Monday, May 28, 2012

Dad's Lunch II

A few days ago, I received a couple of emails from my Dad. The first one was "New York Steak" in tittle, and the other one was "Fish and Chips". So, I opened the emails and found a couple of nice pictures of luxurious food in it. The first one was obviously a plate of New York Steak. Boy, aren't that plate of food looks gorgeous? With black pepper sauce decorating the nicely grilled beef, a generous amount of corn on the side of the plate, accompanied with some vegetables and golden potatoes, I bet my Dad had an awesome lunch.

I wouldn't mind to have those golden roasted potatoes right now

I'm guessing that he ate lunch with his roommate, or else how would he finish another plate of luxury? The second dish was probably a plate of fish and chips. I love fish and chips because they are deep fried and tasted good. This particular Fish and Chips used curly fries, instead of your regular stick-shaped fries. I'm guessing that those ring-shaped objects beside the fish fillet were either onion rings, or deep-fried calamari. Just by looking at the pictures, I'm sure that my Dad's roommate had a great lunch. I bet the salad tasted refreshing, especially after you finish the whole plate of deep-fried food. 

I bet the salad tasted refreshing, especially after you finish
 the whole plate of deep-fried food

Afternoon Refreshments

It all started with an acknowledgement of something. Then, the craving hits you. It was ignorable at first, but the more you ignore it, the more you want to have it. Your fingers are all fidgety and you can't help but to pull up a sour-looking face. The fact that you're starting to act and behave like Smeagol, obsessed and tormented, is deniable. You want to be with your precious, just like Smeagol and the ring. But this time, it wasn't the ring. It was the cupcake.

A nice red velvet cupcake ready to be enjoyed

Congratulation for Gudang Rottie for their new dessert, the almighty Red Velcet cupcake! My cousin, Nuning, and I went to the cafe, and get ourselves some drinks and a plate of this beautiful cupcake. The red velvet was topped with a generous amount of cream cheese and cake sprinkles, which made the two of us flustered on how to consume such dessert. 

Gudang Rottie's Red Velvet cupcake tasted sweet and very enjoyable. I'm certain that the chef used a handful of Javanese Sugar, or Palm Sugar which most of you are probably familiar with, because you can definitely tell it from the sweet flavor of the cake. You won't notice the palm sugar during your first few bites though. But the last five bites would be a bit disturbing, as you try to recall what flavor the cupcake is for those who aren't familiar with such type of sugar. 

The swirling cream on top of the cupcake was cream cheese, mixed with your regular cream so that it won't taste far salty or savory from the cake itself. I was a bit disappointed though, because I was expecting some cheesy cream. This one tasted more like a vanilla cream. The cream sure smelled nice and sweet, but at certain parts you can definitely smell the tangy cream cheese.

Just look at the cream and cake crumbs, generously decorating
 the upper part of the cupcake

I was not in the mood for a glass of Gudang Rottie's famous Iced Chocolate Volcano, so I ordered myself a refreshing glass of Lychee Iced Tea. I don't usually drink lychee iced tea, but when I do I get addicted. It was very refreshing, fairly cold and sweet. The drink maker generously added a couple of sliced lychee to the drink, making it look more attractive and more refreshing.  

Lychee Tea, my second favorite tea after Lemon Tea

I spotted some lychee!

Tea time was great! Gudang Rottie sure have some interesting menu at their place. Buns, steaks, cakes, cupcakes, brownies, they have it all! If you're looking forward to have a nice tea time with your family and friends, you can definitely stop by at Gudang Rottie. For more information, you can check the bakery's Twitter here

Gudang Rottie
Rukan Villa Jatibening Tol 
Kav. A4, Bekasi 17412

Phone: (021) 9737 2883

Opening Hours: 
Monday - Sunday: 6 AM - 9 PM

Ps. If you stop by at Gudang Rottie between 6 AM until 8 AM, if you bought yourself a couple of buns, you'll get a discount and a glass of tea. Hooray for free stuff! How cool is that?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bakmi A Boen

There is this superb noodle restaurant at Pasar Baru named Bakmi A Boen. It's either you pronounce it as "uh-boon" or "uh-bond", I seriously have no idea. My Dad took me to this particular restaurant a few weeks ago, with my friend Dennis, to have lunch after a stressful day at a medical-check-up center. It was a ridiculously hot afternoon. We arrived at the restaurant all sweaty and longed for a glass of icy and cold drink. When one of the waitress handed us the menu, I immediately request a glass of iced lemon tea.

Dad took the liberty to order lunch for the three of us. "Three Bakmi Babi Spesial," he said. The waitress nodded and jotted down the order, which was three bowls of special pork noodle. Dennis and I were as excited as kids in a birthday party, longing for something surprising came out of the bowl. About fifteen minutes later, the same waitress that served us a moment ago came to our table, holding a tray of bowls. 

There they were, the noodles. Decorated beautifully with various kinds of pork. Sweet pork, roasted pork, minced pork, and deep-fried skin pork could be found in the bowl, along with some mushrooms and vegetables. The image was tremendously delighting. "Bon appetit," said Dad, separating his chopsticks euphorically. 

Bakmi Babi Spesial, or Special Pork Noodle literary translated, for lunch

I love this noodle! The broth was very savory and full of flavor. The crunchy deep-fried pork skin was my favorite part of the dish. It would go "crunch" and "crack" when you chew it, and it was very nice to be eaten with a spoonful of the noodle's broth. The sweet pork was also delightful, and so was the roasted pork. All in all, this particular bowl of noodle was splendid.

This bowl of noodle is like a treasure chest, for it is filled with various kinds
of pork such as sweet pork, roasted pork, crispy pork skin, and many more

A couple of days later, my Dad and I went back to the restaurant, but this time Dennis didn't tag along. My Dad ordered the same dish that he ordered before, which is the special pork noodle. I was in the mood to indulge on some kwetiauw, so I ordered myself a plate of fried kwetiauw with pork. 

The dish was delightfully tangy and delicious.  The smell of the fried egg coating the kwetiauw made me drool, literary. The vegetables tasted a bit off though. They were all a bit sour and yellowish dark-green in color. I couldn't help but to think that those vegetables were expired, but since I was able to finish the whole plate, then I guess something was wrong with my tongue that day. I decided to finish off the vegetables first, so that I can happily enjoyed indulging on the kwetiauw and the fried pork.

Kwetiauw Goreng Babi, or fried kwetiauw with pork literary translated.
Generously topped with vegetables and fried pork, yuumm!

Bakmi A Boen
Jl. Kelinci Raya, No. 1 - 3
Pasar Baru, Jakarta Pusat

Found a Waffle Stand by Accident

A sudden urge to have waffles hits me when I was watching the Avengers at the cinema. It's a good thing I was distracted by Thor's fabulous golden hair and how badass his step brother were, so I didn't pay much attention on making plans to obtain such sinful dessert. After the movie ended, my friends and I strolled around the mall to find a good restaurant to grab dinner. Just when we were about to enter a restaurant, I spotted a small waffle stand adjacent to the dinning place. Score!

Funny thing is that it will cost you Rp 10.500,00 to buy a slice of waffle, but Rp 14.000,00 to buy a couple of waffles. Why would I buy a slice if I can buy two with much cheaper price? So, I ordered myself a couple of waffle, with chocolate jam and peanut butter spread. 

The waffle tasted delicious and it fulfilled my sudden knack of munching on waffles. True, compared to those waffles in Belgia, or simply the one at Pancious, Crispy Waffle's waffles loses. But, as long as its name is "waffle", I'm cool with it. 

The waffle lady, carefully removing the sticky waffles from the waffle pan

What flavor.. What flavor.. 

Chocolate jam on the left side and peanut butter on the right side, yuum!

You didn't need to cut them, waffle lady, I would
love to just gulped down the whole waffle

Crispy Waffle
Bekasi Cyber Park, Lower Ground
Jl. Kyai Haji Noer Ali, No 177
Kalimalang, Bekasi

Caramel Goodness

Monggo is a brand of chocolate that you can find here in Indonesia. It was probably a year ago when I have my first encounter with Coklat Monggo. One day, one of my classmate named Vika, who loves Coklat Monggo more than nail polish, brought her chocolate to school. I forgot what kind of Coklat Monggo that Vika brought, what I remembered is that it tasted a bit bitter, so I assume that it was dark chocolate. I took a bite and, from that moment on, I began to love Coklat Monggo.

Last week, a friend of mine named Dennis, gave me a bar of Coklat Monggo. "Go ahead, pick the flavor that you like. I just got home from Jogja and bought these as souvenirs," he said, spreading four different flavors of Coklat Monggo on his hand, waiting for me to chose. It was a hard decision. I had to chose between the one with almond paste in it or the caramel one. After long consideration, I chose the caramel chocolate and I didn't regret my decision. 

"Keep it cool and dry" he said. Maybe I should put a sunglasses on it.

"Mom, I got a chocolate bar," I said to my Mom, partially shouting. "I got a chocolate bar from Dennis. He went to Jogja last week and he bought lots of Coklat Monggo, and he gave me one," I continued. I immediately open the wrapping and took two cubes, one for me and one for my Mom. I don't usually share food, but when I want to, I make sure they get another one after they finished the first serving. "I'll put the chocolate in the fridge incase if you want more." Mom nodded and continued reading her book. 

The word "Extra Fine" described this chocolate perfectly. The dark chocolate and the caramel filling tasted delicious. The chocolate wasn't too sweet, nor too bitter, not to mention it didn't leave any unpleasant after taste. I couldn't get the image of the gooey caramel, stretched out after I took a bite, off my mind. Since I'm saving the chocolate for days to come I only ate one cube that night. Well, I guess it's about time that I have my second piece of Caramello.. Be right back, I have a chocolate to hunt!

Look at that caramel goodness hidden inside the chocolate bar

Get ready to experience a chocolaty fireworks in your mouth

Sir Curry the Tasty

After making a quick stop at Bagel Bagel, Sally and I continued our quest for food. We continued to travel far east, until we arrived at this mall named PIM, Pondok Indah Mall. Window shopping at this particular fancy mall was not an easy job to do. There were so many cafe, displaying beautiful cakes and mouthwatering desserts. Boutiques, which clothes caught my attention as they were pastel in colors and have lace. Bookstores that sell a variety of unique things, such as camera lenses for iPhones. Accessory shops, where you can find dozens of cool rings with a shape of mustache and cats.

To spend an hour on window shopping was a bit energy-draining. True, we could still walk and gaze more at stuff that we don't have intention to buy, but to spend an hour or two at a cafe works just fine. I bought a big bag of popcorn before we made our way to the cafe, so we don't need to worry about spending extra money to buy a plate of pricey biscotti. Sally's order has arrived, which was a glass of hot tea, then we rest our bottoms at a comfy dark grey sofa that was provided in the cafe.

We didn't talk much at the cafe. I was busy eating my popcorn and giving my soul to 9GAG, and so was Sally. We spent hours sitting, munching popcorns, sipping hot tea, scrolling to the endless gags of 9GAG, and drawing abstract things on Draw Something. It was pretty relaxing though. 

The moon rose, but the sky was decorated with gloom. It was dinner time. We made a quick pit stop at Mr. Curry to prevent our stomachs from singing the song of hunger. It was a very lovely place, decorated attractive  plastic food like how a Japanese restaurant would look like. The floor tiles were very colorful, the wall was red in color and decorated with plates of curry and rice, there were Japanese writings on the counter wall, and the menu was simply adorable.

I think that Mr. Curry's mascot is either an onigiri wearing a chef's hat,
or a fat chicken drumstick with a mustache. What do you think?

Omelet Rice. Omelet Rice every where!

This restaurant deserves a two thumbs up for its choice in
interior design, furniture, and decorations

Now this is now a view you can see everyday; plates of curry glued on a wall

Careful there, let's not be fooled, those parfaits are made out of plastic

Sally and I decided to have Omurice for dinner. Omurice is short for Omelet Rice, a plate of fried rice cooked with usually tomato sauce, enveloped in a well-fried egg, and decorated with sauce on its sides. We ordered the same Omurice, which was Katsu Omurice, but Sally prefer to have butter fried rice while I sticked with the original tomato fried rice. 

A few minutes later, the waitress came with a tray occupied with our orders and my Katsu Omurice was ready to be demolished. The chef did an excellent job in displaying the food. My plate of Katsu Omurice looked neat and appealing. The sliced chicken katsu was placed on top of the omelet rice, decorated with some celery instead of flags.

My Katsu Omurice is served!

Instead of flags, the chef sticked a celery between the katsu

I was flustered about how I was going to eat it. My dinner was too adorable, I didn't have the heart to destroy this masterpiece. But since I was at the edge of starvation, I managed to cut open the omelet and ate a spoonful of the delicious-looking dish. The tomato fried rice tasted sweet and delicious! The egg was nice, but it was salty. I'm not saying that the egg tasted bad, but it didn't blend well with the rice, so I took the advantage of finishing the fried egg first, then continued by eating the rice with the chicken katsu. 

I love the tomato fried rice the most! I was a bit full from consuming Bagel Bagel's Banana Caramel Bagel and a bag of buttered popcorn a few hours before, but I managed to finish the whole plate. Sally, on the other hand, share her dinner with her Mom, so she technically didn't eat as much as I do. I took a spoonful of Sally's buttered fried rice to determined which dinner tasted better. I immediately voted my dinner the best because my rice tasted sweet, while Sally's was salty and buttery. Maybe if I wasn't a hardcore sweet tooth, I would prefer Sally's Omurice instead of mine.

Look at those sweet and sticky tomato fried rice 
Our Omurice came with a tiny bowl of fresh salad, which I failed to finish
because my stomach was stuffed with various meals

I'm a kind of person who wouldn't want to miss any opportunity to obtain free stuff. The moment I saw a pamphlet at Mr. Curry, saying that those who follow and mention Mr. Curry on Twitter will get a free ice dog, I went all Ninja Assassin and did what it told me to do. I followed @mrcurry_, mentioned it, told the waitress that I deserved a plate of ice dog, and voila! free dessert was ours to consume!

More free food!

An Ice Dog is a hotdog bun filled with vanilla ice cream and decorated with a slice of strawberry, some chocolate syrup, and drawings of cake made out of cocoa powder. I was beyond full from eating mountains of food, but you know what they say, everybody has this stomach for dessert that always pops out every time they were full and obliged to indulge sweet and refreshing desserts. 

The Ice Dog was divided into two. I took the one that has a strawberry on the side, while Sally got the one with more ice cream. Twitter Treats from Mr. Curry simply made my day.

As expected from Mr. Curry, they always do well when it comes to decoration

Grab your ice dog while it's icy!

For more information, you can visit Mr. Curry's Twitter here and Facebook here

Mr. Curry
Restaurant Row Level 3, Pondok Indah Mall 2
Jl. Metro Pondok Indah 
Jakarta 12310

Phone: (021) 7592 0666

Opening Hours:
Monday - Sunday: 10 AM - 10 PM

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Well-spent Saturday

A couple Saturdays ago, Icha and I went to our best bud's house to catch up on things. We were going to pick her up and go to a fancy mall named Central Park - I found out that there was this photo booth at the ground level of the mall that we can use for free, plus we could get some souvenirs after we used it. Free stuff at its best! - but a sudden change of plans occurred. We ended up spending the entire day at Dila's house, simply reminiscing the good old times we had back then when we were in junior high. 

It was in the late afternoon when Icha and I couldn't bare the urge to nibble on something. "I got some hot chocolate drinks if you want," said Dila. Both of us cheered happily and followed Dila to the kitchen. She took three packages of Cadburry's Hot Chocolate Drink and some glasses. I was overwhelmed by how pretty the packaging was. "Do you have cookies," I asked to Dila. She shook her head and told me that we could just walk to the nearest Circle K around the neighborhood to buy some. I agreed, then the three of us started to make our finest Dila's Style Iced Chocolate.

Milk is the key to make a good chocolate drink. After we mixed the Cadburry with some warm water, Dila took out a carton of Ultra Milk's full cream milk. She poured some milk to each of our glasses, then she took a tray of ice cubes from the freezer and let us take as many ice cubes as we want. I'm not that fond of ice cubes because they make me have sore throat, but I put aside such thought at took five thumb-sized ice for my chocolate drink. Boy, do they look fine!

Add some full cream milk to achieve an A+ in the art of iced chocolate making

Voila! Your homemade iced chocolate is ready to be indulged

Store them in the fridge to make them even icier

After we were done with the iced chocolate, we store them in the fridge and headed to a mini market. Since we were a bit hungry, we decided to buy some instant food other than just a pack of cookies. I didn't feel well that day, so I decided to get myself a nice instant noodle, while Dila and Icha stuffed themselves with a couple of spicy instant noodles.

A couple bowl of instant noodles for Icha and Dila, and some instant porridge for me

The soonest we arrived at home, we took out our heat-and-serve food and started to prepare. I was taken aback by how my instant porridge looked like. When I put the so-called dry porridge in the bowl, I'm a bit disturbed by how similar they looked like to shredded candles. Yes, candles. They share the same look like candles, all shiny and waxy and plastic-like. Icha and Dila told me that it was okay to consume such alien food, so I immediately poured some hot water in to the bowl and started mixing. 

The candle-like object started to melt and gradually turning into a normal porridge. Good, it started to look eatable, I said to myself. I added some seasonings and some crackers, and had a spoonful of it. It tasted fine, just like how a normal porridge would tasted like. But, the moment the previous sight of the uncooked waxy objects came back, I lose my appetite. I managed to finish half of it though. I don't think I'm going to eat instant porridge ever again.

On the other hand, Dila and Icha were busy preparing their instant noodles. Watching them pouring some hot water to the normal-looking instant noodles that they bought made me regret my decision of choosing the porridge. Their noodles were spicy, especially Icha's. I took a sip of each broth and the first thing that popped out in my mind was "chemical substance". The noodles were as chemically bad as the porridge, only more normal-looking and contains more flavor. Well, at least we had something to eat. 

After we were done with the main course, the desserts were served. Three glasses of iced chocolate milk and some cookies decorated the table, and we were all excited, despite the fact that the three of us were a bit full from gulping down the noodles and the porridge. 

The iced chocolate was icier than before it was stored in the fridge and, somehow, creamier and thicker. A pack of Good Time's chocolate chips cookies contains three parts, which four pieces of cookies in each part. We divided the cookies fairly and started dipping them into the chocolate drink. It tasted nice! Milk-dipped cookies tasted better than your regular dry cookies, the same theory that can be applied with Oreo. The cookies got sweeter, creamier, and a bit cold by getting dipped into the iced chocolate. We finished the dessert in about half an hour and we were pleased.

A pack of Arnott's sinful chocolate chips cookies

Bon appetite!

KKKID, the name we call ourselves, were reunited and we ate delicious food the entire day. We also watched some episodes of Glee Season 3 and danced to our signature songs, which was followed by watching Vantage Point while waiting for Icha's driver to pick us up. It was a well-spent Saturday indeed. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


One of my best bud named Sally had been telling me about this cafe that sells New York style sandwich bagels. Bagel Bagel is the name of the place, and I finally got the chance to stop by and have one of their famous bagels. It was a sunny Monday, me and Sally drove from school to this particular cafe located not far from where Sally lives. I was so excited to try Bagel Bagel's product, I even prepared myself by not having breakfast.

When we arrived, I couldn't hide my excitement any longer. I grinned all the way to the cafe. I could tell that Sally was disturbed, but I couldn't care less because I was about to have my first bite of what I had been wanting to eat for the past weeks. 

I browsed Bagel Bagel's Facebook page the other day to find out what kinds of bagels they have at the cafe. Numerous kinds of bagels, with wide varieties of fillings, decorated my monitor. Two of them caught my attention, which are the Egg, Bacon & Cheese Bagel and the Banana Caramel Bagel. It was hard to chose which one I would eat for lunch, but finally I decided to try the sweet Banana Caramel Bagel.

What to have.. What to have..

A bit pricey, but worth a shot

In the cafe, there are boxes made out of glass where they keep the bagels. Each boxes have different labels on it, for examples "Cheese", "Sesame-seed", "Whole Wheat", and even "Chocolate Chip". Then it hits me, "Oh, I see. We choose what type of bagel that we like for the sandwich". I scanned the boxes and I decided to try the poppy-seed bagel.

"What would you like to have," asked the bagel lady. I ordered myself a Banana Caramel Bagel, with poppy-seed bagel, and a bottle of Thai Milk Tea. Sally said that Bagel Bagel's Thai Milk Tea is very good, so I decided to try one. It was a bit pricey to have lunch at Bagel Bagel, but I don't mind. The bagels will cost you about Rp 40.000,00 or so, and the Thai Milk Tea is approximately Rp 19.000,00. Well, a $6 lunch doesn't sound so bad, does it?

Onion bagel? Well, this certainly is not an appropriate place for Dracula to have lunch 

Dibs on the poppy-seed bagels!

A bottle of sweet Thai Milk Tea for tea lovers

Five minutes passed and the bagel lady came to our table and served us our orders. I was overwhelmed by how appealing the bagels are. Sally's was a Thai Spicy Chicken, which looked very delicious, spicy, and savory. "Bon appetit," we said to ourselves and we took a bite of the famous bagels. 

IT WAS BAGELICIOUS! Mine were sweet and savory. I could tell that they used a pricey banana, like one of those Sunripe Banana, because it tasted mildly sweet, in a good way. The caramel sauce was great, but then I found out that if I feel unwell if I consume too much caramel sauce. The cream cheese were salty and delightful, a bit like butter but with more flavor. All in all, my Banana Caramel Bagel was great. No, no great, IT WAS EPIC!

Don't you just wanna devour this whole bagel?

Sweet mother of macaroni, droppings of God have never looked this beautiful! 

Look at how those poppy seeds dominated the bagel buns

Oh my, look at that lake of caramel sauce!

It took me about an hour to finish the whole bagel. The dripping caramel was kind of disturbing, not to mention my stomach started to feel sick, so I decided to separate the remaining caramel sauce from the bagel. I was halfway done, and with the not-so-overloaded-with-caramel-sauce being lighter, I managed to finish it. Despite the fact that I was feeling unwell, I still crave for some more of Bagel Bagel's New York style bagel sandwich. 

I bought another bagel sandwich which goes by the name Philly Cheese Steak Bagel for my Mom. Filled with meat, melted cheese, and mushroom; Mom was very happy that I bought the bagel sandwich for her. I'm glad she liked it.

It has been a couple of weeks since the first time I visit Bagel Bagel, and I'm craving for more right at this particular moment. They do delivery order, but the minimum order is around Rp 200.000,00, that is about five bagel sandwich or so. I would be more than willing to eat all of them if I could. No, seriously. I would if I could.

For more information about this beautiful and appealing, and delicious bagels, why don't you visit Bagel Bagel's Twitter here and its Facebook page here

Bagel Bagel
Jl. Benda Raya 14D, Kemang 12560

Phone: (021) 7818769

Opening Hours:
Monday - Thursday: 6 AM - 8 PM
Friday Sunday: 6 AM - 9 PM

A Trip to Bali (Part 5)

My last day at Bali was the day Aunt Tami's newborn baby get his blessings. The people in the house woke up early in the morning to get ready, including me. We had belayad for breakfast, which is one of the so many cuisines that you can find in Bali. A bowl, made out of styrofoam, which were filled with a couple of shaped rice, some shredded chicken, a stick of chicken meat, a slice of egg, some vegetables, and a chunk of meat entered my stomach and I felt happy. 

This particular dish is called belayad. It looks a bit funky, but it taste great!

By eight in the morning, all of us were prepared, along with the food. Aunt Tami's helpers started to decorate tables with lots of food and drinks. One of them was this particular traditional snack named Biji Salak. Salak, you see, is a fruit which has a thumb-sized seed on the inside. Biji Salak is not literary made out of Salak seeds, but it is made out of a mixed of dough and sweet potato. I love this food, because it tasted sweet. The brown color originated from a traditional sugar cube that you can find in Indonesia named Gula Jawa, Javanese Sugar literary translated. If you happen to stumbled upon this traditional cuisine, don't miss the opportunity to have a bite.

Wait until you try my Mom's and my Grandma's Biji Salak. 
Both of them tasted great!

This pink drink is a punch. It contains syrup, coconut water, coconut fruit, and some grass jelly, which is very refreshing to be indulged during summer. I took a cup and poured myself a couple spoonful of this drink. It tasted delightful, especially after you eat some spicy food. 

I always scooped the grass jelly the most

Bwonies Kukus Amanda, or Amanda's Steamed Brownies literary translated, was my favorite dish of the day. Amanda is famous for its chocolate and cheese brownies, which tasted superb. These brownies are like the spinach to my Popeye. It tasted beyond delicious, not to mention it has different texture for the cheese parts and the chocolate parts. I love the cheese parts the most, despite the fact that the chocolate parts were soft and puffy, sweet, and a bit nutty. 

I lost count on how many brownies I devoured that day. Half a dozen slices, perhaps?

This traditional snack looks pretty funky, don't you think? Green in color, that bowl is filled with food which goes by the name of ketan. Do take notes that it is green in color because it was cooked with pandan leafs, no artificial coloring used. You see, ketan is fermented rice. It tasted sweet, more or less like how a rum should tasted like. Despite the fact that I'm not that fond of this dish, I still gave it a try. Didn't like it like always, but the other guests were delighted by it for some reason.

The white cube-shaped food is called uli, which goes well with some ketan

Another luxurious lunch I couldn't pass. There were so many vegetables and chicken meat. I made sure I tried all of the food that was provided on the tables to end my curiosity. There were rice, two kinds of vegetables, shredded chicken, chicken meat on a stick, and this particular dish which was very peculiar to me. I forgot the name of the dish and, I think, I didn't get myself some of that dish. 

I took some spoonfuls of rice and a spoonful of each dishes,
except the one on the right which name I forgot

Chicken meat on a stick was amusing.
It gave you this caveman-like feeling when you eat it.

A bowl of marinated and well cooked starfruit leafs

A bowl of spicy and bitter vegetables who goes by the name pare

Roasted pig! They have roasted pig in the house and I was excited when I spotted one. It was my second time seeing such glorious food, my first was at my teacher's wedding, and also my first time of actually ate a slice. The skin was golden brown in color, the rear end of the pork was stuffed with rice-stuffed leaf. The pig was rather small, at its teenager year, perhaps? Other than my excitement, I couldn't help but to think that particular scene in the Hunger Games when Katniss shoot an arrow at an apple on a roasted pig's mouth when she was trying to impress the people from the capitol. Priceless. 

I bet the ears are crunchy and a bit chewy

It was about time someone started to skinned the pig, or else we wouldn't have lunch

A plate of rice and some crispy pork skin for lunch were good for me

Angry birds gone wild

A quick trip to Bali felt like an adventure! I got to taste various kinds of food I have never tasted before, I got to visit Pasar Badung which felt like entering Narnia, and I even got to have waffles for dinner. True, Indiana Jones' would probably have a more blood-pumping and thrilling adventure, but, hey, it's up to us wether we want to live our life to the fullest or not. Life's an adventure, right?