Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Trip to Bali (Part 4)

The night before the blessings for the newborn baby, we went out for dinner. We ate at a restaurant named Centre Point, which belongs to Aunt Tami herself. The restaurant was lacking of swarms of people that night, which gave us the advantage of being served faster. I had some difficulties in choosing what I should have for dinner. I mean, just look that menu! Grilled chicken, with some vegetables on the sides; how can you not drool and distracted? 

Mom, diligently studying the menu

Yes, people, you can get yourself a delightful cup of lychee flavored tea here 

These photos belong to my parents. They took the liberty to print them out and
sent it to Aunt Tami, so that she can use it to decorate this particular restaurant.
Looks pretty awesome, huh?

What I love the most about Aunt Tami's restaurant is the waffles. They are not like your regular waffle, circle and square in shape, because they are shaped like Mickey Mouse! Yes, I repeat, Mickey Mouse. It feels like I'm in disneyland, minus all of those people dressed up as Disney characters.

"A couple of Mickey Mouse shaped waffles, enveloped with nice and warm honey, and topped with ice cream," I sure like the sound of that. The ice cream comes in three different flavors, which are strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate. I chose the strawberry flavored ice cream because, in my opinion, the waffles tasted best with one. See that burnt side of the waffles? Those are the best parts! But I didn't save them for later though, because I love eating them from the ears, followed by the whole face. Make sure you eat your waffles with a spoonful of ice cream to create sparks of flavor in your mouth. Trust me on this, this particular dessert is beyond delicious.

I felt like I'm in Disneyland!

Waffles for dinner? Yes, please!

For the main course, I ordered myself a plate of rice and some deep-fried shrimps, topped with mayonnaise and sesame seeds. It had been a while since the last time I have shrimps for dinner, it didn't take me long to devour the whole plate. The shrimps were so good, I managed to finish all of them including the tails. Yes, the tails. You know how sharp deep fried shrimp tails can be, and I gulped them all because they were THAT good. The crunchiness of the shrimps was perfect, no to mention they blended well with the mayonnaise. My main course was savory, yet sweet at the same time. 

Look at how nice the shrimps are coated with mayonnaise

You're lying if you're not tempted to have one spoonful of this sinful dish

After I finished my plate of shrimps and rice, I ordered myself a plate of Centre Point's famous burger. I pigged out. It felt like as if I got hit by one of Cupid's arrow, only this time it was Ronald McDonald's arrow. But I regret nothing. It turned out that the burger tasted splendid! 

"Burger Centre Point," was the name of the dish. A plate of burger, filled with cheese and Centre Point's homemade beef, accompanied by some french fries on the side of the plate. Yum! The beef was my favorite part of the dish, because it was cooked with some onion, which made it more savory and rich in flavor. So, I took the liberty of eating the cheese first, which tasted fine, so that I could happily savour the beef later. The french fries didn't taste like those french fries that you can get at McDonald. They reek of a genuine potato and tasted like one too. I assume that the chef made this french fries out of fresh potatoes, that they bought early in the morning. 

The buns were soft and crunchy, and a bit burnt on the sides, just like how I want it to be. After I finish the cheese, I ate the buns. Then, I moved on to the french fries, and finally I managed to eat the beef. I took my time in finishing the meat, because it tasted really good, especially with some chilly sauce. All in all, Centre Point's burger is the bomb!

Potatoes gonna potate!

Save the beef for the last!

Centre Point, despite it being a restaurant and serves mostly lunch or dinner meals, is also a nice place to hang out with some friends. Ordered yourself a glass of iced lemon tea and some mini fried dumplings, then voila! another well-spent weekend you're going to have. If you have a bad day, stop by at Centre Point and spoil yourself with their delicious waffles and refreshing drinks. I guarantee, you'll come home with a big smile on your face. Make sure you have time to visit this particular restaurant on Wednesday, because they have live music during dinner. Cool, isn't it?

Centre Point
Jl. Puputan Niti Mandala Raya
Renon, Denpasar
Bali 80235

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