Tuesday, June 12, 2012

We meet again, Biella!

Dad took my Mom and I to Biella for lunch today. It was my second time to dine in at Biella and, I have to say, I looked forward to indulge on some Italian cuisine. Dad told me that his roommate once recommended him a delicious dish when they ate at Biella, and he ordered that particular dish for me today. I was full of anticipation, yet unfortunately we had to wait for around half an hour for the dishes to arrive at our table. Thank God, they provide a basket of toasts for starters at Biella.

Ciao, Biella!

Some toasts for starter

A bottle of olive oil and Anchor's butter were available for us to use

Mom, experimenting with some balsamic sauce and cheese

Mixed it up and dip the toast in it

The waitress offered us some drinks when we were waiting for our food to come. I asked her for a glass of iced lemon tea, while Mom ordered herself a glass of Mint Lime and Dad ordered a glass of iced tea. Do take note that when you eat something greasy and full of fat, don't order yourself a glass of milkshake or coke, a glass of iced tea will suffice. If you drink any kind of drinks that contains milk after you eat fatty food, the amount of fat in your body will increase rapidly. You don't want that to happen, do you? Well, if you do, I assume that you're currently wanting to gain a few pounds, or you might be a sumo wrestler.

Always go with the tea when you eat something greasy, fatty, and high in calories 

I had a rather large glass of iced lemon tea

After a long wait, our food finally arrived. Mom ordered herself a plate of pasta with tomato sauce. Garnished with well-cooked broccoli and cheese, Mom's lunch tasted fantastic. I took a bite of Mom's order and I simply love the pasta. I was rather thick and full of flavor from the tomato sauce. I was going to finish her plate when she told me that she couldn't finish it because she was full, but she forbid me by saying that I might get stomachache from eating too much later on. Glad I did what she told me to do.

Mom's pasta, which tasted fantastic

Scaloppine de vitello o di pollo ai funghi was the name of my dish. Translated, it was a well-cooked veal escalope smothered with mushroom sauce, and garnished with either rosemary or mashed potatoes. I asked for some french fries instead. I didn't know what "veal escalope" means, so I had to look it up in Google. It turned out that what I ate for lunch was a thin meat, all meat and no fat. It was a delicious Italian cuisine, not to mention it was coated with a glassful of great mushroom sauce as well. I'm not fond of mushroom, but I eventually finished the whole dish. Well, not literary, because I left some sauce and a few sticks of french fries. Anyhow, I'm looking forward to go back to this Italian restaurant for its tray of delicious cuisine, someday in the future!

My mushroom-sauce-covered lunch

Buon Appetito!

The Mall D-Ring Road, Old Airport
Doha, Ad Dawnah, Qatar

Phone: (+974) 4467-7732

Hours: 10 am - 12 am

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