Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fancy Lunch à la Mom

What is Sunday without a little quality time with your family, especially after a long week of chaotic examination at school? It's good to be back after, almost, a week of hiatus. Today, Mom decided to cook fancy and five-star-restaurant-like dishes, such as Chicken Cordon Blue and German-style Fried potatoes. What I thought was a great Sunday turned out to be an awesome Sunday instead.

Mom, being a splendid cooker she is, made a an-full of German-style Fried Potatoes that tasted like how a genuine German cuisine would taste like. Boiling the potatoes and chilling them overnight makes it easy for Mom to slice them. With some onions, olive oil, and seasonings, Mom can easily turn a regular potato into something that might only exists in another part of the continents. She did such a great job with the potatoes, not to mention she added some bacons into the dish generously.

Mom's German-style Fried Potatoes on progress

This family of mine has a thing for semi-burnt dish, you see, as in the food has crunchy edges and is dark gold-ish brown in color. mom took the advantage to cook the potatoes longer than how it should be, so that the crispy and crunchy edges would form, which made the dish taste even more delicious. My Dad and I were full of anticipation.

Would you resist such food that would make your tongue goes, "Oh la la"
and your tummy goes,  "More! More! More!" ?

The sight of the perfectly cooked potatoes that the family loves the
most, crunchy edges and dark gold-ish brown in color

The second dish was mom's homemade Chicken Cordon Blue. This smoked beef and cheese filled chicken breast file is not that hard to make, as I tried to cook one before at school during cooking lesson. By slicing the middle part of the chicken file horizontally, and inserting a generous amount of smoked beef and cheese, you can leisurely enjoy this European dish for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Chicken Cordon Blue à la Mom is served!

When the chicken is well-filled with your own personal choice of fillings, as for me I'm good with the old smoked beef and cheese fillings, you dip the chicken into a bowl of battered eggs, and then dip it in a separate bowl full of bread crumbs, and fry it until it is golden brown in color. You can tell that you have made a wonderful Chicken Cordon Blue if the chicken meat is well cooked, as well as the smoked beef, and the cheese is perfectly melted inside. I bet your saliva is going to drip any second now. 

Just look at those cheese, melting in such appealing way,
as if they were suffocating and came out for some fresh air

Stir-fried vegetables is also one of the dish that was included in today's Five-star Lunch Menu. With a handful of broccoli and green beans, along with some slices of onion, and melted butter, mom is one step closer on making someone who hates vegetable turned into a vegetarian. This plate of stir-fries vegetables share the same aroma as buttered popcorns, as Mom used butter instead of olive oil to fry the vegetables.

I couldn't even resist on not drooling over
the smell of melting butter 

Vegetables aren't that bad, especially when they are cooked with butter

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day by indulging healthy
green vegetables for lunch

In the end, the whole family had an exquisite lunch, and of course, Dad has to take pictures with the food using his signature pose. I'm up for another gleeful Sunday next week!

My first serving of today's lunch, followed by another
couple of servings later on

Dad, proudly present "My Wife is Awesome"
dish with his signature pose, the peace sign

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