Sunday, June 24, 2012

Gnocchi on a Plane

I had to fly with Garuda Indonesia from Singapore to Indonesia because the direct flight from Qatar to Indonesia with Qatar Airways was fully booked. I didn't expect to be served with food when I was onboard with Garuda Indonesia, but then the sight of the stewardesses dragging off the food cart caught me. "Free food," I said to myself. The stewardess handed the passengers cups of orange juice, followed by a tray of food.

A fresh cup of orange juice before departure

"Would you like to have rice with chicken, or pasta with beef," she asked. I decided to try the pasta because eating chicken on an airplane is not what I'm good at. I was expecting a bowl of penne, or spaghetti, covered with juicy meat sauce, what I got was a bowl of gnocchi with cube-shaped meat, and vegetables on the side of the bowl. "What is this pasta you speak of," I thought. I didn't know its' name was Gnocchi and it's a kind of pasta, so I just used the word "dough balls" when my Mom asked me what I had during the flight.

Having beef for lunch, instead of rice and chicken

Look, Gnocchi on a plane!

It turned out that the Gnocchi and the cube-shaped meat tasted delicious! I've never tasted Gnocchi before, so it was a bit odd and strange, but delicious at the same time. The meat, on the other hand, was well-cooked. They were all soft and easy to chew, not to mention coated with savory sauce that would tingle your taste bud.

Those meat tasted awesome, a bit similar to rendang but more airplane-food-like

I had a glass of guava juice and a bowl of mixed fruits for dessert. Everything was fine and organized, I enjoyed my meal and was about to dozzed off, until a rough turbulence hit the plane. I'm always terrified when turbulence occurs. I can't help but to think that the plane is going to crash and stuff. So, I tried to distract my mind by eating the mixed fruits. It didn't help quite much because I was still scared, but it tasted good and very refreshing.

A glass of guava juice to put my mind at ease during turbulance

Some fruits for dessert

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