Thursday, June 21, 2012

Airport-venture Time

My vacation to Doha, Qatar, had come to an end. It was at 12 in the morning, my flight was, and my Mom and I had to wait for about an hour before boarding the aircraft. There are plenty of things that one can possibly do within an hour at an airport. Mom decided to wait leisurely on a bench, browsing the internet using her phone, while I was on my quest to search for free wifi and snack to munch. In a minute, I found myself a rather small wifi area, where we could find people charging their laptop and those familiar IM beeping sounds were particularly ubiquitous. Things to find: Free Wifi, check! Then I continued my search for something to eat, until this particular picture attracted my attention. It was a picture of ice cream in a cone, smothered with chocolate fudge and sprinkles, and topped with cherry. I followed that path that leaded me to heaven.

Would you like to have a scoop of bubblegum-flavored ice cream? I would!

It was a compact ice cream booth, with seven different flavors of ice creams still available at midnight. I was going to choose the bubblegum flavored and the Cookies & Cream, but somehow I was more interested with the Pralines & Cream and the mint flavored ice cream. I bought myself a small cup of ice cream, with two different flavors. I'm not much of a fan of mint-flavored food, but I enjoyed eating the ice cream that I bought. Things to find: snacks, checked!

Funny how the cup says "yogurt" when I'm having two scoops of ice cream

Those were Pralines & Cream and Chocolate Mint ice creams

"Calling all passengers, the flight has been postponed because the captain
had this sudden urge to have some ice cream. Sorry for the inconvenient."

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