Sunday, April 22, 2012

Frozen Yogurt for the Glutton

Whenever you feel like devouring a large amount of food, don't hesitate or even refrain yourself from doing so. As a big eater, I often found myself mindlessly gulping large-sized food now and then. I once ate seven Takoyaki, or Japanese Octopus Ball, in less than half an hour. I also had eaten double-sized burgers at Burger Kings just because I felt like it. Sometimes, I can't help but to make some toasts at home and dine in, despite the fact that I had dinner on the previous hour. The same thing goes to this particular frozen yogurt that I love so much.

It costed me Rp25.000,00 for this gluttonous mountain of J.Cool Couple. A bit catchy doesn't it, the name? Yes, this particular frozen yogurt named J.Cool Couple is a cup of tall-sized yogurt that can be indulge by two persons. I'd rather go solo on this one. This particular product of J.Co Donuts is my second favorite dessert for this cafe after its famous J.Crown Oreo Donut. With some spoonful of roasted almonds, some Kiwi fruits, and some Longans, this froyo is the perfect treat for the glutton.

J.Cool Donuts
Jl. KH Noer Ali, Gedung Mall Metropolitan
Bekasi Selatan 17148

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