Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Feast at Moe's Place

A small introduction is necessary, yes?

Today was a well-spent day, indeed! I went out for brunch with my friends and we ate lots of delicious dishes. We were going to crash at Hamptons Cafe in the first place, but the place was closed when we arrived, which made me feel disappointed. How could I not? I spent the night browsing through Hamptons Cafe's Facebook page to examine the menu and made a list of food that I want to eat. I was so ready to order a nice set of lunch since I hopped into the car. I didn't even had breakfast so that I would have spaces to fill in my stomach! But then the "Sorry, we're close" sign popped up. Dinkleberg. 

Thank goodness there was this restaurant named Moe's Place right beside Hamptons Cafe, so we entered the building and dominated a table for five. Moe's Place is a really nice restaurant, and it has this New-York-like atmosphere. The restaurant deserves a two thumbs up in terms of interior design.  The walls were decorated with street-photographs which took place in, probably, New York. The dinning area are divided into two sections, which are indoors and outdoors. The ceilings were decorated with hanging lamps and shelves that were used to placed empty bottles. All in all, Moe's Place is a fine and cozy restaurant for you to dine in with your friends and family. 

The choice of food were a bit limited as they mostly serve pasta and ribs. But there were also other main-courses that looked very interesting, such as a various choice of chicken platter and Moe's signature burger. We skimmed through the menu, asking each other what we would like to have. It took us about five minutes to decide what we were going to have.

Sally and Angel ordered themselves a glass of Iced Lychee Tea. It looked a bit different from what I expected it to be. Iced Lychee Tea should look refreshing and contains, at least, a couple of canned lychee, yet Sally's and Angel's looked like beers instead. Maybe Moe's idea of Iced Lychee Tea is a bit different, which is all bubbly and fizzy. On the other hand, the presentation was very nice and simple, and it looked like it would quench your thirst.  

The bubbly Lychee Iced Tea

Velly ordered herself a glass of Iced Tea. Nothing special, just your regular sweet iced tea. The presentation was very appealing as they put a leaf and ice cubes inside the drink. Again, it looked very refreshing and as if it would quench your thirst. I bet the iced tea would taste best if you drink it after you finish a jog.

Iced Tea; the quenchiest drink in the restaurant

Being different from the rest of the group, Icha ordered herself a glass of vanilla milkshake. Decorated with a stick of chocolate wafer, she drank nearly half of the glass before the food arrived, which made her pretty much stuffed. I don't usually drink milkshake because it always give me a feeling of nausea if I consumed it too much. But, I gotta say that, I look forward to order myself Icha's drink when I got the chance to visit Moe's Place someday in the future.

Icha's Vanilla Milkshake, decorated with a stick of chocolate wafer

As for me, I didn't order myself a drink. It would cost me a quarter of my allowance just to have a glass of Iced Lychee Tea, so I didn't bother to drink during brunch. 

A few minutes after our drinks arrived, the waiter came back to our table with our food that we ordered earlier. Sally had a plate of spicy chicken wings. It was nicely decorated with celery on top, and crushed spices and herbs on the sides of the plate, making the dish looked like a birthday present with confetti. 

I took a bite of the chicken wings. The meat was well-cooked. It was soft and slightly chewy, but the outer skin was a bit crunchy at some parts, making it deserves a two thumbs up. What I like the most about Sally's dish was the sauce that the chef used to coat the chicken wings. I have no idea what kind of sauce it was, but it tasted deliciously spicy and finger-licking good. I would finish the whole plate if Sally allowed me though. No, seriously.

Sally's Spicy Chicken Wings

A plate of Chicken Quesadillas was what Velly had for brunch. As I examined her dish, I found out that Chicken Quesadillas are slices of soft taco shells, or thin roti prata, filled with chicken and vegetables. You will mostly find tomatoes and paprika inside a slice of Chicken Quesadilla, usually covered with some fresh spicy sauce and mayonnaise. It tasted great as it was rich in flavor. It was sweet, spicy, sour, and very much refreshing. When you took a bite of the Chicken Quesadillas, you will definitely feels sparks of fireworks inside your mouth. The flavors would just burst and make you want to say, "LIVIN' LA VIDA LOCA!"

Velly's pinatta-like Chicken Quesadillas

Icha and Angel ordered the same main-course, which was a plate of grilled chicken enveloped with barbeque sauce, garnished with french fries and salad, and topped with celery. The chicken drumstick was rather large in size and contained lots of meat. The meat was very soft and a bit chewy, not to mention white in color and delicious. The barbeque sauce was to die for! When I tried a bite of Angel's chicken, I couldn't help but to want a bowl of rice to go with it to achieve perfection in terms of compatibility. 

The french fries were rather thick. Thicker than those skinny fast-food restaurant's french fries. I'm guessing that the french fries were coated with some kind of seasoning to make it tasted more savory and salty. The salad was very fresh, not to mention the sauce that they were using was very delicious and sweet. Shredded carrots, purple cabbage, and green cabbage were the ingredients chosen to make this lovely salad, and I enjoyed every bite of it.

Icha's and Angel's finger-licking-good Barbeque Flavored Grilled Chicken

All of my friends were having chicken for brunch, so I decided to have something different. Angel helped me to chose the meal, which was Moe's Place signature burger named Sloppy Moe's. I've heard of Sloppy Joe's a couple of time, which is ground-beef-filled burgers. The name Sloppy Joe's described the condition of the food itself - sloppy, wet, and messy - but I've read some articles on the internet saying that people LOVE Sloppy Joe's with capital L-O-V-E. So, I decided to try a plate of Sloppy Moe's, hoping that it would be worth it to spend such amount of cash for a stack of messy burger. 

Good merciful Lord, Sloppy Moe's was beyond worth it! The food looked better than I expected it to be. It was big, juicy, generously filled with shredded sweet pork topped with melted cheese, coated with some sweet mayonnaise, and garnished with salad. This is, by far, the most delicious pork burger I have ever tasted! This burger is AWESOME and EPIC! The pork tasted so sweet and delicious, not to mention crunchy and crispy. I wouldn't mind to have this burger for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the rest of my life. The salad, contained of the same ingredients that were used in Icha's and Angel's salad, was very energizing and sweet. The melted cheese was very savory, especially those that were laminated to some of the pork. My burger also came with a handful of nachos, topped with fresh tomatoes. It was very crunchy, salty, and juicy at the same time. Good Lord, bless this food because it tasted beyond delicious. 

My superb Sloppy Moe's

Good Lord, would you just look at that delicious mouth-watery stacks of shredded pork!

Am I badass enough to join the epic series of Man Vs. Food?

The best pork burger I have ever ate so far

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, do visit Moe's Place and try their Sloppy Moe's. You will never regret it. It reeks of incredibility and awesomeness. It tasted epic. Don't be shy to take a big bite of it because the flavor will explode in your mouth. The term "Burger-gasm" suit this dish very well. Go grab yourself a plate of this delicious Sloppy Moe's and enjoy yourself, now!

Moe's Place
Jl. Benda Raya No. 1A
Kemang Selatan, Jakarta Selatan

Phone: (021) 7135 5555

Opening Hours:
10 AM - 10 PM


  1. Dear Kinan, thank you for posting your amazing experience in Moe's Place kemang. I have been try many restaurant in jakarta any other part of the world. Their baby back ribs is UN-forgetable. so meaty, juicy and fall of the bone. We went there because of your recommendation. Moe's Place became our resto after church every sunday. One more, please do try their moe's avocatto. it's vanilla ice cream with espresso coffee. unbelievable taste ! no, seriously ! when you are there, ask for "moe", the owner. He loves to serve his customer with his amazing smile. me and family loves him so much. once again thank you for your recommendation. we feel at home at moe's place. warm regard.

    Peter K.

    1. Dear Peter,

      I'm glad that you love Moe's Place! The restaurant has some really nice and delicious dishes. Unfortunately, I haven't got a chance to pay another visit to the barbeque place. I will definitely try Moe's Avocatto on my next visit, and ask for the owner to serve me my order and have a quick chat with me, thanks to your recommendation!

      Your comment means the world to me! Thank you for reading my blog, especially visiting the food place because I recommend it, you rock!

      Best Regard,
      Kinan L. Wirastani

  2. Yup, try their baby back ribs...speechless-lycious !

    Norman goh

    1. Dear Norman,

      I bet those baby back ribs tasted awesome. Will definitely try them when I get the chance to visit Moe's Place. Have an awesome day now, Norman, and thank you for visiting my blog!

      Kinan L. Wirastani

  3. Dear Kinan,

    Saya orang dari new york, lahir di kota litle fery, new jersey. Kami keluarga datang ke restaurant moe's place, yang kami kira adalah restaurant dari amerika. Walaupun ini restaurant local, tetapi kami sangat suka. Pelayan sambut kami dengan bahasa indonesia, tetapi dia pesan order dengan bahasa english. fantastik. Makanan sangat baik, apalagi babyback ribs. kamu benar, their sloppy moe is real good. saya berbicara dengan Moe, pemilik, dan dia sambut kami seperti keluarga. Saya kira saya Moe's Place harus rubah jadi "Our Place". Karena disana kami rasa seperti rumah, yaitu rumah kami di indonesia. You can meet us on sunday, after church.

    warm regards

    Cathy Moore

  4. Hi Cathy,

    my name is Moe. Thank you for visit to our little outlet in kemang. I know your blog from our customer, and I really appreciate your thought and compliment. I would like to invite you and your friend as our honored guests to try new menu as we plan to serve them soon. To arrange the date and time you can call me (7883-3339)or email me to We look forward meeting you soon.

    Our warm regards

    all staff