Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Visit to Gudang Rottie

Me and my best bud, Sally, got the chance to pay a visit to Gudang Rottie. This particular bakery & restaurant, which located adjacent to the entrance of Villa Jatibening Tol, had its grand opening not too long ago. This dining place has a rather appealing western style environment, which is very unique and lovely. It has been a long time since I've been wanting to visit this restaurant. At first, I was just attracted to the inner part of the restaurant, but then, the urge to have a bite of the restaurant's buns and cakes is just unbearable. The catchy furniture and miscellaneous decorations add an extra point to the restaurant. The various choice of menu, starting from steaks, hamburgers, cakes, buns, and beverages, will probably make one cannot decide about what he will indulge in less than ten minutes. 

When we arrived at the restaurant, the waitress and waitresses, along with the manager greeted us politely and gave us the menu. I immediately ordered myself a cup of Iced Chocolate Volcano, just like one of my school mate, Cindy, told me. "They have a wonderful glass of ice chocolate. You should try one when you got the chance," she said. Sally got herself a nice glass of Thai Ice Tea, which was orange in color and decorated with swirly pattern of milk. 

I took a sip of my so-called Iced Chocolate Volcano and it tasted beyond delicious! I could tell that they use Milo, a brand of powdered chocolate milk that we have at the local supermarket, as the basic ingredients. It was sweet, chocolaty, creamy, cold, and simply delightful. They also gave a generous amount of Milo on top of the milk, which tasted awesome if you eat it with a spoon by dipping the powdered milk chocolate to the chocolate drink first. Trust me when I say that this drink tasted as lovely as how it appears.

The mountain-like Milo on top of the drink is what they
called the "volcano", as it formed a peak-like shape

What could be more delightful than a generous amount
of Milo, on top of an iced chocolate milk?

A minute passed and the sight of a baker, coming down from the second floor, carrying a big pan of brownies caught my attention. I immediately call a waitress and order a piece of the fresh-from-the-oven dessert. I got my brownies in a beautiful white plate, simply decorated with a folded tissue and a fork. Couldn't hold the urge of having a taste of the freshly baked brownies, I took a bite. It tasted superb! The chocolate chunk on top of the brownies immediately crumbled as it enters my mouth. The texture of the brownies was rather soft. Not melty, but soft. This particular dessert is very much recommended for those of you who have not visit Gudang Rottie and willing to stop by. 

In my personal opinion, now that I have tried dining in Gudang Rottie, I shall give this wonderful restaurant an A for its delicious brownies and an A+ for its creamy Iced Chocolate Volcano. These two are worth to give a shot. Other than the fact that the both of them taste delicious, they are not that pricey compared to other fancy bakery that you can find at your nearby mall or shopping place. The brownies only costed Rp10.000,00 each and the iced chocolate costed Rp18.000,00. Come on down to Gudang Rottie, a place where you can have a great food adventure!

Fudge Brownies, fresh from the oven, that goes swell if they
served it with a spoonful of vanilla ice cream and strawberries

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