Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Celorot: A Tornado-like Snack

Celorot. Although the name of the food is a bit weird, this snack is very amusing and is one of my favorite Indonesian traditional snack. Made out of flour, palm sugar, water, and coconut milk, Celorot came with a unique shell. Celorot itself is rather soft, gooey, and jelly-like, so to wrap the foodstuff with dried coconut leafs is a must.

"Gimme that food already," said the blond pup 

This looks like a swirl of chocolate pudding, to be honest

It is shaped like a tornado, swirly from the top until bottom, and the only way to eat it is to slowly unwrap the outer shell. Despite the fact that one of this snack's main ingredient is palm sugar, it only tasted slightly sweet. In fact, it didn't tasted sweet at all to me. The texture is very gooey, yet a bit rocky and sticky. I always amused myself whenever I eat Celorot. First, because it tasted delicious and funny. Second, because I love to unwrap the banana leafs shell. If you happen to find this unique traditional snack at a traditional market, or traditional snack shop, don't hesitate to buy one.

This snack is very amusing

Highly recommended!

Ciko is very amused with Celorot's swirly coconut leafs shell

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