Sunday, March 4, 2012

Homemade Udon for Lunch

As a 12th grader, who is obligated to do nothing but to prepare oneself for the National Examination, I had to attend school on Saturday for an extra tutorial lesson on Math and Chemistry. It was a rather nice morning, despite the fact that I came to school earlier than everybody. Too bad I didn't make a quick stop at a nearby bridge - which has a quite splendid view of highway, rice fields, and industrial buildings - to actually see and make contacts with sunflowers.

The tutorial lesson began at half passed seven and ended at twelve. I had to practice for my music practical exam, which is performing songs as a band, so I went to one of my classmate's place so that we could practice as a group. Her mom made some udon for lunch and it tasted superb.

The thick texture of the japanese noodle and the rather salty, yet a bit sour, soy sauce make a perfect combination. The meat makes a good topping to be added to the udon, while the paprika makes an excellent finishing touch, just like a cherry on top of a sundae ice cream. This simple, yet elegant, bowl of dish would make you go, "Wow, this tasted awesome!"

Why not try to make your own homemade udon once in a while? With a pack of instant udon, japanese soy sauce, nicely cut beef, and paprika - which you can probably buy in a fancy supermarket at a rather fancy shopping center - you can make your own homemade authentic japanese meal.

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