Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Drop of Rainbow

I finally got the chance to eat a rainbow! Yes, I ate a rainbow. But not just any regular rainbow, it was a rainbow cake. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple in color. This cake made me feel lucky, as if I was a Leprechaun. Topped with some Vanilla-glazing and colorful icing sugar, this cake will sweep you off your feet. Fly you to the moon. Tickle your tongue with its sweetness. And it will even set fire to the rain. 

I was taken aback though. This cake looks amazing, but it tasted not far from a regular cake that you can buy at a local grocery store. I thought it will have different flavors, depending on the color of the cake, but the six of them tasted pretty much the same. I love the red part though, because the icing sugar on top made it tasted sweet. The cream in between the cakes was far from sweet. It was a bit tasteless, and somewhat salty. A bit weird, I agree. But all in all, this cake is pretty decent. 

I bought this cake at a local bakery, located a footstep away from my house. Bread Castle is the name of the bakery. With drawings of castle as its icon, and writings of "Bread Castle" which share the exact same font like Disney's "Walt Disney", this bakery just had its grand opening a while ago. Donuts, cakes, buns, and birthday equipment are available in this bakery. I tried their cheese buns a few days ago and it was not bad, pretty good actually. Good  quality buns they have, as the soft texture of the bread makes it easier for you to chew, despite the fact that they were lacking of a generous amount of topping filling. 

Bread Castle
Ruko East Point Residence No. 15
Jl. Caman Raya, Jatibening
Bekasi 17412

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