Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Boy With the Bread

"Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor" is probably one of the most common thing that you will heard from the society nowadays. You'd probably had stumbled upon the trailer more than a couple of times when you were watching Tv. You may have over heard your friends squealing over someone whose name rhymes with Ginger Ale. Some of you might have flipped when you heard someone pronouncing the term for men's genital part out loud, thinking that the both of you ship the same couple from the story, which made you squeal and spaz like someone who is being electrocuted therefore making you the center of attention for doing such bizarre and slightly-perverted thing. And you might know someone, who is beyond hyped up to read the book but continuously missed the opportunity to grab one at the local bookstore, so she decided to order the trilogy online despite knowing the fact that you can leisurely read the Hunger Games online. If you are aware of such situation, then let me welcome you to the era of the Hunger Games. 

Being a gullible person myself, I got caught up in the Hunger Games the moment Sally blurted out about how awesome the movie is. I watched the movie twice and finished all three books in a week. It's like being hypnotized. I fell for one of the male character in the book, Peeta Melark, who happens to be one of the tributes from district 12 and a baker's son. The image of Peeta's home, which is a bakery, made my stomach grumbles and my mouth watery. I can't escape from the fact that I'm in need of my daily dose of bread.

Bread Talk is one of the most common bakery that you can visit in Jakarta. I usually stop by at the one which is located at Mall Metropolitan, a simple mall near my house at Bekasi. Whenever I get the chance to hang out with my friends at this particular mall, I always find myself passing by the delicious bread corner. There are usually lots of middle-aged ladies filling her personal tray with mountains of appealing bread. Some are decorated with almonds and cream, some are filled with meat and cheese, some are coated with butter, and some are generously covered with chocolate chips. It's an excruciating pleasure to window shopping at Bread Talk.

A tray of almond and vanilla cream coated buns and perfectly
baked buns decorated with sesame seeds on top

Would you eat such buns that look overly adorable?

Other than the fact that owning a bakery is like an having your very own all-you-can-eat event in which you are the only participant, you can also create your own master piece. You get to work with numerous amount of ingredients. Endless buns idea is beyond endless if you have a spoonful of imagination and the urge to please the customer. You don't have to order a birthday cake for your Sweet Sixteen Birthday when you could just make one instead. Dozens of strawberry cheese cakes welcomes you every time when you are in need of something sweet and delightful to indulge. And the fact that you will never go hungry again is simply delightful. 

If I were Peeta, I would probably be surrounded by breads and cakes all the time. I'm not sure if I can decorate cakes as good as the blond teenager, but the thought of drawing on an edible canvass with an edible paint is amusing. Would you like to live the life of the boy with the bread? The worst thing that could happen is that you burn a couple of buns until it's black in color and get a smack on the head. Nothing big. 

A tray of strawberry and raisin creme brulee behind more than a dozen
cheese buns that would make your stomach thumps in happiness.

A couple of tray, filled with buns just came out of the oven.

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