Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bakmi A Boen

There is this superb noodle restaurant at Pasar Baru named Bakmi A Boen. It's either you pronounce it as "uh-boon" or "uh-bond", I seriously have no idea. My Dad took me to this particular restaurant a few weeks ago, with my friend Dennis, to have lunch after a stressful day at a medical-check-up center. It was a ridiculously hot afternoon. We arrived at the restaurant all sweaty and longed for a glass of icy and cold drink. When one of the waitress handed us the menu, I immediately request a glass of iced lemon tea.

Dad took the liberty to order lunch for the three of us. "Three Bakmi Babi Spesial," he said. The waitress nodded and jotted down the order, which was three bowls of special pork noodle. Dennis and I were as excited as kids in a birthday party, longing for something surprising came out of the bowl. About fifteen minutes later, the same waitress that served us a moment ago came to our table, holding a tray of bowls. 

There they were, the noodles. Decorated beautifully with various kinds of pork. Sweet pork, roasted pork, minced pork, and deep-fried skin pork could be found in the bowl, along with some mushrooms and vegetables. The image was tremendously delighting. "Bon appetit," said Dad, separating his chopsticks euphorically. 

Bakmi Babi Spesial, or Special Pork Noodle literary translated, for lunch

I love this noodle! The broth was very savory and full of flavor. The crunchy deep-fried pork skin was my favorite part of the dish. It would go "crunch" and "crack" when you chew it, and it was very nice to be eaten with a spoonful of the noodle's broth. The sweet pork was also delightful, and so was the roasted pork. All in all, this particular bowl of noodle was splendid.

This bowl of noodle is like a treasure chest, for it is filled with various kinds
of pork such as sweet pork, roasted pork, crispy pork skin, and many more

A couple of days later, my Dad and I went back to the restaurant, but this time Dennis didn't tag along. My Dad ordered the same dish that he ordered before, which is the special pork noodle. I was in the mood to indulge on some kwetiauw, so I ordered myself a plate of fried kwetiauw with pork. 

The dish was delightfully tangy and delicious.  The smell of the fried egg coating the kwetiauw made me drool, literary. The vegetables tasted a bit off though. They were all a bit sour and yellowish dark-green in color. I couldn't help but to think that those vegetables were expired, but since I was able to finish the whole plate, then I guess something was wrong with my tongue that day. I decided to finish off the vegetables first, so that I can happily enjoyed indulging on the kwetiauw and the fried pork.

Kwetiauw Goreng Babi, or fried kwetiauw with pork literary translated.
Generously topped with vegetables and fried pork, yuumm!

Bakmi A Boen
Jl. Kelinci Raya, No. 1 - 3
Pasar Baru, Jakarta Pusat

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