Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dad's Lunch

Dad is back at Doha, Qatar. 
God bless those who created Whatsapp and Face Time.

A few hours ago, during lunch time at Doha, Dad IM me through Whatsapp. For those who are not familiar with this peculiar communication tool, Whatsapp is an instant messaging application that can be used by iPhone users. He sent me pictures of what he ate for lunch today. Two pictures were sent from his iPhone, waiting to be downloaded. "What did you have for lunch," I asked my Dad. "We had Tapsilog," replied me Dad, referring to himself and his Indonesian-Japanese room mate. "We had Tapsilog, chicken spring roll, and Capcay. I'm full," he continued. 

I've been to Qatar and I've ate this particular dish before. Dad bought this at a Philippine restaurant, the one that specialized delivery order. Tapsilog is a dish which originated from the Philippines. It consist of garlic rice, fried egg, and some meat. I love the meat the most because it tasted sweet, more or less like beef Teriyaki without the sweet sauce. The rice is savory and delightfully tangy because of the garlic, which goes well with some fried eggs. This dish is usually eaten by Filipinos for breakfast, but as for Dad, he either eat it during lunch, or during dinner. 

A bowl of Tapsilog for Dad's lunch at Doha, Qatar

Some vegetables and fried food as side dishes
(Both pictures were taken by my Dad)

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