Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sanity Booster

I'm glad to say that the national examination is over. The government can now torment me by letting me wonder for a month on whether I did good on my exam or not. The moment the exam was over, I got anxious. I still do now actually. The day after the examination, I decided to pay a visit to Dunkin Donuts. "Might as well have breakfast here," I thought. So I ordered my self a cup of Hot Chocolate and a Hazenut Donut.

It amuses me by how dining in alone at a local cafe can put yourself at ease. I spent around two hours at Dunkin Donuts, leisurely wasting my time as if I have 48 hours to spend in a day. There were no other customers except me. "Good," I said to myself. I took out my phone and started reading Suzanne Collins' Mockingjay. My tray of breakfast was untouched. 

Time flew so fast, I decided to put down my phone and had a bite of the chocolaty Hazelnut Donut. The dough was chocolate, and it was coated with chocolate jam, not to mention it was filled with chocolate cream mixed with tiny bits of roasted hazelnut. Just imagine how lovely it tasted. Followed by a couple sips of hot chocolate, I found myself relaxed and less anxious. This is what I do to keep me sane.

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