Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Almighty Desserts of Crepe Away

Crepe Away
It sweeps you of your feet

On my last post, I mentioned a thing or two about Crepe Away and its awesomeness. In this post, I shall discuss and elaborate about the things that I stated before in my previous post. As you can see, Crepe Away is a restaurant which serves you various choice of desserts and western-style main course. Steak, pasta, burgers, and fries are some of the things that you will notice when you open the menu that was given by the waitress. It is an eye-catching looking building, with red as its base color, which is often visited by teenagers. Most of the waitresses and waiters are Filipino and they are very friendly to the customers, especially when one is a Filipino like themselves.

What I love the most about Crepe Away is its desserts. This particular restaurant serves awesome crepes and pastries. One of the famous dessert of Crepe Away is called Melting Spot, which is a chocolate drizzled ice cream filled croquembouche. This particular ice cream filled pastries became my family's favorite menu to order whenever we visit Crepe Away. 

Other than the croquembouche, my second favorite dessert of Crepe Away is the famous filled-crepes. It comes in four different flavors and toppings, which are Magali, Martine, Michele, and Orelie. Magali is a belgian chocolate filled crepe with white chocolate on top, while Martine is a chocolate and banana filled crepe with crunchy nuts on top. Michele is a chocolate and strawberry pure filled crepe, with fresh strawberries on top. Last but not least is Orelie, which is a frozen crepe filled with oreo cookies, along with chocolate and vanilla ice cream, topped with caramel sauce and chocolate sauce. Be gone, dear calories. Be gone!

I usually ordered a plate of Martine every time I visit Crepe Away because it is my favorite crepe, so far. The chef is very generous with the chocolate cream, otherwise there wouldn't be any chocolate drops on the plate after I took a bite. The vanilla ice cream makes a perfect couple with the crepe, as it complete the flavor of the dish when you eat both at the same time. I usually eat the whip cream and strawberries first, for I'm the kind of person who would save the best for the last. I could feel chills running through my spine when I took a first bite because this particular meal is THAT good!

It is highly recommendable for you to visit this awesome restaurant if you happen to have the opportunity to have a vacation at Qatar. Don't mind about the hot temperature of this country, or the language barrier that you will have to face. As long as you can get yourself a decent seat at Crepe Away, then you will have a good day onwards during your stay at Qatar.

Crepe Away 
Salwa Rd Al-Muthana
Al-Mouthanna Complex

Phone: (+974) 465 5830

Hours: 11 am - 12 am

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