Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Favorite at Domino's Pizza

Domino's Pizza, a place where I thought the pizzas are served in a shape of Dominos but they actually aren't. Most of the time, whenever I visit a mall named Bekasi Cyber Park just for the sake of catching up with the latest movies at the Cinema, I usually grab myself some slices of Pizza beforehand. Meatzza Pizza has become my favorite Pizza flavor at Domino's Pizza, which is Pizza topped with tomato sauce, cheese, and various kinds of meat on top. True, I have never had any other toppings for my Pizza, but I have kept in mind that all Pizzas that has meat as its' toppings are the best there are. So, why bother trying those that are decorated with pineapples and mushroom?

Other than Meatzza Pizza, Domino's Pizza's Chocolate Lava Cake has also become my usual take out. Palm-sized, sprinkled with sugar, heavenly gooey fillings, cheaper compared to those lava cake that you can find at fancy restaurants, what more can you expect? I usually order this particular dessert when I have extra money to spare. Even when I don't, I didn't really regret my decision on having such sinful melting cake for dessert. It is very chocolaty and sweet, yet also bitter and usually leave a delicious after taste, and the inner gooey part is beyond wonderful. Awesome~

All in all, Domino's Pizza's food are delicious and deserve a two-thumbs up. It's the perfect place to spend your spare time, while you wait until the designated time for your movie to start. There's just one thing I hate from this place, which is the presentation of the food. Don't get me wrong, the food itself looks appealing and distracting in a good way, I just don't like the dining utensil that they use. The food are served in boxes. It's like having a take out at the restaurant itself. Just think of how many trees that were cut and recycled into cardboard boxes just for the sake of serving Pizza. I personally prefer to have my Pizza on a plate, thank you.

One of Domino's Pizza's worker, making swirly patterns with ketchup on a customer's order

"More Flavor,  More Fun," they said

The pizzas were served in a box, despite the fact that we were dinning in

Yum, a box of Meatzza for lunch!

How can you resist such delicious scenery?  

A slice of Meatzza Pizza, fresh from the oven

A box of Chocolate Lava Cake, sprinkled with sugar on top, for only Rp 17.000,00 

The sprinkles looked like snowflakes

asdfghjklfoodporn just look at those gooey chocolate fillings

Domino's Pizza
Bekasi Cyber Park, Bekasi

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