Monday, June 25, 2012

Having Shawarma Like Tony Starks

When I was in Doha, Qatar, visiting the shawarma restaurant is a bliss. I'm a big fan of shawarma, yet the shawarma in Indonesia is far from similar with the shawarma in Doha. Indonesian shawarmas are lacking of meat, mostly filled with cabbages and mayonnaise, which make them pretty plain and less entertaining. On the other hand, the shawarmas that I bought in Doha had thick paratha bread, generously filled with grilled meat, covered in delicious spicy sauce, garnished with cabbages and french fries, and tasted superb. This particular post simply explains my love for shawarmas.

Shawarma guy on action 

Break time

One of the shawarma guy grilling the chicken

Look at those juicy stacks of chicken meat!

My Dad was on duty, so my Mom and I decided to visit the shawarma restaurant. When we arrived at the particular Turkish restaurant, the place was not crowded with people. The Tv was on and it was airing the soccer match between Italy and England. All eyes were on the television, including some of the staff from the restaurant. 

We ordered ourselves a plate of Chicken Shawarma and a plate of Lamb Chop. I was looking forward to have the chicken shawarma. Mom said that the lamb chop tasted superb, that is why she ordered a plate for us to share. While we waited, one of the waiter approached our table and handed us a plate of pickled vegetables and some small containers of onion puree. He didn't actually handed the appetizer though. It was more like randomly-putting-the-appetizer-followed-with-a-loud-thud kind of way. He did the same thing with the plates and the dinning tools. Maybe it's a custom in Doha that I just found out.

Pickled vegetables and onion puree

A moment later, the same waiter brought us our orders. It was the chicken shawarma. He handed the dish the same way like he handed us the appetizer and the dinning tools, with a loud thud. We ordered one portion of the chicken shawarma, but it turned out that it could probably feed four persons. There were four pairs of paratha bread covered in spicy sauce, a generous amount of grilled chicken, french fries, and vegetables.

A big plate of Chicken Shawarma

Look at those grilled chicken meat! 

This is what it looks like when the paratha are removed

The bread was thick and crispy, and it tasted delicious although it was considered plain and tasteless. The spicy sauce add some flavor to the shawarma. It tasted spicy and delicious, yet a bit funny because it left this weird spicy aftertaste in your throat. The vegetables were very refreshing and juicy. The french fries and grilled chicken were great! They were crispy and full of flavor, not to mention deliciously awesome. I can never have enough of this dish!

An orderly way to organize your very own hand-rolled shawarma

This is what rolled shawarma looks like

A mouthful of this would send you to bed of roses

Our next dish was the lamb chop. I'm not a big fan of lamb, to be honest, I'm more of a fish-chicken-beef-enthusiast. But, since I'm on my quest to feast on every food that I can find, I was looking forward to try this particular lamb chop that my Dad loves so much. The ribs were rather big and juicy, garnished with some fresh vegetables, french fries, and paratha bread. I took a bite of the ribs and it actually taste pretty nice. Lamb-lovers would totally love this dish, I can guarantee that!

A big plate of Lamb Chop

Boy, look at those juicy lam meat!

One is never enough!

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