Thursday, May 3, 2012

Was That a Compliment?

A while ago, Mom succeed at making her very own homemade combro. Combro is one of Indonesia's traditional snack, deep fried that is, made from cassava, and filled with spicy minced meat. We can usually find combro on the streets of Jakarta, carried in a cart by the tukang gorengan, or the deep-fried-food seller literary translated. 

I'm not much of a combro-enthusiast, but I'm more of a misro lover. Combro and misro are kind of related to each other. If they were twins, combro is the evil twin and misro is the twin with good deeds. Why so, you asked. It is because combro has this spicy fillings, while misro is filled with melted Javanese sugar, which makes it sweet. Since I love sweet food the most, I usually go with misro.

A bunch of combro, fresh from the frying pan and ready to be munched

Can you imagine how crispy they were?

It was during the afternoon when Mom fried more than half a dozen of it. When it came out of the frying pan, Dad eagerly took one and had a bite. "Tasty. Too tasty, perhaps," said Dad. "It's lacking of its palatability. You know, like the one we usually buy at the tukang gorengan, where they are all airy and lacking of fillings and stuff," he continued. If I were Mom, I'm not sure how I'm supposed to respond to what Dad said. 

"Let's take pictures with the combro," said Dad euphorically

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