Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sir Curry the Tasty

After making a quick stop at Bagel Bagel, Sally and I continued our quest for food. We continued to travel far east, until we arrived at this mall named PIM, Pondok Indah Mall. Window shopping at this particular fancy mall was not an easy job to do. There were so many cafe, displaying beautiful cakes and mouthwatering desserts. Boutiques, which clothes caught my attention as they were pastel in colors and have lace. Bookstores that sell a variety of unique things, such as camera lenses for iPhones. Accessory shops, where you can find dozens of cool rings with a shape of mustache and cats.

To spend an hour on window shopping was a bit energy-draining. True, we could still walk and gaze more at stuff that we don't have intention to buy, but to spend an hour or two at a cafe works just fine. I bought a big bag of popcorn before we made our way to the cafe, so we don't need to worry about spending extra money to buy a plate of pricey biscotti. Sally's order has arrived, which was a glass of hot tea, then we rest our bottoms at a comfy dark grey sofa that was provided in the cafe.

We didn't talk much at the cafe. I was busy eating my popcorn and giving my soul to 9GAG, and so was Sally. We spent hours sitting, munching popcorns, sipping hot tea, scrolling to the endless gags of 9GAG, and drawing abstract things on Draw Something. It was pretty relaxing though. 

The moon rose, but the sky was decorated with gloom. It was dinner time. We made a quick pit stop at Mr. Curry to prevent our stomachs from singing the song of hunger. It was a very lovely place, decorated attractive  plastic food like how a Japanese restaurant would look like. The floor tiles were very colorful, the wall was red in color and decorated with plates of curry and rice, there were Japanese writings on the counter wall, and the menu was simply adorable.

I think that Mr. Curry's mascot is either an onigiri wearing a chef's hat,
or a fat chicken drumstick with a mustache. What do you think?

Omelet Rice. Omelet Rice every where!

This restaurant deserves a two thumbs up for its choice in
interior design, furniture, and decorations

Now this is now a view you can see everyday; plates of curry glued on a wall

Careful there, let's not be fooled, those parfaits are made out of plastic

Sally and I decided to have Omurice for dinner. Omurice is short for Omelet Rice, a plate of fried rice cooked with usually tomato sauce, enveloped in a well-fried egg, and decorated with sauce on its sides. We ordered the same Omurice, which was Katsu Omurice, but Sally prefer to have butter fried rice while I sticked with the original tomato fried rice. 

A few minutes later, the waitress came with a tray occupied with our orders and my Katsu Omurice was ready to be demolished. The chef did an excellent job in displaying the food. My plate of Katsu Omurice looked neat and appealing. The sliced chicken katsu was placed on top of the omelet rice, decorated with some celery instead of flags.

My Katsu Omurice is served!

Instead of flags, the chef sticked a celery between the katsu

I was flustered about how I was going to eat it. My dinner was too adorable, I didn't have the heart to destroy this masterpiece. But since I was at the edge of starvation, I managed to cut open the omelet and ate a spoonful of the delicious-looking dish. The tomato fried rice tasted sweet and delicious! The egg was nice, but it was salty. I'm not saying that the egg tasted bad, but it didn't blend well with the rice, so I took the advantage of finishing the fried egg first, then continued by eating the rice with the chicken katsu. 

I love the tomato fried rice the most! I was a bit full from consuming Bagel Bagel's Banana Caramel Bagel and a bag of buttered popcorn a few hours before, but I managed to finish the whole plate. Sally, on the other hand, share her dinner with her Mom, so she technically didn't eat as much as I do. I took a spoonful of Sally's buttered fried rice to determined which dinner tasted better. I immediately voted my dinner the best because my rice tasted sweet, while Sally's was salty and buttery. Maybe if I wasn't a hardcore sweet tooth, I would prefer Sally's Omurice instead of mine.

Look at those sweet and sticky tomato fried rice 
Our Omurice came with a tiny bowl of fresh salad, which I failed to finish
because my stomach was stuffed with various meals

I'm a kind of person who wouldn't want to miss any opportunity to obtain free stuff. The moment I saw a pamphlet at Mr. Curry, saying that those who follow and mention Mr. Curry on Twitter will get a free ice dog, I went all Ninja Assassin and did what it told me to do. I followed @mrcurry_, mentioned it, told the waitress that I deserved a plate of ice dog, and voila! free dessert was ours to consume!

More free food!

An Ice Dog is a hotdog bun filled with vanilla ice cream and decorated with a slice of strawberry, some chocolate syrup, and drawings of cake made out of cocoa powder. I was beyond full from eating mountains of food, but you know what they say, everybody has this stomach for dessert that always pops out every time they were full and obliged to indulge sweet and refreshing desserts. 

The Ice Dog was divided into two. I took the one that has a strawberry on the side, while Sally got the one with more ice cream. Twitter Treats from Mr. Curry simply made my day.

As expected from Mr. Curry, they always do well when it comes to decoration

Grab your ice dog while it's icy!

For more information, you can visit Mr. Curry's Twitter here and Facebook here

Mr. Curry
Restaurant Row Level 3, Pondok Indah Mall 2
Jl. Metro Pondok Indah 
Jakarta 12310

Phone: (021) 7592 0666

Opening Hours:
Monday - Sunday: 10 AM - 10 PM

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