Thursday, May 3, 2012

Risols Soub

Still remember what risoles are? Risoles, or risols, are deep fried layers of dough with fillings in it. The one that we can usually find at any random tukang gorengan are the ones that are filled with bihun or carrots. But, with the help of will and creativity, people have invented new kinds of risoles with various fillings. Risols Soub, being one of the people who have created masterpieces in terms of risoles making, is beyond excited to share the news that they are open for business.

A stack of risols ready to be indulged with a few dips of chilly sauce

Risols Soub is a place where people can leisurely enjoy their spare time indulging on risols. They have Smoked Beef Risols, Chicken Corn Risols, Black Pepper Risols, Cheese Risols, and even Bolognese Risols. Yes, this is no tall tale, people. They have bolognese-flavored risols, with genuine bolognese sauce as its fillings. It is as if you're gulping a mouthful of deep-fried spaghetti, and I'm not bluffing. 

My favorite is the Smoked Beef Risols. Filled with smoked beef, cheese cubes, spicy mayonnaise, and a slice of eggs, this risol is awesome in so many levels! It's a pity that it comes in a rather small size, smaller than the other risols to be exact. But still, despite it being a munchkin, I love this flavor the most. 

I can tell that your saliva is dripping out from the corner of your mouth

Choose wisely!

I'm not much of a black pepper sauce's fan, but I have to say that Risols Soub's Black Pepper Risols tasted amazing! The fact that it was filled with not just black pepper sauce, but also with slice of chicken, makes this risols deserves a two thumbs up. Best to be indulged a minute after it came out from the frying pan, when it still have its crispiness and crunchiness. But, be careful though. You don't want to burn your tongue, do you?

Black Pepper Risol, filled with some slices of chicken and a generous
amount of black pepper sauce, that would make you go "Mama miaaa!"

Best to be indulge with some chilly sauce, or simply with rice

When you have time to spare, why not stop by at Risols Soub and enjoy a plate or two? I bet you can never get enough of its risols after you tried a bite. I know I can't. I tried my first risols yesterday and I'm currently craving for some more. Can you resists the urge of wanting to try one? I know you can't. Now, go grab your car keys and head straight to Risols Soub because they're still open until an hour before midnight!

For more information, you can visit Risols Soub's twitter here.

Risols Soub
Jl. Tebet Utara 1, No.12
Jakarta Selatan 12820

Phone: (021) 9067 0158

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