Thursday, March 29, 2012

Martabak Bandung

Martabak is one of the most common food that you can find in Indonesia, other than Gorengan. Martabak is actually a pancake batter, cooked in a particular frying pan, that you can mostly find just besides some sidewalks. There are Martabak Manis, or sweet Martabak literary translated, and Martabak Telur, or a Martabak which was made from a deep fried dough filled with eggs, vegetables, and meat. I love both kinds of Martabak, but the sweet one is my favorite. As a walking tooth myself, I managed to get myself some sweet Martabak a few days ago. 

Martabak Manis, or sweet Martabak, is a cooked pancake batter which is decorated with shredded cheese, crumbled nuts, chocolate sprinkles, and some canned milk. It has a very sweet taste, which came from the sugar which was mixed with the dough, the chocolate sprinkles, and the milk. But, it also has this salty margarin-like flavor, which originated from the margarine that the seller glazed over just after the Martabak was perfectly cooked. The combination of the flavor is just perfect, not to mention if you get yourself a bite of the crust. The crust of the Martabak is my favorite part of the food. Its crunchiness is, somehow, amusing. 

If you managed to stumbled upon any Martabak seller across the street, you should definitely buy some, if you have never tried a bite that is. But then again, if you considered yourself a monthly consumer of Martabak, why not buy yourself a box? We need to eat something so that we could survive through the day, right?

The sight of the Martabak maker beating the dough, so that
it can be cooked on the pre-heated pan

Nuts and chocolate sprinkles as toppings on your
sweet and savory Martabak

A well-cooked Martabak, coated with margarine just so that
it will taste both sweet and a bit salty

Shredded cheese as the first toppings, which is going to be
followed by other toppings on top

A spread of chocolate sprinkles for those who loves chocolate

Some nuts to complete the topping combination

Last, but not least, add a little bit of canned milk so that all
of the toppings will stick together with the Martabak 

Finally, cut the Martabak into a rather palm-sized parts
so that it will be easy for you to consume it

Enjoy your plate of Martabak while it is still hot

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