soy sauce the night before. This particular dish is very simple, yet exceptionally delicious. It costed my parents Rp176.000,00 for a plate of Unagi Kabayaki. I thought it would taste like your usual unagi sushi that you can find in your local Japanese restaurant, but I stand corrected. The unagi which I ate contains less fat than the one I ate at Sushi Box. It tasted sweet and a bit chewy, and it has this slightly crispy skin which made the dish even more awesome. 

Just look at how that unagi dominated the whole dish

It took me about an hour and a half to finish the whole meal. I didn't expect that the unagi would be thick and long, which is different from the usual unagi that I usually find in a local Japanese restaurant, and very delicious. True, an authentic bowl of unagi with rice that you can find in Japan tasted slightly different from the one that you can find in your home country, but this one tasted as awesome as the one in Japan. The unagi just got out from the pan, and the rice was also warm, so I took the liberty to eat the whole thing while it was still hot. When I finished the plate, I was stuffed and I felt like Pumba, from Disney's original classic movie, the Lion King. Eating a plate of Unagi Kabayaki after a hectic week at school felt like eating two scoops of ice creams after a check up from the dentist, it pleases you and it somehow can make you chirpy.

I removed the stir-fried vegetables so that we can all
have a good look on that sweet roasted unagi

When you get the chance to stay at Sheraton Bandara Hotel, make sure you get yourself some Unagi Kabayaki. I know, it is a bit pricey, but it worths a shot. Other than the fact that the unagi is rather large in size, this meal can also fulfill your need of indulging a nice plate of Japanese cuisine. Why use the hard way to have a bite of a sweet roasted freshwater eel by buying a plane ticket to Japan, when you can just stop by at Sheraton Bandara Hotel to indulge this tasty treats without having to make yourself a Japan visa? Think about it.


Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Worthy Choco Ball

On Tuesday, as usual, my Mom and I went to Dharmawangsa Square to get my spine adjusted. Tuesday was the day when I finally got an update about how my spine currently is, and I couldn't say that I'm not grateful. From a 17 degrees angle to an 11 degrees angle. My doctor said that although my spine doesn't look like it has changed significantly, it is now one step closer on being in a common position of a human spine. But, despite the fact that this is one heck of a good news, I can't say that I am not taken aback by the report. My spine has changed drastically over the past year, but I still have a long way to go before it goes back to its proper position. We're talking about years, or maybe eons.

Anyway, after my Mom and I paid a visit to the clinic, we stopped by at Ranch Market to buy a few things. We bought bread, crisps, peanuts, and this imported product named Taiwan Choco Ball. The packaging was attractive and it caught my attention, so I took the liberty to ask my Mom whether she can buy me a pack or not. Luckily, she said yes! I was beyond hyped up by the fact that I can try another food that I have never tasted before. And since it costed my Mom Rp16.000,00 for a package, I had to force myself not to eat it immediately after it went through the cashier. 

A fancy looking packaging of a Taiwanesse snack

Math test was on Wednesday and I can't risk myself spending a minute or two in indulging this rather adorable looking snack when I have dozens of pages to read, numerous math problems to be solved, and energy draining formulas to memorize. I refrained myself from gulping the whole box of the Taiwanesse treats, for the sake of acing the Math test. But then, the next day, I found out that by pulling an all-nighter the day before, accompanied with a cup of Mom's coffee milk, turned out to be a waste of time because the Math test was beyond difficult. I only managed to solve six problems, then I took the liberty to glanced through my friends' works.

Yesterday, a friend of mine slept over at my house just so that the both of us can learn for today's tests, which were Biology and Chemistry. Her name is Vika and she's quite a good eater just like myself. She admitted that she can't study, nor simply enjoy inflating balloons, if she has not filled her stomach with food. Dinner and snack time was the first priority of the night. We had dinner, which was Mom's famous Chicken Cordon Blue, and we took some snacks to the room, incase of emergency stomach-filling session. One of the snack was the Taiwan Choco Ball.

The deal was to finish all of the Chemistry problems that we have, then we get to munch on this mouth-watery snack. But the force was too strong to be fought. We couldn't bare the urge of simply taking a small bite of this sesame jam filled mochi, so, we abandoned our Chemistry paper works and filled our stomachs with this fancy food instead.

Each packaging contains four chocolate-coated sesame-filled
mochi balls, in which were ridiculously tiny 

We took a bite. Suddenly, I was filled with all of this kinds of happy and euphoric emotions. I  was amused by the fact that the mochi, which I kept in the refrigerator the whole time, was rather chewy, but not as chewy as those mochi that you can find at an early morning market. It was chewy and hard, but tasty and sweet at the same time. The chocolate, which covered the mochi didn't melt easily, as it was frozen. I didn't know that mochi works so well with chocolate! The sesame jam was also very delicious, and amusing at the same time. I have never tasted such peculiar jam before, especially sesame jam. It has a rough texture and this bittersweet nutty-like flavor, which was, again, pretty amusing.

It was hard for me to bite the mochi inch by inch, since it is already ridiculously small in size. It was so small that you can even place four or five of those sinful desserts on your palm. Yet, despite the lack of enormous size, this mochi should be included in your very own 101 Food to Eat Before I Die list. True, it's pretty expensive for four small pieces of chocolate-covered mochi, but I see nothing wrong by enjoying yourselves once in a while. If you're short on cash, maybe you could ask for a few Rupiahs from your Mom or Dad so that you can buy this asian treats.

The inner sight of the choco ball that would make
you go euphoric about it

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fancy Lunch à la Mom

What is Sunday without a little quality time with your family, especially after a long week of chaotic examination at school? It's good to be back after, almost, a week of hiatus. Today, Mom decided to cook fancy and five-star-restaurant-like dishes, such as Chicken Cordon Blue and German-style Fried potatoes. What I thought was a great Sunday turned out to be an awesome Sunday instead.

Mom, being a splendid cooker she is, made a an-full of German-style Fried Potatoes that tasted like how a genuine German cuisine would taste like. Boiling the potatoes and chilling them overnight makes it easy for Mom to slice them. With some onions, olive oil, and seasonings, Mom can easily turn a regular potato into something that might only exists in another part of the continents. She did such a great job with the potatoes, not to mention she added some bacons into the dish generously.

Mom's German-style Fried Potatoes on progress

This family of mine has a thing for semi-burnt dish, you see, as in the food has crunchy edges and is dark gold-ish brown in color. mom took the advantage to cook the potatoes longer than how it should be, so that the crispy and crunchy edges would form, which made the dish taste even more delicious. My Dad and I were full of anticipation.

Would you resist such food that would make your tongue goes, "Oh la la"
and your tummy goes,  "More! More! More!" ?

The sight of the perfectly cooked potatoes that the family loves the
most, crunchy edges and dark gold-ish brown in color

The second dish was mom's homemade Chicken Cordon Blue. This smoked beef and cheese filled chicken breast file is not that hard to make, as I tried to cook one before at school during cooking lesson. By slicing the middle part of the chicken file horizontally, and inserting a generous amount of smoked beef and cheese, you can leisurely enjoy this European dish for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Chicken Cordon Blue à la Mom is served!

When the chicken is well-filled with your own personal choice of fillings, as for me I'm good with the old smoked beef and cheese fillings, you dip the chicken into a bowl of battered eggs, and then dip it in a separate bowl full of bread crumbs, and fry it until it is golden brown in color. You can tell that you have made a wonderful Chicken Cordon Blue if the chicken meat is well cooked, as well as the smoked beef, and the cheese is perfectly melted inside. I bet your saliva is going to drip any second now. 

Just look at those cheese, melting in such appealing way,
as if they were suffocating and came out for some fresh air

Stir-fried vegetables is also one of the dish that was included in today's Five-star Lunch Menu. With a handful of broccoli and green beans, along with some slices of onion, and melted butter, mom is one step closer on making someone who hates vegetable turned into a vegetarian. This plate of stir-fries vegetables share the same aroma as buttered popcorns, as Mom used butter instead of olive oil to fry the vegetables.

I couldn't even resist on not drooling over
the smell of melting butter 

Vegetables aren't that bad, especially when they are cooked with butter

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day by indulging healthy
green vegetables for lunch

In the end, the whole family had an exquisite lunch, and of course, Dad has to take pictures with the food using his signature pose. I'm up for another gleeful Sunday next week!

My first serving of today's lunch, followed by another
couple of servings later on

Dad, proudly present "My Wife is Awesome"
dish with his signature pose, the peace sign

Monday, March 12, 2012

Auto Coffee Cafe

School ends earlier than the usual today because we're having our final semester exam. When we usually go home at around four in the afternoon, today we went home at twelve. I, who usually travel within Bekasi by ojeg (One of Indonesia's popular public transportation that uses motorcycle as the main vehicle), went home with one of my friend, Dennis, whose house is located near my house. There is this small cafe, adjacent to the main road, that Dennis usually pass by when he's on his way home from school. Its name is Auto Coffee Cafe and things are not going well inside the cafe as it's lacking of customers. So, I decided to pay a visit to the cafe. 

I was going to get myself some cake, but when I asked the cashier about whether or not they sell cakes, he replied me with, "I'm sorry, the baker is out of town, so we don't have any cake to be sold. But we have some buns over there" while pointing at an almost-empty basket at the corner of the cafe. There I was, standing at the corner of the rather small building, choosing what buns I should buy - which is not difficult thing to do as there were only four kinds of buns to be chosen. 

Most of the buns were not very appealing to me. There was this cheese-filled buns that looks like Slim from A Bug's Life, brownish yellow in color and very thin. And then there was a jar of dried dates, which is the least thing that I would eat in my lists of 101 Food to Eat Before I Die. But then, a funny looking bun caught my attention. This bun is covered with chocolate sprinkles and shredded cheese on top. It looks like a clubs, but without the tail, and a bit of an odd hidden mickey sign. So, I bought this bun and went home by foot.

Chocolate and cheese filled clubs-shaped bun of Auto Coffee Cafe

The moment I arrived at home, I immediately opened the packaging and split the bun into three parts. I ate a piece of the bun and, I have to say, this bread doesn't taste that bad. I can't help but to guess that this bun is a left over. This is because the texture of the bread is not as soft and squishy as those buns which just came out from the oven. The chocolate and cheese filling is also a bit rough and doesn't blend with the inner part of the bread. Overall, it's a nice and tasty bread, despite its lack of quality. 

The inner sight of the bun

To those who live within Bekasi, or better yet in Jatibening, you should stop by at this small cafe to try this chocolate and cheese bun that I bought. Sure, this cafe is not as appealing as Starbucks and Oh La La Cafe, but still this cafe is worth a try. I, too, have a dream to build my own cafe someday. Why shouldn't we explore other cafes before we decided to build one of our own? Maybe, your cafe could be as popular as Starbucks, but on the other hand, the chance of it's not surviving like Auto Coffee Cafe is also possible. The life span of a cafe is unknown, therefore why can't you give Auto Coffee Cafe a chance before you decided to enjoy your afternoon at some well-known cafe?

Auto Coffee Cafe
Jl. Caman Raya, Jatibening
Bekasi 17412

Lotte's Custard Cake

One of my Dad's old friend and his family went to Seoul, Korea, for a few days and just got back from the country of great taste. Yesterday, his daughter, which happens to be my kindergarten friend and my senior, stopped by at this house of mine to hand me some souvenirs that she bought at Seoul. There were shot glass, a pair of home socks, an "I Love Seoul" pen, and a pack of Lotte's snack. I got so excited when I saw such peculiar food. The urge to try a bite of the korean cake is unbearable.

The words in green are read "Custard", whilst the
white words bellow it are read "Original"

I opened the rather medium-sized packaging and found six small
packagings inside, which contain one custard cake each

I took a packaging and opened it, and I found a shiny golden cake that would make your fingers all sticky when you touch it. I was already amused by the physical appearance, which I found cute and turtle-like (because it has this shape that looks like a turtle's shell. Well, at least I think it does.) I was a bit confused on how to eat the custard cake, so I decided to split it into two parts. I got a good look of the custard fillings at it was soft yellow in color, not much different from the color of the inner part of the cake. 

I took a bite of the puffy custard cake. It tasted good, as in the composition of the cream was well-balanced and the texture of the cake was soft like sponge cakes. The cream filling tasted fine, as it was not too sweet, which made a perfect combination with the rather sweet and sticky cake. It took me less than a minute to gulp down the whole cake. It's not as big in size as it looks because each custard cake is only as wide as a seven-year-old's palm. 

A cracked-open custard cake that was filled with
a rather creamy, not too sweet, fillings 
I finished a pack last night and I'm tempted to have one pack at the moment. But since it's a snack that you can only buy at Korea, then I shall resists the temptation on having a bite. The great thing about being given food as a souvenir is that you can indulge the same food that the local people usually eat without having to spend some coins on buying a plane ticket to that particular country. But you have to eat it bite by bite because you will probably be lacking of chances to get another taste of that food when it's finished. Enjoy both the simplicity of souvenir food and the little things in life.

How can you resists such soft and creamy cake?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

One of My Favorite Childhood Snack

Which Indonesian who doesn't know about this awesome snack? Arnott's Nyam Nyam Rice Crispy has been a great friend of mine since the early third millennium, and might also has been a good companion to most of the Indonesian citizens, both youths and adults. Its catchy appearance is what attracts people, as it has this colorful rainbow-like packaging and an adorable yellow tiger as the mascot on the plastic wrapping. What so awesome about this snack is the snack itself. Nyam Nyam Rice Crispy is a dip-yourself snack, where you get to dip this mini-spoon that you can get from inside of the packaging inside a chocolate cream, in which to be used to make the rice puffs stick on the mini-spoon so that you can get a mouthful of crunchy treats. How can you resist such delicious goods?

The rice crisps come in three different colors, which are green, pink, and orange. Despite its various colors of choice, each rice crisps taste the same. They are round and flat in appearance, and each rice crisps also come in different sizes. On the other hand, the chocolate cream is not that sweet, which make this snack has a great combination in taste, as the mildly sweet chocolate cream completes the tasteless rice puffs. Nyam Nyam Rice Crispy is a great snack to be indulged, either by yourself or accompanied with friends or family. It makes a great substitute if you're in the middle of a movie marathon and you're lacking of popcorns. Even when you just got home after a tiring day at school or at work, Nyam Nyam Rice Crispy will be one of your energy booster as you savor it little by little.

The current packaging of Nyam Nyam Rice Crispy

The colorful rice puffs makes a great couple with the chocolate cream

A chunk of rice puffs covered chocolate that
could make your tongue goes salsa

Friday, March 9, 2012

Sushi for Lunch

One of my ex-classmate had her 18th birthday on the ninth of February and she generously treat some of her friends to lunch, including me. Feny, as a Japanese-enthusiast, treat us to lunch at a Japanese restaurant, Sushi Box to be exact. I'm pretty sure you can at least guest what we had by just reading the catchy restaurant's name. 

Tokyo Roll
This particular sushi is rich in flavor, as it has various ingredients that would make the consumer experience a food-gasm. It's my favorite sushi and I always order this delicious meal every time I visit Sushi Box. This sushi is filled with fresh kyuri (Japanese cucumber) and carrots, unagi (Japanese terms for eel), tempura flakes, and nori (Japanese terms for seaweed). Being generously topped with some red and black tobiko, this sushi will make your lunch time an enjoyable and awesome one. 

Ginza Roll
What so special about this sushi is that they are using green and red tobiko, instead of red and black tobiko. This particular green tobiko is a wasabi (Japanese chili paste) flavored tobiko that tasted spicy and hurtful. Yes, hurtful. As a person who loves to indulge on Japanese cuisine, I'm not that fond of wasabi. I have to admit that it has an interesting taste, but it hurts both of your mouth and nose as you savor it. But then again, you should try some if you happen to stumbled upon it.

Ginza Roll is a shredded tuna filled sushi, with some kyuri, nori, and tempura flakes as companions, and red and green tobiko as toppings. It is proved that the taste of the wasabi-flavored tobiko is not that bad if we eat the sushi with some Japanese soy sauce. 

Hatori Roll
Notice that reddish orange colored sauce coating the sushi? That is Sushi Box's special spicy sauce, in which will make people who can't stand spicy food all teary. As a person who is not fond of spicy food stuff, I find this sauce very delicious and enjoyable. This particular sauce goes swell with the roasted salmon on top of the sushi. This sushi is filled with some kyuri, nori, tamago, and tempura flakes, which make this dish spicy and crunchy at the same time. Hatori Roll is highly recommended to those who fancy spicy food. 

Yakuza Roll
Yakuza roll is my third favorite menu at Sushi Box, after Salmon Skin Roll and Tokyo Roll. It is filled with tamago (sweet fried egg), kyuri, nori, and tempura flakes. It is topped with some sweet roasted unagi and covered with teriyaki sauce that will make your tongue goes crazy. If you're in the mood for spoiling yourself with some good food, Yakuza Roll is the right choice for you. The teriyaki sauce is very sweet and tasty, not to mention it makes a great couple with the unagi. Both of them will rock your world, alongside the sweet and crunchy sushi fillings.

Banzai Roll
Ever seen a teardrop-shaped sushi? Sushi Box is the place where you can witness such amazing creation. Banzai Roll is a teardrop-shaped sushi which is filled with shredded tuna, tempura flakes, tamago, nori, and some kyuri. The mayonnaise completes the sushi, as it brings out the ultimate flavor of this particular dish. Tuna-lovers, watch out, we got some badass sushi over here!

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