Friday, March 9, 2012

Monica's Low-fat Cake

Despite the hectic atmosphere at school, I managed to survive the day. Even though school ended at eleven, I can't help but to be mentally exhausted, for Physics is the only lesson that my class learned today. Fortunately, with the help from my friends, going to school is one of the thing that I anticipated the most when I woke up. Not because I'm excited about the lesson that will be conducted through the day, but rather the fun activities that brings joy and laughter that I can do with my friends. Today, one of my classmate's homemade cake turned out to be an extra dose of happiness that I gained at school. 

Monica Esther, who is known by the students of Global Prestasi School as Monic, brought her homemade low-fat chocolate banana cake to school today. It was during the last hour of Physics lesson when she took out a medium-sized cake pan that was covered by plastic wrapping. I couldn't help but to notice because it's the only thing that was on her table, when the other pupils had papers and pens on their desk. Later on, I found out that there was a big chunk of chocolaty object inside the cake pan, which in fact was a cake. There was a sudden urge to ask for a small piece of the appealing dessert.

The sight of Monic's superb chocolate banana cake

I managed to get a piece of the cake. "It's my homemade low-fat cake," said the rather enthusiastic girl. I took a bite, under a rather jumpy mood, and it hits me. The moment the cake entered your mouth, even though there was not a single piece of banana in sight, you could tell that Monic used banana as the basic ingredient, besides chocolate. It's not as sweet as any regular cake you that you can find in your local bakery, which make this cake suitable to be indulge for those who are on a diet. True, to those who fancy sweets might say that this cake is lacking of sugar. But it is clear that this cake deserves a two-thumbs up!

The lesson turned out to be a food-testing event, in which everybody in the class got the chance to taste the exceptionally delicious cake. Everybody had their own opinion about Monic's cake. But the thing is, there was this set of words that came out from everybody's mouth that clearly stated that the cake was a bomb. The class echoed of, "Cake!" and "Delicious, Mon!" and the words lingered even after the cake pan was empty. 

Monic, holding a nearly empty cake pan of hers,
with her chair mate, Christy

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