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All Fresh's Five-star Salad Bar

There is this awesome food shop at Pancoran, named All Fresh. This shop mainly sells fruits and vegetables, but they also have imported snacks, cakes, and a wide selection of chocolates. All Fresh's fruits and vegetables are beyond fresh! They look ripe and juicy, not to mention they are bright in color and have high level of firmness. What I love the most about All Fresh is the salad bar. There are more than a dozen selections of fruits and vegetables, and other toppings like jelly and peanuts, delicious sauces, various trays of "Today's Special", and I fancy the friendly service from the salad bar lady herself.

Those fruits are fresh as heck

Your choice of beans for your salad

Sweet potatoes for those who are on sweet-potatoes-diet

A couple of weeks ago, my Mom and I visited this lovely place and headed straight to the salad bar. One of that day's "Today's Special" was a big bowl of Fruit Salad, consisted of two kinds of grapes, raisins, apple cubes, and celery, glazed with sweet yogurt and cut vegetable leafs that I can't recognize that smelled good. We were going to visit my Grandma's house for lunch, so we decided to buy some salad for the whole family members to enjoy. And by "buy some salad", I meant "clean out the entire bowl of "Today's Special"".

This Fruit Salad right here is very juicy

"Welcome, welcome," said the salad lady with a big smile on her face, "what would you like to have, madam?". I fancy the salad lady because she is very kind and sweet. She knows a lot about vegetables and salad dressings, and her enthusiasm in serving people is what I like the most about her. 

"How much do you want, madam? Finish them all? It would be my pleasure!"

The friendly salad lady, scooping a spoonful of "Today's Special"

Good Lord, that's one big bowl of salad you got there 

"What vegetables you would like to have for your salad, madam? I recommend this lettuce because they are fresh and very juicy, and it tasted slightly sweet and very much enjoyable."

"Would you like some corn with that?"

"I'm very happy if people buy my salad!"

"Is the carrot enough for you, madam?"

"This one right here is very refreshing, juicy, and sweet," said the salad lady

"Do you want some corn with that?"

Add some shredded carrots and voila! you're salad is ready to be indulged

"What salad dressings you would like to have, madam? I recommend you the Italiano sauce because it tasted a bit sour and savory, yet very delicious. You can try the dressings if you want. Go ahead, take some broccoli and dip them in the dressings."

My Mom and I ended up buying the entire bowl of "Today's Special" and a bowl of mixed-vegetables salad with Italiano sauce as dressings. The salad lady didn't lie about how fresh the fruits and the vegetables are, and how delicious the Italiano sauce is. The combination of the juicy vegetables and the sour sauce is perfect, it's as if you're eating a famous chef's salad masterpiece at a fancy five-star restaurant. Highly recommended for salad-lovers and vegetarians. 

You can tell how fresh those broccoli are by just looking at the color

The salad lady continuously scooping a generous amount of Italiano sauce

My Mom and I went back to All Fresh today to buy ourselves some salad for lunch and dinner, fruits for afternoon snack, and scrumptious biscuits and dried fruits just for the sake of munching. There were four kinds of "Today's Special" available today, and one of them was the same Fruit Salad that we bought a couple of weeks ago. We immediately greet and salad lady and asked her to scoop a generous amount of those yummy grapes. Not the whole tray though, because we weren't going to Grandma's place for lunch. Then we also bought two other "Today's Special", which was Macaroni Salad and Potato Salad. We had a rather healthy lunch today.

Taking down another "Today's Special" like a boss

We're having potato salad as well, because today is a rice-free day

Fruit Salad
Red Grapes, Purple Grapes, Apples, Celery, Raisins + Yogurt

This Fruit Salad that mainly consisted of grapes tasted juicy and very sweet. I don't think they used flavored yogurt, because it tasted pretty plain and sweet, despite the fact that it's light pink in color. Highly recommended for those who fancy fruit salad. Best if you eat it after you have a big lunch and served cold.

Salad #1: Fruit Salad

Potato Salad
Potatoes, Red Bell Pepper, Orange Bell Pepper, Yellow Bell Pepper, Celery, Eggs + Mustard, Eggs, and Pepper Sauce

This Potato Salad tasted so good~ 
The potatoes are somewhat firm, yet easy to chew. The sauce is a bit sour and savory, and it went well with the potatoes and the bell peppers. I'm not a big fan of mustard, but this particular salad is an exception.

Salad #2: Potato Salad

Macaroni Salad
Macaroni, Red Bell Pepper, Orange Bell Pepper, Pea, Smoked Beef + Cream and Pepper Sauce

My favorite salad among the three that I bought. The macaronis are well-cooked, not too soft and vulnerable nor half-cooked and crunchy. The pepper blended well with the smoked beef, making it tasted like a plate of fancy Business Class appetizer. Highly recommended for those love macaroni and is taking a day off from rice.

Salad #3: Macaroni Salad

Those three "Today's Special" are very delicious and highly recommended. If you happen to visit All Fresh when they are serving a different kind of "Today's Special", just ask the salad lady to mix the combination above. You can also ask her to mix random vegetables and fruits, along with a cup of delicious salad dressings, if you can't decided what kind of salad you want to have. She will not let you down. Or, if you're feeling a bit crafty and somewhat creative, ask the salad lady for a plastic bowl and mix your own salad. Use every ingredients available if you must. The price of the salad depends on the weight of the salad, not the ingredients that you use, so enjoy yourself. Bon appetit~

All Fresh
Jl. Gatot Subroto, Kav. 100
Mampang, Pancoran, Jakarta Selatan
DKI Jakarta 12790

Phone: (021) 829 2733

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