Monday, June 25, 2012

Instant Breakfast: Page Two

Knusper Crunch and Fresh Milk
Ever heard of Knusper Crunch? I didn't know this thing exists until a few weeks ago. I was at a fancy supermarket named 99 Ranch Market and I stumbled upon this particular cereal-like muesli at the breakfast section. It didn't cost much for a small pack of Knusper Crunch, and it has this appealing packaging that attracted me, so i decide to buy some. Since then, having Knusper Crunch for breakfast has been a pleasure. You can eat it with yogurt or with milk, or both if you like experimenting. I prefer to have this cereal with milk because it brings the best of this Swiss-made product. 

A glass of cereal to start the day

Daim-covered Paratha
For those who don't know what Daim is, it's a brand of chocolate that you can find in some duty free stores at airports. Each wrapping has this thin rectangular-shaped milk chocolate, with hard caramel and nuts filling inside. I love the inner part of the chocolate the most because it tasted so good! The combination of the caramel and the nuts is nice. It would be better if they add some more nuts though. 

To have this quick and tasty breakfast, just buy yourself a pack of roti paratha at your nearby supermarket and a bag of Daim chocolate. If you can't find any Daims, you can just use any chocolate bar or chocolate jam. Fry the paratha with non-stick pans until it's darkish brown in color. Follow the instruction located at the back of the paratha packaging properly! When it's done, put it on a plate, unwrap some chocolates and cover the paratha with them. Voila! your chocolate-flavored paratha is ready.

Food mash-up!

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