Monday, May 28, 2012

Dad's Lunch II

A few days ago, I received a couple of emails from my Dad. The first one was "New York Steak" in tittle, and the other one was "Fish and Chips". So, I opened the emails and found a couple of nice pictures of luxurious food in it. The first one was obviously a plate of New York Steak. Boy, aren't that plate of food looks gorgeous? With black pepper sauce decorating the nicely grilled beef, a generous amount of corn on the side of the plate, accompanied with some vegetables and golden potatoes, I bet my Dad had an awesome lunch.

I wouldn't mind to have those golden roasted potatoes right now

I'm guessing that he ate lunch with his roommate, or else how would he finish another plate of luxury? The second dish was probably a plate of fish and chips. I love fish and chips because they are deep fried and tasted good. This particular Fish and Chips used curly fries, instead of your regular stick-shaped fries. I'm guessing that those ring-shaped objects beside the fish fillet were either onion rings, or deep-fried calamari. Just by looking at the pictures, I'm sure that my Dad's roommate had a great lunch. I bet the salad tasted refreshing, especially after you finish the whole plate of deep-fried food. 

I bet the salad tasted refreshing, especially after you finish
 the whole plate of deep-fried food

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