Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Instant Breakfast

Chocolate Crepe
For those who are in the mood for a plate of fancy American-style breakfast, why not make yourself some crepes? It's easy, it's tasty, it saves time, and it saves money. Just buy yourself a pack of instant pancake batter at your local supermarket and a jar of chocolate jam. Follow the instruction given in the box on how to make the pancake, make sure that you scoop less batter when you're about to fry it because you're making crepes instead of pancakes. Make it nice and thin, and a bit overcooked so that it will be golden brown in color and crispy. Now that you got yourself some crepes, coat it with chocolate jam evenly. Add some ice cream if you want to. Voila! Your American-style breakfast is served. Easy, right?

Chocolate-spread crepe for those who love this dessert

Yogurt and Muesli
Are you on a healthy diet? Do you want to eat delicious food for breakfast without having to gain a few pounds? Easy stuff, dawg! Go visit your local supermarket and buy yourself a pack of yogurt of any flavor and a bag of muesli. Grab a nice transparent glass to place those two items and make sure it's a nice one. First, scoop the whole yogurt and place it at the bottom of the glass. Next step, open the muesli bag and spread them until you can see the yogurt no more. If you think your muesli is sufficient to be consumed as breakfast for about three days, don't hesitate to leave some in the bag. Now that you have a glass of healthy breakfast, grab a spoon and start indulging! Pretty easy, huh? Sometimes you can find desserts like this at some fancy restaurants and it will cost you a lot. Why not save money on breakfast and buy yourself a nice novel instead?

A glass of healthy breakfast, incase you're on a diet

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