Sunday, March 4, 2012

Saturday Night Out

What is Saturday without hanging out with your friends at a fancy cafe?
KKKID is reunited once again and TIS Square made an awesome meeting point. 

Just KKKID being awesome, with each different charms

TIS Square is your exceptionally efficient hang out place for teenagers and adults, where you can find various choice of restaurants and cafes, along with its numerous cuisine to dig in. Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks are two of the most commonly visited cafe that you would find at TIS Square, along with Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Food, such as Indonesian food, Japanese food, and western-style food, are available incase if you want to have a quick culinary adventure. It has been a while since me, Icha, and Dila meet up, so we decided to dine in at TIS Square, at Sushi-Ya to be exact. 

At Sushi-Ya, both cold and hot ocha only cost Rp5000,00 each serving

Unagi roll-ups at its best, served with
sweet and salty soy sauce and sesame seeds

Mochi Matcha Ice Cream is a perfect dessert for those of you
who wouldn't say no to an invitation to a food adventure

We spent hours at Sushi-Ya, sharing stories and catching up with each others. The food was delicious and they didn't cost much like those fancy Japanese restaurants that you can find in fancy malls. The soon as we finished our food, and had great time fancying some ridiculously good-looking waiters, we head out to Starbucks to grab some drinks and cakes. 

It was pretty late, and I would probably stay up if I had some coffee, so I bought a nice glass of ice chocolate and a medium-sized chocolate chip cookie instead. Dila, one of my best friend, told me to ask the Starbucks' worker for some extra milk. "What for," I asked. "To dip the cookie in it," she replied. I have to say, that is one brilliant idea, not to mention they don't charge us for extra quarters for the milk. So, I did what Dila told me to do and that was one splendid food adventure she got me in to. 

A glass of ice chocolate and a small cup of milk
for the non-nocturnal beings

There is an inner cookie-monster side
inside of everybody

TIS Square
Tebet Indraya Square (TIS)
Jl. Letnan Jendral MT. Haryono No. 9
Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta 12810

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