Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Dutch Delight

A friend of my Dad bought me these lovely packages of caramel waffles a couple of years ago. I remembered how in the mood I was for some waffles. I'm guessing that my Dad's friend accidentally overheard me chanting "Waffles" repeatedly, so that's why he handed me some caramel waffles on the next day. 

Caramel waffles, or Stroopwafles some might say, are like the much more thinner version of waffles. It is made from two thin layers of baked waffle batter, filled with caramel-like syrup in the middle. If you take a bite of this lovely Netherlands product, you will stumble upon gooey caramel fillings and scrumptious thin waffles. It is best if you eat a pair of waffles in the morning for breakfast, accompanied with a glass of fresh milk. Nice~

It comes in two different size, Regular and Minis

Have some of this Dutch delights for Tea Time

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