Sunday, April 29, 2012

Poppy Seeds

Poppy seeds. They taste a bit like sesame seeds, but they don't share the least bit same physical appearance. Sesame seeds are oval in shape, more or less like a slim tear-drop, while poppy seeds share the same shape with kidneys. Both taste nice, but if I have to chose between sesame seeds or poppy seeds, I'll be Team Poppy.

Last Wednesday, I stopped by at Carrefour to buy myself some snacks. I was thinking of Chitato, Taro, Cheetos, and other savory crisps to buy, but I somehow ended up buying myself a plastic of mini Danish Browns and a poppy-seeds-sprinkled dinner roll. The dinner roll reminds me of the bread from District 11, one of the districts in the book the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, despite its round shape instead of a crescent shape. It is written in the book that the bread from Rue's district is, "a dark, crescent-shaped roll dotted with seeds". The reason why bought this dinner roll is just because it reminds me of the Hunger Games, and a bit of Peeta and Rue. And that I was hungry for some bread and this particular dinner roll was calling my name. It looked so delicious among the other dinner rolls that were placed on the trays. I couldn't help but to have the urge to have a bite!

I didn't expect that the dinner roll that I bought will be as hard as bricks. I could probably use it as a defense tool against zombie, if zombie apocalypse were to happen, to split the zombie's head into two and survive. Who knows, this bread might come in handy someday in the future. Despite it's brick-like texture, this bread tasted delicious and crunchy. It turned out that there were poppy seeds inside the bread as well. The combination of the bread and the poppy seeds, coated with some cold butter you just took out from the fridge, made this particular refreshment a masterpiece.

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