Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Well-spent Saturday

A couple Saturdays ago, Icha and I went to our best bud's house to catch up on things. We were going to pick her up and go to a fancy mall named Central Park - I found out that there was this photo booth at the ground level of the mall that we can use for free, plus we could get some souvenirs after we used it. Free stuff at its best! - but a sudden change of plans occurred. We ended up spending the entire day at Dila's house, simply reminiscing the good old times we had back then when we were in junior high. 

It was in the late afternoon when Icha and I couldn't bare the urge to nibble on something. "I got some hot chocolate drinks if you want," said Dila. Both of us cheered happily and followed Dila to the kitchen. She took three packages of Cadburry's Hot Chocolate Drink and some glasses. I was overwhelmed by how pretty the packaging was. "Do you have cookies," I asked to Dila. She shook her head and told me that we could just walk to the nearest Circle K around the neighborhood to buy some. I agreed, then the three of us started to make our finest Dila's Style Iced Chocolate.

Milk is the key to make a good chocolate drink. After we mixed the Cadburry with some warm water, Dila took out a carton of Ultra Milk's full cream milk. She poured some milk to each of our glasses, then she took a tray of ice cubes from the freezer and let us take as many ice cubes as we want. I'm not that fond of ice cubes because they make me have sore throat, but I put aside such thought at took five thumb-sized ice for my chocolate drink. Boy, do they look fine!

Add some full cream milk to achieve an A+ in the art of iced chocolate making

Voila! Your homemade iced chocolate is ready to be indulged

Store them in the fridge to make them even icier

After we were done with the iced chocolate, we store them in the fridge and headed to a mini market. Since we were a bit hungry, we decided to buy some instant food other than just a pack of cookies. I didn't feel well that day, so I decided to get myself a nice instant noodle, while Dila and Icha stuffed themselves with a couple of spicy instant noodles.

A couple bowl of instant noodles for Icha and Dila, and some instant porridge for me

The soonest we arrived at home, we took out our heat-and-serve food and started to prepare. I was taken aback by how my instant porridge looked like. When I put the so-called dry porridge in the bowl, I'm a bit disturbed by how similar they looked like to shredded candles. Yes, candles. They share the same look like candles, all shiny and waxy and plastic-like. Icha and Dila told me that it was okay to consume such alien food, so I immediately poured some hot water in to the bowl and started mixing. 

The candle-like object started to melt and gradually turning into a normal porridge. Good, it started to look eatable, I said to myself. I added some seasonings and some crackers, and had a spoonful of it. It tasted fine, just like how a normal porridge would tasted like. But, the moment the previous sight of the uncooked waxy objects came back, I lose my appetite. I managed to finish half of it though. I don't think I'm going to eat instant porridge ever again.

On the other hand, Dila and Icha were busy preparing their instant noodles. Watching them pouring some hot water to the normal-looking instant noodles that they bought made me regret my decision of choosing the porridge. Their noodles were spicy, especially Icha's. I took a sip of each broth and the first thing that popped out in my mind was "chemical substance". The noodles were as chemically bad as the porridge, only more normal-looking and contains more flavor. Well, at least we had something to eat. 

After we were done with the main course, the desserts were served. Three glasses of iced chocolate milk and some cookies decorated the table, and we were all excited, despite the fact that the three of us were a bit full from gulping down the noodles and the porridge. 

The iced chocolate was icier than before it was stored in the fridge and, somehow, creamier and thicker. A pack of Good Time's chocolate chips cookies contains three parts, which four pieces of cookies in each part. We divided the cookies fairly and started dipping them into the chocolate drink. It tasted nice! Milk-dipped cookies tasted better than your regular dry cookies, the same theory that can be applied with Oreo. The cookies got sweeter, creamier, and a bit cold by getting dipped into the iced chocolate. We finished the dessert in about half an hour and we were pleased.

A pack of Arnott's sinful chocolate chips cookies

Bon appetite!

KKKID, the name we call ourselves, were reunited and we ate delicious food the entire day. We also watched some episodes of Glee Season 3 and danced to our signature songs, which was followed by watching Vantage Point while waiting for Icha's driver to pick us up. It was a well-spent Saturday indeed. 

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