Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dinner with Friends

Last week was beyond hectic. Me and my friend, Dennis, decided to undergo medical check up at Kemayoran to know whether or not we are qualified to be flight officers. It took us a week to finish all of the necessary procedures, starting from getting your blood drawn, doing an EEG test, until measuring how good your sight is. We were physically drained. But then, one night, Dennis' Mom invited us over to their house for dinner. "We will be having Korean cuisine for dinner," said Tante Dewi. Dinner invitations have never been this good!

I do believe the appropriate term for this kind of dinner is "Luxurious Dinner"

Seasoned vegetables for those who love korean cuisine

Meet Ssam, leafs that are used to wrap rice and meat when indulging korean dishes

Pork was the main dish for dinner. Tante Dewi had prepared a portable gas stove, and a fancy frying pan, so that we can cook the meat on the table. Dennis, being as hard-working as ever, decided to take over the kitchen and prepare dinner. He took advantage of the spare time he had to fry some garlic, which later on followed by frying the sliced pork. It was amusing to listen to the funky sizzling sound that the meat made.

Dennis, in the midst of preparing the foodstuff for dinner, decided
to use the ILY hand-sign to take pictures with the sliced pork

Look who's cooking, people!

Would you like your meat cooked rare, medium, or well done?
When all of the foodstuff were cooked and prepared, we gathered in the dinning room and said our prayers. The word "Selamat makan", or "Bon appetit" literary translated, echoed around the house, followed by the endless clinks of spoons, forks, and plastic chopsticks. Continued by the sound of cold water being poured in each of our glasses. 

Dinner began smoothly. Everybody exchanged stories, starting from how both of our Dads survived their flight school graduation - which was hectic and unhygienic, because it requires all of the pupils to be dumped into a polluted river - until how the EEG tests that Dennis and I did during the day. Tante Dewi made this delicious bowl of boiled vegetables cooked with eggs, which made me regret my decision of not helping myself with a second serving. 

Dinner had never been that good. We were all full. Plus, Tante Dewi took out some grapes, ice creams, and one of Indonesia's traditional cuisine, which is the asinan. Asinan is a mixed of vegetables, poured with sweet and spicy sauce, topped with some crackers and nuts. I managed to try all of the food that decorated the elegant dinning table and I have to say that it felt nice.

A bowl of vegetables and eggs that Dennis' Mom made

Make sure to try everything provided on the table during dinner

This is how you eat dinner Korean style: use the wrapping leaf to
coat some rice, along with some meat and other vegetables

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