Tuesday, May 22, 2012


One of my best bud named Sally had been telling me about this cafe that sells New York style sandwich bagels. Bagel Bagel is the name of the place, and I finally got the chance to stop by and have one of their famous bagels. It was a sunny Monday, me and Sally drove from school to this particular cafe located not far from where Sally lives. I was so excited to try Bagel Bagel's product, I even prepared myself by not having breakfast.

When we arrived, I couldn't hide my excitement any longer. I grinned all the way to the cafe. I could tell that Sally was disturbed, but I couldn't care less because I was about to have my first bite of what I had been wanting to eat for the past weeks. 

I browsed Bagel Bagel's Facebook page the other day to find out what kinds of bagels they have at the cafe. Numerous kinds of bagels, with wide varieties of fillings, decorated my monitor. Two of them caught my attention, which are the Egg, Bacon & Cheese Bagel and the Banana Caramel Bagel. It was hard to chose which one I would eat for lunch, but finally I decided to try the sweet Banana Caramel Bagel.

What to have.. What to have..

A bit pricey, but worth a shot

In the cafe, there are boxes made out of glass where they keep the bagels. Each boxes have different labels on it, for examples "Cheese", "Sesame-seed", "Whole Wheat", and even "Chocolate Chip". Then it hits me, "Oh, I see. We choose what type of bagel that we like for the sandwich". I scanned the boxes and I decided to try the poppy-seed bagel.

"What would you like to have," asked the bagel lady. I ordered myself a Banana Caramel Bagel, with poppy-seed bagel, and a bottle of Thai Milk Tea. Sally said that Bagel Bagel's Thai Milk Tea is very good, so I decided to try one. It was a bit pricey to have lunch at Bagel Bagel, but I don't mind. The bagels will cost you about Rp 40.000,00 or so, and the Thai Milk Tea is approximately Rp 19.000,00. Well, a $6 lunch doesn't sound so bad, does it?

Onion bagel? Well, this certainly is not an appropriate place for Dracula to have lunch 

Dibs on the poppy-seed bagels!

A bottle of sweet Thai Milk Tea for tea lovers

Five minutes passed and the bagel lady came to our table and served us our orders. I was overwhelmed by how appealing the bagels are. Sally's was a Thai Spicy Chicken, which looked very delicious, spicy, and savory. "Bon appetit," we said to ourselves and we took a bite of the famous bagels. 

IT WAS BAGELICIOUS! Mine were sweet and savory. I could tell that they used a pricey banana, like one of those Sunripe Banana, because it tasted mildly sweet, in a good way. The caramel sauce was great, but then I found out that if I feel unwell if I consume too much caramel sauce. The cream cheese were salty and delightful, a bit like butter but with more flavor. All in all, my Banana Caramel Bagel was great. No, no great, IT WAS EPIC!

Don't you just wanna devour this whole bagel?

Sweet mother of macaroni, droppings of God have never looked this beautiful! 

Look at how those poppy seeds dominated the bagel buns

Oh my, look at that lake of caramel sauce!

It took me about an hour to finish the whole bagel. The dripping caramel was kind of disturbing, not to mention my stomach started to feel sick, so I decided to separate the remaining caramel sauce from the bagel. I was halfway done, and with the not-so-overloaded-with-caramel-sauce being lighter, I managed to finish it. Despite the fact that I was feeling unwell, I still crave for some more of Bagel Bagel's New York style bagel sandwich. 

I bought another bagel sandwich which goes by the name Philly Cheese Steak Bagel for my Mom. Filled with meat, melted cheese, and mushroom; Mom was very happy that I bought the bagel sandwich for her. I'm glad she liked it.

It has been a couple of weeks since the first time I visit Bagel Bagel, and I'm craving for more right at this particular moment. They do delivery order, but the minimum order is around Rp 200.000,00, that is about five bagel sandwich or so. I would be more than willing to eat all of them if I could. No, seriously. I would if I could.

For more information about this beautiful and appealing, and delicious bagels, why don't you visit Bagel Bagel's Twitter here and its Facebook page here

Bagel Bagel
Jl. Benda Raya 14D, Kemang 12560

Phone: (021) 7818769

Opening Hours:
Monday - Thursday: 6 AM - 8 PM
Friday Sunday: 6 AM - 9 PM

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