Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Not Just Your Ordinary Garlic Bread

My Mom and I went to Darmawangsa Square this evening to meet my chiropractor. I usually go by myself, but Mom decided to tag along today. It was a rather quick meeting, to be honest. Dr. Eric was just giving me some adjustments here and there, cracking my spine until it made a loud popping sound, and checking my skull. You know, the usual routine. 

While I was at the second floor, getting some treatment from the exceptionally good-looking doctor who has soft grayish blue eyes, broad shoulder, seemingly muscular body, and an acceptable sense of fashion, Mom was at a fancy supermarket named Ranch Market at the ground floor shopping for some basic food ingredients. This supermarket has lots of stuff that the local supermarket, nor mini market, doesn't have. We can find lots of Hershey's bars, Fruity Pebbles, korean ice creams, and much more at Ranch Market. One of the products that we seldom find in our local supermarket was Vineth Bakery's Garlic Ficelle. 

My Mom discovered this 'Nectar of Gods' two weeks ago, at the same place. She was just glancing through the bread-display table until she found this particular bread that caught her attention. She immediately bought one, which costed Rp7500,00. She cut a piece of the bread and told me to bite it. Man, that is one awesome bread she got there!

Vineth Bakery's Garlic Ficelle tasted awesome! The outer part of the bread was a bit hard to chew, just like your usual french bread, while the inner part of the bread was as soft as feathers. The middle top side of the bread is the one that got covered by butter, olive oil, and garlic, so I assume you can already tell which part that you should save for the last bite. This bread is pretty salty, which makes it good, and I'm sure it goes swell with some extra butter, or some spaghetti sauce, or some cream cheese. 

This bread is highly recommended to all of you garlic-bread lovers out there. You can use this ficelle as toppings for your pasta or spaghetti, to make mini-pizza, to make tuna sandwich or even beef sandwich, and you can even use it to make ice cream sandwich (if you're a fan of garlic-tasted vanilla ice cream, that is). Experiment with this bread and you shall create something delicious from such awesome ingredient. 

I would love to be given this loaf of
bread as a birthday present

Ranch 99 Market
Jl. Dharmawangsa 6-9, Ground Level
Dharmawangsa Square, Jakarta 12160

Phone: (021) 7278 6480

Sunday - Thursday: 9 am - 9 pm
Friday - Saturday: 9 am - 9:30 pm

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