Monday, March 12, 2012

Auto Coffee Cafe

School ends earlier than the usual today because we're having our final semester exam. When we usually go home at around four in the afternoon, today we went home at twelve. I, who usually travel within Bekasi by ojeg (One of Indonesia's popular public transportation that uses motorcycle as the main vehicle), went home with one of my friend, Dennis, whose house is located near my house. There is this small cafe, adjacent to the main road, that Dennis usually pass by when he's on his way home from school. Its name is Auto Coffee Cafe and things are not going well inside the cafe as it's lacking of customers. So, I decided to pay a visit to the cafe. 

I was going to get myself some cake, but when I asked the cashier about whether or not they sell cakes, he replied me with, "I'm sorry, the baker is out of town, so we don't have any cake to be sold. But we have some buns over there" while pointing at an almost-empty basket at the corner of the cafe. There I was, standing at the corner of the rather small building, choosing what buns I should buy - which is not difficult thing to do as there were only four kinds of buns to be chosen. 

Most of the buns were not very appealing to me. There was this cheese-filled buns that looks like Slim from A Bug's Life, brownish yellow in color and very thin. And then there was a jar of dried dates, which is the least thing that I would eat in my lists of 101 Food to Eat Before I Die. But then, a funny looking bun caught my attention. This bun is covered with chocolate sprinkles and shredded cheese on top. It looks like a clubs, but without the tail, and a bit of an odd hidden mickey sign. So, I bought this bun and went home by foot.

Chocolate and cheese filled clubs-shaped bun of Auto Coffee Cafe

The moment I arrived at home, I immediately opened the packaging and split the bun into three parts. I ate a piece of the bun and, I have to say, this bread doesn't taste that bad. I can't help but to guess that this bun is a left over. This is because the texture of the bread is not as soft and squishy as those buns which just came out from the oven. The chocolate and cheese filling is also a bit rough and doesn't blend with the inner part of the bread. Overall, it's a nice and tasty bread, despite its lack of quality. 

The inner sight of the bun

To those who live within Bekasi, or better yet in Jatibening, you should stop by at this small cafe to try this chocolate and cheese bun that I bought. Sure, this cafe is not as appealing as Starbucks and Oh La La Cafe, but still this cafe is worth a try. I, too, have a dream to build my own cafe someday. Why shouldn't we explore other cafes before we decided to build one of our own? Maybe, your cafe could be as popular as Starbucks, but on the other hand, the chance of it's not surviving like Auto Coffee Cafe is also possible. The life span of a cafe is unknown, therefore why can't you give Auto Coffee Cafe a chance before you decided to enjoy your afternoon at some well-known cafe?

Auto Coffee Cafe
Jl. Caman Raya, Jatibening
Bekasi 17412

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