Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Worthy Choco Ball

On Tuesday, as usual, my Mom and I went to Dharmawangsa Square to get my spine adjusted. Tuesday was the day when I finally got an update about how my spine currently is, and I couldn't say that I'm not grateful. From a 17 degrees angle to an 11 degrees angle. My doctor said that although my spine doesn't look like it has changed significantly, it is now one step closer on being in a common position of a human spine. But, despite the fact that this is one heck of a good news, I can't say that I am not taken aback by the report. My spine has changed drastically over the past year, but I still have a long way to go before it goes back to its proper position. We're talking about years, or maybe eons.

Anyway, after my Mom and I paid a visit to the clinic, we stopped by at Ranch Market to buy a few things. We bought bread, crisps, peanuts, and this imported product named Taiwan Choco Ball. The packaging was attractive and it caught my attention, so I took the liberty to ask my Mom whether she can buy me a pack or not. Luckily, she said yes! I was beyond hyped up by the fact that I can try another food that I have never tasted before. And since it costed my Mom Rp16.000,00 for a package, I had to force myself not to eat it immediately after it went through the cashier. 

A fancy looking packaging of a Taiwanesse snack

Math test was on Wednesday and I can't risk myself spending a minute or two in indulging this rather adorable looking snack when I have dozens of pages to read, numerous math problems to be solved, and energy draining formulas to memorize. I refrained myself from gulping the whole box of the Taiwanesse treats, for the sake of acing the Math test. But then, the next day, I found out that by pulling an all-nighter the day before, accompanied with a cup of Mom's coffee milk, turned out to be a waste of time because the Math test was beyond difficult. I only managed to solve six problems, then I took the liberty to glanced through my friends' works.

Yesterday, a friend of mine slept over at my house just so that the both of us can learn for today's tests, which were Biology and Chemistry. Her name is Vika and she's quite a good eater just like myself. She admitted that she can't study, nor simply enjoy inflating balloons, if she has not filled her stomach with food. Dinner and snack time was the first priority of the night. We had dinner, which was Mom's famous Chicken Cordon Blue, and we took some snacks to the room, incase of emergency stomach-filling session. One of the snack was the Taiwan Choco Ball.

The deal was to finish all of the Chemistry problems that we have, then we get to munch on this mouth-watery snack. But the force was too strong to be fought. We couldn't bare the urge of simply taking a small bite of this sesame jam filled mochi, so, we abandoned our Chemistry paper works and filled our stomachs with this fancy food instead.

Each packaging contains four chocolate-coated sesame-filled
mochi balls, in which were ridiculously tiny 

We took a bite. Suddenly, I was filled with all of this kinds of happy and euphoric emotions. I  was amused by the fact that the mochi, which I kept in the refrigerator the whole time, was rather chewy, but not as chewy as those mochi that you can find at an early morning market. It was chewy and hard, but tasty and sweet at the same time. The chocolate, which covered the mochi didn't melt easily, as it was frozen. I didn't know that mochi works so well with chocolate! The sesame jam was also very delicious, and amusing at the same time. I have never tasted such peculiar jam before, especially sesame jam. It has a rough texture and this bittersweet nutty-like flavor, which was, again, pretty amusing.

It was hard for me to bite the mochi inch by inch, since it is already ridiculously small in size. It was so small that you can even place four or five of those sinful desserts on your palm. Yet, despite the lack of enormous size, this mochi should be included in your very own 101 Food to Eat Before I Die list. True, it's pretty expensive for four small pieces of chocolate-covered mochi, but I see nothing wrong by enjoying yourselves once in a while. If you're short on cash, maybe you could ask for a few Rupiahs from your Mom or Dad so that you can buy this asian treats.

The inner sight of the choco ball that would make
you go euphoric about it

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