Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Touch of Italian Beneath the Arabian Moons

One night, during my last days of vacation at Qatar, Dad took me and my Mom to a place named Crepe Away to indulge some sweet and cold desserts. I had a huge plate of banana and chocolate syrup filled crepe, with whip cream and a strawberry at the side of the plate, and vanilla ice cream on top, while Mom had a luxurious plate of pasta and Dad had a nice plate of black pepper steak. Yes, Crepe Away didn't only serve desserts, but it also serve various options of fulfilling main course. My craving for a nice plate of pasta didn't start until I tried to have a bite of my Mom's chicken fettucini. I was going to order myself the same thing that my Mom ate, but it was too late - I finished my crepe and I was beyond stuffed. So, I asked my Dad whether if it is possible if we go out for dinner again on the next day and, fortunately, he said yes. I was one step closer on having a bowl of creamy pasta!

The next day, Dad took me to this bistro named Biella, which was located at The Mall. It was not far from our apartment, it took us 10 minutes to go to the restaurant by car. The place was not filled with hungry Qatari that night, which was an advantage for us because we were given a decent table and also a friendly serving from the, mostly, Filipino waiters and waitresses.  

One of the waitress, which was surprisingly Indonesian, handed us the menu. I immediately went to the pasta section and made my choice. The menu was pretty unique because we could chose any kinds of pasta that we like, along with the sauce. It took me around five minutes to decide which food that I should have. In the end, I chose spaghetti for my pasta and a nice creamy white sauce with bacons for its topping, which name escapes me. 

Eating at Biella made me feel like as if I was dining at Burger King,
because they allow you to have your dinner your way

I made my order, and so did my Mom and Dad, and the waitress told us to wait for the food for around half an hour. I was so excited at that time because I was going to have pasta for dinner, so I didn't mind to wait for thirty minutes. A second later, the same waitress that took our order came to our table with a basket filled with loafs of bread and some thin-crusted pizza. How more awesome could your night be if you were me? 

Which one would you chose, the thin-crusted pizza
or the crunchy bread that goes swell with butter?

I felt really classy at that moment

Thirty minutes had passed and the Indonesian waitress, once again, came to our table, but this time she brought a tray of pasta for the three of us. I was looking forward to have a bite of the mouth-watery pasta that I ordered. Mom ordered an appealing plate of tomato Fusilli, that was served with cherry tomatoes and some spinach pure, while Dad was being simple and casual by ordering a plate of Spaghetti Bolognese. We said our prayers and we started consuming our toothsome meal. 

The sight of the appealing and mouth-watery
creamy pasta that I ordered at Biella

I felt happy for fulfilling my wish-list of having some pasta for dinner. Mom and Dad were also satisfied with their choice of meal. Clearly, Biella was being kind by serving the food accustomed to our preferences. The creamy sauce of my pasta was balanced, as in not too salty nor sweet and sour, and the chewiness of the pasta was perfect, not to mention the chef was being generous with the bacons. It was a wonderful night, which ended with a wonderful dinner.

The Mall D-Ring Road, Old Airport
Doha, Ad Dawnah, Qatar

Phone: (+974) 4467-7732

Hours: 10 am - 12 am

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  1. Yum! Now I just need to get to Qatar. :D