Sunday, April 8, 2012

Caged for a Day

Birdcage Parc Restaurant is the name of the restaurant that my Mom and I visited last week. It has this unique theme, which most of you could probably tell from the name of the dinning place. The restaurant is located at the corner of the street at Kebayoran Baru. You can easily spot it because it has this rather big birdcage, which made out of wood, hanging at a tall and firm tree branch right beside the building. 

The restaurant has an adorable and adequate interior. The building and the furniture is broken white in color, some are even in soft cream, and it is also decorated with vintage kitchen tools. Marble-based cases with the name "Bread" and "Cake" on them can be found at this petite restaurant. Cupcake-shaped teapot and jars with drawings of petals are the eye candy of the restaurant. Other than the fact that they make the dinning place look exquisite, it also give this place a great first impression.  

I don't think I would store loafs in that particular case, but rather my jewelries

Would you store your cake in this particular traditional looking cake case?

A pair of marble-based vintage jars, with drawings of purple and pink flower
petals, that would make your kitchen looks beautiful

This restaurant has a unique style, regarding its interior design and its victorian-era decorations, which makes it a fine choice for those who loves to have food adventures from one restaurant to the other restaurant. There are small birdcages, with artifactual birds inside, hanging on a fake tree branch inside the building. They didn't forget to include the sound of birds, which make them look like authentic caged birds. The staff also played some music throughout the restaurant, which mostly smooth jazz or top hits song, that wouldn't make you feel like you're in a bird sanctuary.

Birdcage Parc Restaurant has this particular vintage atmosphere
that would make you enjoy your lunch time unlike any other restaurants

There are menu for Breakfast, Lunch, and Diner. The breakfast menu is available from eight in the morning until eleven. You will find many choices of pancakes, scrambled eggs, and bacons throughout the breakfast menu. The pancakes come with various toppings, such as butter and maple syrup. It's more or less like an American Breakfast set. 

For lunch or dinner, you can order yourself a plate of Birdcage Parc's homemade pizza, or its famous creamy pasta, some Chicken Cordon Blue, or a mouth-watery bowl of Fish & Chips. Don't forget to order some desserts after you finish your main course. They have this wonderful chocolate lava cake, which is a chocolate cake filled with melting chocolaty dough inside, that comes with strawberry and ice cream, that would definitely set fire works in your mouth. 

Just look at those adorable decorations!
Who wouldn't want a cupcake-shaped teapot?

I ordered myself a bowl of Fish & Chips. This particular meal is my second favorite dish after Chicken Cordon Blue. Both dishes share the same concept, but the difference lies in the meat. Chicken Cordon Blue is made out of chicken, battered in egg and bread crumbs, while Fish & Chips is made out of, well, fish.

It came with a generous amount of french fries and a small plate of tartar sauce. I'm not quite fond of sauce like Mayonnaise or Thousand Island Sauce, but I found myself continuously dipping the french fries deep into the rather tiny plate of sauce. The deep fried fish is well-fried. It doesn't has this particular odor that fish have when they are not properly cooked. Birdcage Parc's bowl of Fish & Chips is crunchy, salty, and fulfilling at the same time.

Mom, on the other hand, ordered herself a plate of creamy pasta. It is served with bacon and shredded cheese. I believe for those who self-proclaimed themselves as cheese lovers would go gaga over this particular dish. True, this pasta comes in small portion, but I don't think it's an advantage for you because the moment you finish this meal you can order yourself some cakes for dessert. I was beyond full when I finished my Fish & Chips, that's why I skipped dessert. I have to try one of Birdcage Parc's dessert for sure when I have the chance to go back to that place.

Who wouldn't love to indulge a plate of sweet and melty dessert, or a bowl of hot and creamy soup, in a comfortable and adorable place? You can leisurely dine in at Birdcage Parc Restaurant whenever you feel like it. Not to mention, this place is open early in the morning, which makes it possible for you to have breakfast on the spot.

Birdcage Parc Restaurant
Jl. Wijaya IX No. 23 
Melawai - Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan
DKI Jakarta, Indonesia

Phone: (021) 739 2430

Monday - Thursday: 11 AM - 11.30 PM
Friday - Saturday: 11 AM - 01.30 AM
Sunday: 10 AM - 12 PM

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