Thursday, March 29, 2012

Have it Your Way

Last Sunday, my Mom and I had the chance to enjoy the weekend. When the mass was over, we rushed to Blok M Square to grab some lunch. Since I had a sore throat on that day, I told my Mom that I was in the mood for some Tamarin Soup. Mom agreed that we were going to have Indonesian cuisine for lunch. But then, the moment we arrived at the city walk, we saw a humongous sign of the famous fast food restaurant. Yes, it was the almighty Burger King, a place where we can dine like kings in our very own castle, a place where we can have everything according to our likes and dislikes, a place where we can have the burgers our way (extra bacon, no vegetables, less onion rings, and stuff like that), and a place where we can get a free wifi. Last Sunday, my Mom and I had lunch like kings!

A tray of delicious burgers and french fries is served! 

When the rich people were too busy choosing the right spoon to finish a bowl
of cream soup, my Mom and I were pretty occupied with burgers and fries

Mom, being a mushroom and cheese enthusiast ordered a Double Swiss Mushroom, along with some mineral water and some freshly fried french fries. As I bacon lover, I got myself a Double BBQ Bacon with french fries and, also, a bottle of mineral water. When I usually eat at Burger King, which is probably once every six months, I go with the single instead of the double. But, somehow, the urge to indulge on such monstrous burger was unbearable. I magically forgot that my throat was hurting. 

Just look at how that swiss cheese melts in between the meat and the bun!

Mom took a bite and the combination of the swiss cheese and the beef
literary explodes in her mouth into fragments of savory substance

My Mom is not the kind of person who would pig out during breakfast, lunch, or dinner, but this time was an exception. She literary devour the Double Swiss Mushroom that she ordered, along with the french fries, and the bottle of mineral water. It's rare to see such imagery, as my Mom doesn't usually order double burgers at any other junk food restaurant, and she couldn't barely finish a stack of french fries claiming that she was full. Mom surprised me by finishing all of the food that was on her tray.

Double BBQ Bacon burger of Burger King is my all-time favorite burger

Spotted a small piece of bacon peeking through the bun as if
it were calling my name, "Eat me, Kinan! Eat me!" 

After lunch, we went to the cinema which was located at the building's seventh floor. We bought two tickets to watch the Woman in Black, who was awesomely and handsomely played by Daniel Radcliffe, and two tickets to watch the Hunger Games. To be honest, Hunger Games was the best movies that I watched on that day. Not that the Woman in Black sucked, but I can't make friends with horror movies. Slasher movies, on the other hand, is one of my favorite movie genre. I am a fan of both Saw and Hostel, just so you know, and other gore and dark themed movies, such as the Human Centipede and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. To those of you who fancy horror movies, Woman in Black is a must watch, not to mention Potter is role playing as a father who works at a Law Firm in the movie. Hunger Games, on the other hand, was beyond awesome! I have not read the book, as I just found out that the movie was based on the book on that day. I cried, giggled, overwhelmed, and amazed by the movie. Yes, it was THAT awesome. I'm planning on re-watching Hunger Games tomorrow with some of my classmates after school.

This week was hectic as usual, and stressful, but I managed to survive. It's Thursday, and tomorrow's Friday, so that means I am going to be reunited with the weekend once again. I hope that you had a great day. Thank you for visiting Milky Way Cafe. Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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