Friday, March 9, 2012

Sushi for Lunch

One of my ex-classmate had her 18th birthday on the ninth of February and she generously treat some of her friends to lunch, including me. Feny, as a Japanese-enthusiast, treat us to lunch at a Japanese restaurant, Sushi Box to be exact. I'm pretty sure you can at least guest what we had by just reading the catchy restaurant's name. 

Tokyo Roll
This particular sushi is rich in flavor, as it has various ingredients that would make the consumer experience a food-gasm. It's my favorite sushi and I always order this delicious meal every time I visit Sushi Box. This sushi is filled with fresh kyuri (Japanese cucumber) and carrots, unagi (Japanese terms for eel), tempura flakes, and nori (Japanese terms for seaweed). Being generously topped with some red and black tobiko, this sushi will make your lunch time an enjoyable and awesome one. 

Ginza Roll
What so special about this sushi is that they are using green and red tobiko, instead of red and black tobiko. This particular green tobiko is a wasabi (Japanese chili paste) flavored tobiko that tasted spicy and hurtful. Yes, hurtful. As a person who loves to indulge on Japanese cuisine, I'm not that fond of wasabi. I have to admit that it has an interesting taste, but it hurts both of your mouth and nose as you savor it. But then again, you should try some if you happen to stumbled upon it.

Ginza Roll is a shredded tuna filled sushi, with some kyuri, nori, and tempura flakes as companions, and red and green tobiko as toppings. It is proved that the taste of the wasabi-flavored tobiko is not that bad if we eat the sushi with some Japanese soy sauce. 

Hatori Roll
Notice that reddish orange colored sauce coating the sushi? That is Sushi Box's special spicy sauce, in which will make people who can't stand spicy food all teary. As a person who is not fond of spicy food stuff, I find this sauce very delicious and enjoyable. This particular sauce goes swell with the roasted salmon on top of the sushi. This sushi is filled with some kyuri, nori, tamago, and tempura flakes, which make this dish spicy and crunchy at the same time. Hatori Roll is highly recommended to those who fancy spicy food. 

Yakuza Roll
Yakuza roll is my third favorite menu at Sushi Box, after Salmon Skin Roll and Tokyo Roll. It is filled with tamago (sweet fried egg), kyuri, nori, and tempura flakes. It is topped with some sweet roasted unagi and covered with teriyaki sauce that will make your tongue goes crazy. If you're in the mood for spoiling yourself with some good food, Yakuza Roll is the right choice for you. The teriyaki sauce is very sweet and tasty, not to mention it makes a great couple with the unagi. Both of them will rock your world, alongside the sweet and crunchy sushi fillings.

Banzai Roll
Ever seen a teardrop-shaped sushi? Sushi Box is the place where you can witness such amazing creation. Banzai Roll is a teardrop-shaped sushi which is filled with shredded tuna, tempura flakes, tamago, nori, and some kyuri. The mayonnaise completes the sushi, as it brings out the ultimate flavor of this particular dish. Tuna-lovers, watch out, we got some badass sushi over here!

Sushi Box
Metropolitan Mall Bekasi Lt. 2
Jl. KH. Noer Alie, Bekasi Barat - Bekasi

Phone: (021) 8855-555

Hours: 10 am - 9 pm

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