Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pasar Kue Subuh Blok M

Mom and I decided to go to church at 6AM this morning, when we usually attend either the 8 o'clock mass or the 10 o'clock. We intended to visit the Pasar Kue Subuh Blok M, or Blok M's Early Morning Cake Market literary translated, that was located just in front of Blok M Square. It was tough for me to wake up at such hour because I'm not really a morning-person myself, but it was worth it.

 “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller

One of the so many mini-cake and snack vendors at Pasar Kue
Subuh Blok M (Blok M's Early Morning Cake Market)

The mass began at six and it ended at around seven. My Mom and I went straight to the market by foot and it took us around 5 minutes to reached the destination. Yes, my church is that close to the early morning market. The place was jammed-pack with people. There were lots of people, buying lots of cakes and snacks, carrying a couple or more boxes of mini fruit tarts, bargaining on one another, having breakfast at a food stall that sells traditional Indonesian cuisine inside a car, selling fishes, yelling out "Balloons! Get your balloons here!" to other people who were holding hands with their kids, and much more. Some people would probably hate to visit such place, but to me it's like heaven on earth.

A young fellow who were deep-frying dough - which goes by the
name of "gorengan", or deep-fried food, when it's ready to be eaten

This deep-fried food only costs Rp1000,00 each

Pick a box, any box!

My Mom bough this for our gardener's son's Khitanan, or
circumcise celebration, at a good price

Those deep-fried balls are called "Onde-onde" and they
just got out from the frying pan and ready to be eaten

Bough this fruit-tart for only Rp2500,00 and I regret nothing

Risoles are deep-fried layers of dough which is usually filled with carrots
or bihun, but this right here were filled with crabs and shrimps

One of the food vendors that sold his food in a car

"I wonder what would my breakfast be," said the girl in the blue floral dress

One of the seller was grilling some chicken and
chicken intestines for some customers

"Just keep swimming, just keep swimming. Just keep swimming,
swimming, swimming. What do we do? We swim."

This right here is an example of various spicy Indonesian
cuisine, which are rich in flavors

This lady is probably holding a party later at night, otherwise
why would she buy such an extravagant tray of mini-cakes?

With only Rp15.000,00, you could have a luxurious breakfast, just like I did. You could buy mini-cakes, mini fruit-tarts, deep-fried foods, mini chocolate-filled crepe, and much more. I'm planning on coming back to this market next week to get myself some crab-filled risoles and balloons. Next week, I shall feast on food like kings!

Had two chocolate muffins, five tarts, and a crepe for breakfast

Pasar Kue Subuh Blok M
Melawai IX Blok M Square
Jakarta Selatan

(021) 3303 0801
(+62) 8821 001 0020

Hours: 4 am - 8 am


  1. nice kue subuh ..
    i clean the under area of it after the show..

    1. If so, then, thank you very much for keeping the area clean! I noticed that the streets were nicely swept - there were no cake leftovers, nor dry leafs on sight. Once again, thank you for your kind and caring act on keeping the area of Pasar Kue Subuh clean. You are one awesome fellow!

      Kinan L. Wirastani

  2. woah, very interesting article that you had :) I wondering whether they sell old kueh that hardly find nowadays or not.

    1. What kind of kueh are you referring to, Danny? You can find lots and lots of traditional and modern-day kueh here. The place is huge, with numerous food booths that does not run out of sweet and savory treats to sell. I think you won't comeback empty handed if you keep an eye open at all times.

      Let your quest in finding kueh begin!