Thursday, May 24, 2012

Caramel Goodness

Monggo is a brand of chocolate that you can find here in Indonesia. It was probably a year ago when I have my first encounter with Coklat Monggo. One day, one of my classmate named Vika, who loves Coklat Monggo more than nail polish, brought her chocolate to school. I forgot what kind of Coklat Monggo that Vika brought, what I remembered is that it tasted a bit bitter, so I assume that it was dark chocolate. I took a bite and, from that moment on, I began to love Coklat Monggo.

Last week, a friend of mine named Dennis, gave me a bar of Coklat Monggo. "Go ahead, pick the flavor that you like. I just got home from Jogja and bought these as souvenirs," he said, spreading four different flavors of Coklat Monggo on his hand, waiting for me to chose. It was a hard decision. I had to chose between the one with almond paste in it or the caramel one. After long consideration, I chose the caramel chocolate and I didn't regret my decision. 

"Keep it cool and dry" he said. Maybe I should put a sunglasses on it.

"Mom, I got a chocolate bar," I said to my Mom, partially shouting. "I got a chocolate bar from Dennis. He went to Jogja last week and he bought lots of Coklat Monggo, and he gave me one," I continued. I immediately open the wrapping and took two cubes, one for me and one for my Mom. I don't usually share food, but when I want to, I make sure they get another one after they finished the first serving. "I'll put the chocolate in the fridge incase if you want more." Mom nodded and continued reading her book. 

The word "Extra Fine" described this chocolate perfectly. The dark chocolate and the caramel filling tasted delicious. The chocolate wasn't too sweet, nor too bitter, not to mention it didn't leave any unpleasant after taste. I couldn't get the image of the gooey caramel, stretched out after I took a bite, off my mind. Since I'm saving the chocolate for days to come I only ate one cube that night. Well, I guess it's about time that I have my second piece of Caramello.. Be right back, I have a chocolate to hunt!

Look at that caramel goodness hidden inside the chocolate bar

Get ready to experience a chocolaty fireworks in your mouth

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