Friday, March 23, 2012

During One of Those Windy Nights

What could be better than a cup of hot cocoa with marshmallow, or a nice cup of warm lemon tea, during a cold and windy night? Any warm or hot food and beverages are always welcome to be companions for those who are in need. I, personally, am a type of person who would mindlessly indulge a cone of cookies 'n cream flavored ice cream during winter season (Not that Indonesia has winter season, I meant in those countries that has snow roaming around the city on January). I cannot state that it is not cold, nor freezing, when I eat an ice cream when the temperature is at around 4 degrees or lower, but I find it amusing to do such thing, not to mention I'm a big fan of ice cream. You can say that I have no problems with eating cold treats during a chilly day.

It is now the rainy season in Indonesia. Jatibening, Bekasi, has been a victim of a brutal heavy rain and tornado-like wind, pouring and blowing through the day. Sometimes it occurs during the day, sometimes during the night, and sometimes both. As a person who can stand cold, I somehow cannot manage to go to school without a sweater during this kind of season. The temperature here is not surprisingly low, but the wind that blows and the chilly atmosphere are the things that I cannot simply bare. This is the kind of breeze that would make you fall ill in just a matter of time. To prevent diseases to occur, I took the liberty to stop by at the nearby food stall near my house to grab myself a hot bowl of porridge on Tuesday night.

What is more awesome than to indulge porridge, with shredded chicken, cheese sticks, kerupuk, and cakwe as toppings, during a windy and chilly night? I am thankful that I still have the time to enjoy such things. I still remember the taste of the porridge, that goes swell with the sweet soy sauce, that made a perfect combination with the cheese sticks. The moment the spoon, which was filled with porridge and other food stuf, goes into your mouth, you will get this warm and fuzzy feelings running through your vein. This kind of activity is delightful, not to mention if you eat it when your stomach is empty. Porridge will always be one of my favorite food to indulge, other than sweets and meat. 

A bowl of porridge, fresh from the pan, ready to be
eaten along with its delicious toppings

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