Sunday, April 8, 2012

For the Love of Food

Have you ever think that there are numerous people in the world, who work night and day just to get a spoonful of rice for dinner? But then, there is us, in a restaurant, being served by the waitress a plate of fried rice, and we still have the guts to complain about how salty the rice is. We should be thankful that we still have the chance to fill our stomach with healthy food. Heck, we should be thankful for having something to eat. 

There are less unfortunate people out there who can barely have breakfast in the morning, and we shouldn't complain about how horrible the taste of the noodles are because they were too spicy. Be thankful a little bit and enjoy food. 

An adorable drawings of food, made by one of my classmate Vikachuu,
who goes by the name Novika Chandra Devi

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