Friday, May 11, 2012

A Trip to Bali (Part 1)

I went on a quick trip to Bali on Monday. I didn't visit the mighty Pulau Dewata merely for vacation, but instead, to attend my Mom's best friend's baby shower. My Mom and I arrived to the airport at half passed twelve, and we still got a lot of time to spare before the plane takes off. So, we decided to stop by at one of the bistro in the airport named Beard Papa.

Beard Papa, you see, sells various trays of mousse-filled puff pastries. This particular bistro originated from Japan. With a santa-claus-like figure as its mascot, Beard Papa attracts dozens of customers and pleased them with its sinfully delicious dessert.

There were five different kinds of puff pastries, which were the original puff, chocolate-coated puff, chocolate-coated puff topped with nuts, chocolate-coated puff topped with almonds, and cookie-crunch puff. Other than the puff pastry, they also have three different mousse fillings, which were chocolate, vanilla, and green tea. Since I'm not a big fan of green tea mousse, nor vanilla mousse, I ordered myself a chocolate-coated puff pastry filled with chocolate mousse. Can you imagine how delicious my cream puff was? 

Then, after I devour my cosmic dessert, I bought half a dozen cream puffs for my mom's best bud. Four original puffs and a couple of chocolate-coated almond-topped puffs, all filled with chocolate mousse. I had to refrain myself from stealing a bite. Fortunately, I succeed and the cream puffs arrived at Bali in one piece. 

Look at that glorious chocolate mousse, almost dripping put of the puff pastry

The sales lady of Beard Papa, injecting the Vanilla mousse into the puff pastry

We were picked up by my Mom's best friend when we arrived at Bali. Tante Tami, or Aunt Tami, is what I usually address her. She's more or less like my Mom, tomboy and easy-going. We stayed at her house, instead of spending extra money to rest our bottoms at a fancy hotel. The night we set foot on Bali, Aunt Tami took us to a restaurant named La Pau. This restaurant is an outdoor restaurant, owned by a family of Chinese. What surprised me was that the food they served were Padang's traditional cuisine, instead of Balinese cuisine or Chinese cuisine. 

I didn't get myself a plate of rice with some meat, only a glass of iced lemon tea. But then, a waitress come to our table and served us a plate of fried bananas. It was Aunt Tami's. "Go on, have some fried banana," she offered. Without any further ado, I grabbed a piece and took a bite. It tasted like any fried bananas would tasted like, but what I like the most is the dough that the chef used to fry the bananas. The dough was crispy and a bit different from the dough that Mom usually used when she's making fried bananas at home. The fried banana tasted different, in a good way, but I enjoyed every bit of it. 

Come get yourself a fork of fried banana before it runs out!

Table Three was served a very nice platter of fried banana

This place is famous for its local band. Latin-Jazz music was the band's forte. I'm not a big fan of Latin, nor Jazz, but I have to say that this  deserved a standing ovation. I enjoyed the music, despite that I was occupied by the thought of me having some shut eyes. A couple of foreigner stepped up in front of the band and started dancing to the beat. They were amusing and entertaining, but still I was pretty occupied by how sleepy I was, not to mention I was holding in my bladder. There was a rest room in this restaurant, but it was dark and a bit creepy. 

Enjoy the rest of the night dancing along to an endless
Latin-Jazz music from La Pau's very own band

Beard Papa
Soekarno-Hatta International Airport
Terminal Three - Domestic Flights, Lt. 2
Tanggerang, Banten

La Pau
Jl. ByPass Ngurah Rai 178
Sanur, Bali - Indonesia

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