Monday, June 11, 2012

Free Treats at Dairy Queen

I am currently at Qatar, enjoying the morning by downloading tons of Tv series and movies. I arrived yesterday at dawn, approximately at 4:14 AM, and the sun had rose. Dad told me that we were invited by one of my Dad's friend to a double birthday celebration. "We're going to eat at Dairy Queen," he said. What kind of person am I to decline such invitation?

When we arrived at Dairy Queen, the place was jam-packed with kids running around with french fries on their hands. Most of them were inside of the typical indoor slides that you can find at any fast food restaurant. Some were lining up at this face-paint booth to get their cheeks drawn by the DQ staff. I saw some that had a picture of angry birds, hello kitty, and Harley Davidson on their faces. They were screaming and shouting and running around and crying, good Lord, can you imagine the horror? Fortunately, I was lucky enough not having to make contacts with any of them.

Then, my terminator eyes spotted dozens of burgers. Tiny bowls of french fries. Lots of orange juice, cokes, and mineral water. Target found, I said to myself. A minute later, my Dad's friend who invited us to the birthday party asked me what food I would have. "We got burgers, french fries, and some kids' meal over there, but I don't think you want them because they are for the kids," he said with a laugh. To be honest, I'd prefer the kids' meal. Who knows, I might found some toys inside! But, I took the burgers and the fries instead. I don't want to fight with kids over a bag of kids' meal, although I'm sure that I will win anyway.

The Dynamic Duo, Double Cheese Burger and French Fries

I was eating my fries when the kids' meal bag caught my attention. I saw a piece of red paper, attached on the opening of the bag, with writings of "TREAT COUPON". Good Lord, I have to get one, I thought. When the world offers you treat coupons, you don't question it. So, I gathered up the courage to approach one of those neglected paper bags, afraid that one of the mother would bust me and go "That's my son's happy meal you @&^#$*#!", and quickly teared off the coupon. Mission accomplished! It said that the coupon can be redeemed with a discount for a cup of mini blizzard, or some free treats of Dilly Bar, DQ Sandwich, or Kids' Cone. Owning that coupon felt like as if I was the main star of this Tv series named Extreme Couponing on TLC. 

It is hard to control yourself when greed took over your whole body. I continued my quest for abandoned coupons and ended up with three more. I regret nothing though. I was pleased and headed to the counter, where I can get my free ice creams. One of the DQ staff said that they ran out of Dilly Bars, which leave them with only two ice creams available, which were the DQ Sandwich and the Kids' Cone. They still had the mini blizzard, but I still have to pay because the coupon only offers a discount for such item, so I decided to take the DQ Sandwich and the Kids' Cone. 

Only two free-treat ice creams that were available on that day and I ate them both

My first ice cream was the DQ Sandwich. I don't usually eat ice cream sandwich in Indonesia because they are hard to find. Even if I bumped into one, it usually costs a lot. Now that I got this sweet dessert for free, I would enjoy it in any way I could. 

The ice cream was vanilla flavored, sandwiched between two chocolate wafers. It tasted sweet, yet a bit hard to bite like those gelato. The chocolate wafers were rather thin, but still tasted good. I made sure to eat the ice cream not in a rush so that I can savor every bite of it. If only the chocolate wafers were thicker and more chocolaty, I bet it would be a perfect ice cream sandwich. 

Reduced-fat ice cream? Don't mind if I do!

My second serving was the Kids' Cone. Just your typical vanilla ice cream that you can buy at most fast food restaurants, like McDonald and KFC, but the ice cream had pretty similar texture like those Italian ice cream. The DQ staff was very kind to give me a generous amount of ice cream, it filled the entire cone with it, but I couldn't finished it. I ended up scooping the ice cream away from the cone, leaving just a few spoonfuls, and ate it. The cone tasted delicious though, crunchy and savory.

Typical Dairy Queen, always with the swirly top at the end of the vanilla ice cream

I technically ate all of the ice creams that were available, but I still had the urge to gather some coupons from the abandoned paper bags. Not sure why I wanted to do such thing, so I forced myself not to by ordering my Mom and I a big bowl of salad. I successfully made myself distracted from the coupons by indulging on DQ's Crispy Chicken Salad. The salad was very refreshing, including the crispy chicken fillet. Although it tasted good and fresh, my love for Pizza Hut's salad cannot be replaced. Maybe it's because DQ's salad had more leafs than Pizza Hut's, which usually filled with macaroni, tomato, eggs, and beans. All in all, early dinner was great.. and free!

A big bowl of salad, topped with crispy chicken, to keep me sane

Dairy Queen
PO BOX 19100
Ramada Junction, Salwa Road
Doha, Qatar

Phone: (+974) 4320 982

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