Thursday, May 24, 2012

Found a Waffle Stand by Accident

A sudden urge to have waffles hits me when I was watching the Avengers at the cinema. It's a good thing I was distracted by Thor's fabulous golden hair and how badass his step brother were, so I didn't pay much attention on making plans to obtain such sinful dessert. After the movie ended, my friends and I strolled around the mall to find a good restaurant to grab dinner. Just when we were about to enter a restaurant, I spotted a small waffle stand adjacent to the dinning place. Score!

Funny thing is that it will cost you Rp 10.500,00 to buy a slice of waffle, but Rp 14.000,00 to buy a couple of waffles. Why would I buy a slice if I can buy two with much cheaper price? So, I ordered myself a couple of waffle, with chocolate jam and peanut butter spread. 

The waffle tasted delicious and it fulfilled my sudden knack of munching on waffles. True, compared to those waffles in Belgia, or simply the one at Pancious, Crispy Waffle's waffles loses. But, as long as its name is "waffle", I'm cool with it. 

The waffle lady, carefully removing the sticky waffles from the waffle pan

What flavor.. What flavor.. 

Chocolate jam on the left side and peanut butter on the right side, yuum!

You didn't need to cut them, waffle lady, I would
love to just gulped down the whole waffle

Crispy Waffle
Bekasi Cyber Park, Lower Ground
Jl. Kyai Haji Noer Ali, No 177
Kalimalang, Bekasi

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